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Index January 2014

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2014-01-01: Afghan Street Children Beg for Change;
2014-01-02: Constitution ‘exemption’ zone spans 100 miles inland of US border – judge;
2014-01-03: Which Way to the Winter Palace, Please?
2014-01-04: Gysi findet Passagen im Wahlprogramm zu EU-kritisch;
2014-01-04: Major Social Transformation Is a Lot Closer Than You May Realize;
2014-01-05: In India, A Spectre For Us All, And A Resistance Coming;
2014-01-06: Egypt: Re-reading the roadmap;
2014-01-07: Land Conflicts in Argentina;
2014-01-08: Boeing Union Workers Forced Into Massive Concessions;
2014-01-09: The Elusive Recovery;
2014-01-10: USDA Moves To Approve Agent Orange GMO Seeds;
2014-01-11: Noam Chomsky on the Civil Rights Movement;
2014-01-12: Egypt: Make or break;
2014-01-13: Walking in an Anthropocene wonderland;
2014-01-14: Aliens could share more tech with us, if we warmonger less;
2014-01-15: The Day Before Disclosure;
2014-01-16: The right for changes in our life patterns;
2014-01-17: The Ideology Problem: Thomas Patterson’s Failed Technocratic Dream For Journalism;
2014-01-18: Health Technologies;
2014-01-19: Poverty in the EU: increasing in the Eurozone, decreasing outside of it;
2014-01-19: JACQUES LACAN (1901-1981);
2014-01-20: Digital Democracy vs. Corporate Dominance: R.I.P. Internet Neutrality?
2014-01-21: Why Spying On Metadata Is Even MORE Intrusive than Listening to Content;
2014-01-22: to think about;
2014-01-23: The ethics of conditional cash transfers;
2014-01-24: European Labor: Political and Ideological Crisis;
2014-01-25: Links on my Dashboard;
2014-01-26: The Ascent of Money;
2014-01-27: Mind of Plants … and other items;
2014-01-28: amazing wave videos;
2014-01-29: Klaus Schulze, Lisa Gerrard, Hans Zimmer;
2014-01-30: Film: Mon Oncle d’Amérique;
2014-01-31: The Problems with the Common Core.

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The Problems with the Common Core

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… Common Core State Standards CCSS Initiative – Published on rethinking schools Vol 28/no 2, by Stan Karp, Winter 2013/14.

… The trouble with the Common Core is not primarily what is in these standards or what’s been left out, although that’s certainly at issue. The bigger problem is the role the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are playing in the larger dynamics of current school reform and education politics.  Continue Reading…

Film: Mon Oncle d’Amérique

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Film complet, 1980 FULL, 121.00 min,
(d’Alain Resnais – avec Roger Pierre, Nicole Garcia, Gérard Depardieu, Pierre Arditi), mise en ligne par Aurélien Beauvisage, le 3 mars 2013: Le professeur Henri Laborit intervient au cours de trois récits entremêlés pour expliquer ce que nous savons aujourd’hui (1980) du comportement humain …;   Continue Reading…

Klaus Schulze, Lisa Gerrard, Hans Zimmer

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amazing wave videos

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Teahupoo 2013 HD, 19.14 min, uploaded by The Filthy Fred Fuchs, Sep 4, 2013;
The most beautiful waves ever surfed, 5.32 min, uploaded by MrSmartiesHD, Dec 17, 2011;
Biggest Giant wave in the world surfed …, 3.28 min, uploaded by discovery110, Oct 28, 2013;
Kelly Slater …; 16.37 min, uploadeed by, Nov 13, 2012;

Mind of Plants … and other items

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The Ascent of Money

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A Financial History of The World, with Niall Ferguson, uploaded by Spirit of Revelation, Nov 2011:

See also:

    Links on my Dashboard

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    European Labor: Political and Ideological Crisis

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    … in an Increasingly More Authoritarian European Union – Published on ZNet (first on Monthly Review), by Asbjørn Wahl, January 21, 2014.

    Where social democracy has been in power in EU countries in recent years, its leaders have been loyal executioners of brutal austerity policies, overseeing massive attacks on the welfare state and trade unions. In turn this has, among other things, led to dramatically reduced support for social democrats; with few exceptions, today they are hardly represented in European governments. The social democrats have painted themselves into a corner and are increasingly squeezed between growing social rebellion and their loyalty to the neoliberal European Union … // Continue Reading…

    The ethics of conditional cash transfers

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    Published on Pambazuka News, by Claire Ichou, Jan 15, 2014.

    Around one billion people receive conditional cash transfers today, which have been praised as the magic bullet for poverty eradication. Such programmes are being implemented in Latin America and Africa. But they raise numerous ethical questions – La main qui donne est toujours au dessus de celle qui reçoit – Amadou Hampâté Bâ … // Continue Reading…

    to think about

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    Videos uploaded on YouTube by nistyboy32:

    Why Spying On Metadata Is Even MORE Intrusive than Listening to Content

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    Published on Global, by Washington’s Blog, Jan 16, 2014.

    The government has sought to reassure us that it is only tracking “metadata” such as the time and place of the calls, and not the content of the calls.
    There is substantial evidence from top whistleblowers that the government is recording the content of our call … word-for-word.
    And former CIA deputy director – and White House NSA spying panel member – Mike Morrell says thatmetadata is content.
    But even accepting the government’s claims at face value, technology experts say that “metadata” can bemore revealing than the content of your actual phone calls … //

    … (full long text includingmany press examples, 2 figures and links to related articles).

    Digital Democracy vs. Corporate Dominance: R.I.P. Internet Neutrality?

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    Published on Global, by Stephen Lendman, Jan 16, 2014.

    … Imagine today’s Internet resembling cable TV. Imagining providers have sole control over content. Imagine consumers having no say.

    At stake is digital democracy v. corporate dominance. Media scholar/critic Robert McChesney calls Net Neutrality the “defining issue” of our time.  Continue Reading…

    JACQUES LACAN (1901-1981)

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    Jacques Lacan à la télévision, mise en ligne sur YouTube par absinth1987, le 5 mai 2010:

    1/10, 9.56 min; 2/10, 9.56 min; 3/10, 10.01 min; 4/10, 10.06 min; 5/10, 9.53 min; 6/10, 9.52 min; 7/10, 10.01 min; 8/10, 9.59 min; 9/10, 6.47 min; 10/10, 4.18 min.

    Jacques Lacan:   Continue Reading…

    Poverty in the EU: increasing in the Eurozone, decreasing outside of it

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    Published on Real-World Economics Review Blog, by by merijnknibbe, Jan 17, 2014.

    Material poverty in the Eurozone is increasing. In Ireland, Greece and Latvia (in 2011 not yet a Eurozone member but surely a wannabe) one year changes were nothing short of dramatic. Poverty in the EU outside the Eurozone is decreasing … // Continue Reading…

    Health Technologies

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    Health Technologies for a New Millennium, The Beck Protocol, Gods Witty Inventions, 4 Videos, uploaded on YouTube by TheAstroboy9 Channel, April 7, 2010:

    Ken Jebsen

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    Man kann sich im Leben nicht davor drücken, 21.41 min, von NuoViso.TV am 23. Sept 2013 hochgeladen.


    Germany can prevent the war, on Current oncerns, by Karl Müller, Jan 9, 2014;

    2014 – United Nations Year of Family Farms, on Current oncerns, Jan 9, 2014;

    The Ideology Problem: Thomas Patterson’s Failed Technocratic Dream For Journalism

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    Publishede on ZNet, by Robert Jensen, January 15, 2014.

    Thomas Patterson’s new book on the current crises in journalism is organized around six specific problems, starting with “The Information Problem” and moving through Source, Knowledge, Education, Audience, and Democracy problems.  Continue Reading…

    The right for changes in our life patterns

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    (Published already on Feb 26, 2008 on my blog Mein privater Garten, blog showing a fake virus alert / explication). And hereafter again what I mean:

    • Everyone has the right to change his individual behaviour, the believes, the way we understand ourselves. We are allowed to change all those arrangements giving an individual its Identity. Clan traditions have to come second. Formulated in UN language we could say: We have the right to change our identity, as long as we are able to.   Continue Reading…

    The Day Before Disclosure

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    The Day Before Disclosure, 105.47 min, uploaded by Eyes Wide Open Initiative, Sept 25, 2013.

    Find more about this film: on YouTube, on en.wikipedia, on New Paradigm Films’ official website.

    à voir aussi:  Continue Reading…

    Aliens could share more tech with us, if we warmonger less

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    Walking in an Anthropocene wonderland

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    Published on Intrepid Report, by Phil Rockstroh, Jan 10, 2014.

    According to a recent, exhaustive study commissioned by the US Department of Energy and headed by a scientific team from the U.S. navy, by the summer of 2015, the Arctic Ocean could be bereft of ice, a phenomenon that will engender devastating consequences for the earth’s environment and every living creature on the planet.  Continue Reading…

    Egypt: Make or break

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    Next week’s referendum on the new constitution is turning into a vote on the post-Morsi roadmap – Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Gamal Essam El-Din, Jan 8, 2014 (picture – 3 schoolgirls: To these schoolgirls, as to millions of other Egyptians, the passing of the new constitution as a prerequisite for the implementation of the current roadmap seems the only hope for a fulfilling and meaningful future – photo: Al-Sayed Abdel-Qader). Continue Reading…

    Noam Chomsky on the Civil Rights Movement

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    Video with Noam Chomsky: on the Civil Rights Movement, 37.10 min, published on ZVideo (first on Petroc Tv ), Jan 8, 2014 (also on YouTube): A group of Foundation Degree students had the privilege of taking part in a video conference with Noam Chomsky, the influential linguist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a prolific critic of American politics and foreign policy. The students had the opportunity to ask a series of questions relating to the civil rights movement and other topics which they are currently studying as part of their course.

    uploaded by The Chomsky VideosContinue Reading…

    USDA Moves To Approve Agent Orange GMO Seeds

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    Published on truthout, by Mike Ludwig, Jan 8, 2014.

    The US Department of Agriculture is leaning toward approving varieties of corn and soybean seeds that are genetically engineered to be resistant to several herbicides, including the controversial chemical known as 2,4-D.

    Dow Chemical developed the genetically engineered seeds with the brand name Enlist to address the growing problem of “superweeds” that have become resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. Roundup is widely used on genetically engineered crops, which are also known as genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.   Continue Reading…