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2014-06-01: Alexandre Jardin: des gens très bien;
2014-06-02: Rheingold;
2014-06-15: Comment gagner des milliards;
2014-06-19: links on my dashboard;
2014-06-28: DEUTER;

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Basic Income Grant BIG / Revenu de Base garanti – June 24-30, 2014

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$20,000 per person: Activists push for guaranteed minimum income for Canadians, published on Calgary Herald, by BENJAMIN SHINGLER, June 28, 2014. MONTREAL – A group of academics and activists is trying to drum up interest in an ambitious plan to provide every Canadian with a guaranteed minimum level of income — whether or not they have a job.

Rob Rainer, a campaign director for the Basic Income Canada Network, envisions a country where everyone is assured a minimum of $20,000 annually to make ends meet.”For many of us, we think the goal is no one should be living in poverty,” Rainer said at a conference on the issue over the weekend at McGill University.”That’s essentially what we’re striving to achieve.”More than 100 speakers and participants were on hand for the conference, which focused on the merits of a guaranteed minimum income that would either replace or exist alongside existing social programs … (full text).   Continue Reading…


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… for a global brotherhood among the people – Published on Progressive Radio Network PRN.FM, by Evo Morales Ayma, June 27, 2014.

… About 0.1% of the world’s population owns 20% of humanity’s assets. In 1920, a business manager in the United States made 20 times the wage of a worker, but today he is paid 331 times that wage.

This unfair concentration of wealth and predatory destruction of nature are also generating a structural crisis that is becoming unsustainable over time.

It is indeed a structural crisis. It impacts every component of capitalist development. In other words, it is a mutually reinforcing crisis affecting international finance, energy, climate, water, food, institutions and values. It is a crisis inherent to capitalist civilization.   Continue Reading…


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On YouTube: an interview with Deuter, 10.57 min, uploaded by newearthrecords, Oct 20, 2010; … he talks about meeting Osho …;

Examples of his music:

links on my dashboard

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in english:

Comment gagner des milliards

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Texte reçu hier, via une amie, De: Sante Nature Innovation. Je suis entièrement d’accord avec ce texte que je vous fais suivre tel-quel à votre reflexion (et peut-être à votre action, en groupe).

Chère lectrice, cher lecteur,   Continue Reading…


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Klaus Schulze with Lisa Gerrard, 109.09 min, uploaded by pfenrw, June 24, 2012.

ALEXANDRE JARDIN: des gens très bien

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