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Index November 2013

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2013-11-01: some links about us;
2013-11-02: WikiLeaks’ Mediastan: The True Fifth Estate;
2013-11-03: Belgium: Class Trade Unionism Seeks Political Expression;
2013-11-04: NSA spying row reveals new tensions between imperialist powers;
2013-11-05: under the water line;
2013-11-06: Sting operation using virtual Filipina girl snags thousands of sexual predators;
2013-11-07: This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy;
2013-11-08: How Economic Growth has Become Anti-Life;
2013-11-09: Analysis: the Mind of the Poor;
2013-11-10: Vatican – Original Sin – Extraterrestrials;
2013-11-11: Caveman Cuisine: Scientists Question Rise of the Paleo Diet;
2013-11-11: RDC: une insoutenable barbarie… mais que fait la communauté internationale;
2013-11-12: Socialism in One Village;
2013-11-13: Worker’s for hard jobs in the United Arab Emirates UAE;
2013-11-14: The primal role of religion;
2013-11-15: The Men Who Made Us Fat;
2013-11-16: Cutting Antibiotics: Denmark Leads Way in Healthier Pig Farming;
2013-11-17: Stop Watching Us and other aliens;
2013-11-18: Infinity – Infinie;
2013-11-19: Return to Cranford;
2013-11-20: Mass Organization and the Intensifying Class Struggle;
2013-11-21: Here’s How One Dark Money Group Keeps Its $22 Million Donor Secret;
2013-11-22: Are You Unfit To Survive America?
2013-11-23: FILM: let’s not live like slaves;
2013-11-24: Campfire Kids: Going Back to Nature with Forest Kindergartens;
2013-11-25: The God Delusion – The Hunger Games – Hamed Abdel-Samad;
2013-11-26: The June Uprisings in Brazil: Below and Behind the Huge Mobilizations (Part 1);
2013-11-27: Desperate measures: Greeks self-inflict HIV to get €700 benefits;
2013-11-28: Scared to Death;
2013-11-29: Editor’s Choice: Pope Francis craps on Capitalism;
2013-11-30: Thai protesters capture army HQ.

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Thai protesters capture army HQ

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Published on Russia Today RT, Nov 29, 2013.

Some 1,000 anti-government protesters in Bangkok have broken into the compound of the Royal Thai Army headquarters in their bid to topple the current government. The largely non-violent action has been going on since Monday.

“We want to know which side the army stands on,” shouted one protester, according to Reuters.   Continue Reading…

Editor’s Choice: Pope Francis craps on Capitalism

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It’s getting harder not to like this guy – Published on Axis of Logic, by Naomi O’Leary, Nov 26, 2013.

Pope Francis called for renewal of the Roman Catholic Church and attacked unfettered capitalism as “a new tyranny”, urging global leaders to fight poverty and growing inequality in the first major work he has authored alone as pontiff.

The 84-page document, known as an apostolic exhortation, amounted to an official platform for his papacy, building on views he has aired in sermons and remarks since he became the first non-European pontiff in 1,300 years in March.   Continue Reading…


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PALEXPO, HALL 7 Geneva – from 20.09.2013 to 12.01.2014 – Everyday from 10am to 7pm, last entry at 5.30pm – with Trailer, 4.04 min.
Night opening: Every Thursday and Saturday from the 21st of November until the 21st of December 2013 exhibition opened until 10.30 pm, last entry at 9.00pm
Holidays: closed on the 24th, 25th, 31th of December 2013 and on the 1st of January 2014
Prices: tickets available at Ticketcorner and FNAC, and directly on-site … //
Website in english and french.
(full text).

Scared to Death

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My Safety ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Security – Published on ZNet (first on TomDispatch), by Tom Engelhardt, Nov 25, 2013.

From the time I was little, I went to the movies. They were my escape, with one exception from which I invariably had to escape. I couldn’t sit through any movie where something or someone threatened to jump out at me with the intent to harm. In such situations, I was incapable of enjoying being scared and there seemed to be no remedy for it … //

… The Sharks, Aliens, and Snakes of Our World:   Continue Reading…

Desperate measures: Greeks self-inflict HIV to get €700 benefits

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Published on Russia Today RT, Nov 26, 2013.

A recent World Health Organization report shows grim health implications from Europe’s economic crisis, including a trend in Greece in which citizens infect themselves with HIV to access the meager range of government benefits available.

The WHO report ‘Review of Social Determinants and the Health Divide in the WHO European Region’ concludes that the staggering levels of unemployment and mandated financial austerity have hit European citizens hard, especially those in Greece, where the jobless level stood at 27 percent in September.  Continue Reading…

The June Uprisings in Brazil: Below and Behind the Huge Mobilizations (Part 1)

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Published on Upside Down, by Raúl Zibechi, translation by Ramor Ryan, Nov 19, 2013.

… The huge mobilizations in June 2013 in 353 cities and towns in Brazil came as much a surprise to the political system as to analysts and social bodies. Nobody expected so many demonstrations, so numerous, in so many cities and for so long. As happens in these cases, media analyses were quick off the mark. Initially they focused on the immediate problems highlighted by the actions: urban transport, rising fare prices and the poor quality of service for commuters. Slowly the analyses and perspectives expanded to include the day-to-day dissatisfaction felt by a large part of the population.  Continue Reading…

The God Delusion – The Hunger Games – Hamed Abdel-Samad

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The God Delusion: Enemies Of Reason, 95.48 min, uploaded by carsten göldner, Oct 11, 2013: Clinton Richard Dawkins, FRS, FRSL (* 26. März 1941 in Nairobi, Kenia) ist ein britischer Zoologe, theoretischer Biologe, Evolutionsbiologe und Autor populärwissenschaftlicher Literatur. Von 1995 bis 2008 war er Professor an der University of Oxford …;

The Hunger Games:   Continue Reading…

Campfire Kids: Going Back to Nature with Forest Kindergartens

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by , Nov 22, 2013 (Photo GalleryWith additional reporting by Nicholas Connolly).

Radical back-to-nature forest kindergartens where children are allowed to climb trees and play with fire have spread across the country. Will the concept of the Waldkindergarten become Germany’s next export success?

It’s a chilly November morning, and half a dozen children are sitting in a circle singing songs and playing games. Pretty standard kindergarten fare the world over, but these children are sitting on logs in a forest around a campfire. This no ordinary day care center, this a Waldkindergarten (Forest Kindergarten).  Continue Reading…

FILM: let’s not live like slaves

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Film uploaded on YouTube by Parisi Athina:

on the Website xpressed, an open journal you find:  Continue Reading…

Are You Unfit To Survive America?

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Here’s How One Dark Money Group Keeps Its $22 Million Donor Secret

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Published on Democratic Underground (first on Huffington Post), Nov 19, 2013.

WASHINGTON — Crossroads GPS, the “dark money” behemoth founded by Karl Rove, reported on its 2012 tax return that it spent 60 percent of its $188 million budget last year on nonpolitical activity. But a closer examination of that election-year spending reveals little difference between Crossroads’ political and self-declared nonpolitical efforts.   Continue Reading…

Mass Organization and the Intensifying Class Struggle

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Detroit and the Ravages of American Capitalism – Published on Global, by Abayomi Azikiwe, November 18, 2013.

Detroit has been and will continue to be at the forefront of the struggle against the ravages of capitalism in the contemporary period. In looking at the situation in Detroit and throughout the state of Michigan illustrates clearly that the so-called economic recovery championed by the Obama administration and the corporate media does not exist … //

… Mass Organization and Revolutionary Ideology: … // Continue Reading…

Return to Cranford

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Infinity – Infinie

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  • Horizon: Infinity (BBC), 59.11 min, uploaded by Roses of Time, August 7, 2013: By our third year, most of us will have learned to count. Once we know how, it seems as if there would be nothing to stop us counting forever. But, while infinity might seem like an perfectly innocent idea, keep counting and you enter a paradoxical world where nothing is as it seems … (see more on BBC);
  • Nouveau documentaire complet science astronomie HD 720p new 2013, 52.28 min, mise en ligne par DocMeFiLDraGoN3, le 28 octobre 2012;

Stop Watching Us and other aliens

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Cutting Antibiotics: Denmark Leads Way in Healthier Pig Farming

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Julia Koch, November 13, 2013 (Photo Gallery - Translated from the German by Ella Ornstein).

Many tons of antibiotics are administered every year to chickens and pigs in Europe, a trend that encourages the rise of drug-resistant microbes. But Denmark has shown how farmers can be made to abandon this policy of dangerous over-medication.

Before Michael Nielsen goes into his barn, he first strips down to just his T-shirt, socks and underwear, pulls on a white jumpsuit and rubber shoes, and scrubs his hands with disinfectant. Only then does he check on his pigs … // Continue Reading…

The Men Who Made Us Fat

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uploaded by Patrick Oort, August 2012: Around the world, obesity levels are rising. More people are now overweight than undernourished. Two thirds of British adults are overweight and one in four of us is classified as obese …:

LinksContinue Reading…

The primal role of religion

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religion in society, its adherents and misuses, and the single source of all divine faith – Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Ammar Ali Hassan, Nov 6, 2013.

… Under the influence of religiousness, as explained or justified by the religious sciences, the practice of religion can be transformed by the following processes:

  • - Religion as ideology: Religion is reduced to a mere ideology when it becomes linked to power and the drive for power by groups and organisations with religious orientations and agendas. There is continuity between such groups, from those that originate within and coincide with the national community and operate within the frameworks and instruments of the modern state in the form of “Islamist political parties” to those that reject and are hostile to such frameworks, such as Al-Qaeda … //
  • Continue Reading…

Worker’s for hard jobs in the United Arab Emirates UAE

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Socialism in One Village

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Published on Jacobin, Magazine of culture and polemic, by Belén Fernández, Nov 5, 2013.

Back in 2003, a friend and I acquired jobs at an avocado packing facility in a village in Andalusia not far from where two of my father’s relatives were executed by Franco. For three and a half euros an hour, we stood by a conveyor belt and alternately clipped avocado stems, arranged the fruit in boxes, and arranged the boxes on wooden pallets.

Each activity was accompanied by unironic reminders from the factory bosses to work como una máquina, although they eventually realized that such rhetoric was less effective in increasing our output than the provision of boxed wine and cognac in plastic cups.  Continue Reading…

RDC: une insoutenable barbarie… mais que fait la communauté internationale

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Publié dans les Etats d’Ame d’Anne, par Anne Wolff, le 8 octobre 2013.

Ce qui suit est insoutenable. Ames sensibles, préparez-vous! Ce que vous ressentirez n’est que bien peu de choses à côté de ce qu’éprouvent ceux qui subissent l’horreur. L’humanité en nous ne peut pas détourner le regard. Nous sommes responsables.
Voilà l’odieuse réalité des interventions humanitaires! Celles qui ne se font pas nous en disent encore beaucoup plus long sur celles qui existent que tous les arguments à charge. Un même dessein qui conduit au même destin de morts et de souffrances des millions de personnes. Le laissez-faire et l’intervention humanitaire militaire, deux aspects du génocide planétaire! Que faire! Pourquoi le silence des médias sur ce génocide! Dites-moi? … // Continue Reading…

Caveman Cuisine: Scientists Question Rise of the Paleo Diet

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Frank Thadeusz, November 08, 2013 (Photo Gallery: Stone Age Eating on the Paleo DietTranslated from the German by Christopher Sultan).

The paleo diet – which supposedly mimics what our caveman ancestors ate – has become a new health craze. But many scientists doubt that this hunter-gatherer cuisine of meat, veggies and fruit is as healthy as advertised, or even historically correct.

There are a growing number of people dedicated to the world of healthy food and starvation diets. Sometimes they try to convince their fellow human beings to join them in their strict approach to eating, advising friends and partners to cut down on beer consumption or give up bratwurst.   Continue Reading…

Vatican – Original Sin – Extraterrestrials

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I am reading the book: Amin Maalouf: Les Identités meurtrières, livre de poche, Grasset, speaking also about the ORIGINAL SIN. Wanting to know what is told about, I find on en.wikipedia: Original sin, and in a sub-file:

Original sin and extraterrestrials:  … In an interview entitled “Aliens Are My Brother”, granted to L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, Father José Gabriel Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory, stated: “In my opinion this possibility (of life on other planets) exists”; “intelligent beings, created by God may exist in outer space” and “some aliens could even be free from original sin” concluding “there could be (other beings) who remained in full friendship with their creator”.[95][96][97][98] The idea that on other planets beings could exist in an unfallen state was explored by C. S. Lewis in his novel Out of the Silent Planet.   Continue Reading…

Analysis: the Mind of the Poor

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Published on To The Point Analyses, by Lawrence Davidson, November 2, 2013.

Part I – Poverty:

Most of the poverty in the United States is artificially manufactured. It is poverty created in the pursuit of “free market ideals,” expressed in recent times by the imposition of neoliberal economic policies – the sort of policies that cut taxes on the wealthy, do away with fiscal and other business regulations, undermine the social safety net and erode middle-class stability – all while singing the praises of self-reliance and individual responsibility.  Continue Reading…