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statistics for August 2013

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Index August 2013

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2013-08-01: Noam Chomsky;
2013-08-02: Indeed, whistleblowers are traitors to the traitors;
2013-08-02: Snowden enters Russia;
2013-08-03: Real Time: New Leaks Show Near Total NSA Surveillance;
2013-08-04: When we were Woodstock (1);
2013-08-05: The Spider and the Fly;
2013-08-06: Disclosures on The National Security Archive NSA;
2013-08-06: Volker Pispers;
2013-08-07: Interview with Egyptian Foreign Minister, part 1;
2013-08-07: Find on my health blog;
2013-08-08: What Passes for Education In America Is Often Just Indoctrination;
2013-08-09: My anorexic 9-year-old;
2013-08-10: Free energy has arrived;
2013-08-10: Complete Obama Press Conference;
2013-08-11: Glenn Greenwald on YouTube;
2013-08-12: Calls for Action on Libyan Philosopher Dr Ahmed Ibrahim Death Sentence;
2013-08-13: Zimbabwe: Bribes, sex and a ballooning electricity debt;
2013-08-14: A United Syriza Moves Closer To Power;
2013-08-15: Occupation: Sperm Donor;
2013-08-16: Bradley Manning’s statement;
2013-08-17: Screaming in Bradley Manning’s Trial;
2013-08-18: Egypt: Paying the price;
2013-08-19: Dead Can Dance;
2013-08-20: Revenge tactics: UK detains Greenwald’s partner under Terrorism Act, confiscates electronics;
2013-08-21: The Wishful Thinking Left;
2013-08-22: A Big Victory For Oregon’s Biggest Union;
2013-08-23: Latest Disclosure on the National Security Archive NSA;
2013-08-23: Kein Knebelgesetz für Afghanistans Frauen;
2013-08-24: In letter to Obama, Bradley Manning defends exposure of war crimes;
2013-08-25: Marx and the Muslim Brothers;
2013-08-25: NSU: Abschlussbericht des Untersuchungsausschusses am 22.08.2013;
2013-08-26: Autumn in America, 1973;
2013-08-27: Love It or Leave It?
2013-08-28: The Egyptian Crisis;
2013-08-29: Open Letter to Owen Jones: On Syria, the left should be more critical of the Bennite Legacy;
2013-08-29: Schweiz: Journalisten dürfen Einsätze der Polizei dokumentieren;
2013-08-30: As California Prison Hunger Strike Hits Day 50;
2013-08-31: dreaming at RED SEA Divings;
2013-08-31: statistics for August 2013.

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dreaming at RED SEA Divings

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as long as Red Sea’s diving sites recover during Egypt’s turmoil, let’s dream with these videos showing THISTLEGORM:

… and so on … an eternal long list / search pages of beautifull videos – many with appropriatly inspiring music – on YouTube-search, with keyword THISTLEGORM … yes, it’s a long dream …

See also: (Welcome to our new blog: politics for the 99%).

As California Prison Hunger Strike Hits Day 50

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… Guards Resort to Brutal Gitmo Tactics – Published on policymic, by Alex Cline, August 26, 2013 (see also our new blog: politics for the 99%).

The California prison hunger strike, which began on July 8 in the Pelican Bay State Prison’s secure isolation unit, is now entering its 50th consecutive day. One striker has already died, and several more have been hospitalized. The prisoners are protesting poor treatment in the penal system, including overcrowding, disregard for their rights by the prison administration, and brutal extended solitary confinement in dreaded facilities like Pelican Bay’s Secure Housing Unit (SHU). Nevertheless, with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and the office of Governor Jerry Brown (D) refusing to engage with the inmates over their demands, the hunger strike continues.   Continue Reading…

new posts on my health blog / Gesundheitsblog

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Schweiz: Journalisten dürfen Einsätze der Polizei dokumentieren

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auf Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF gefunden ( see also our new blog: politics for the 99%):

  • Schweiz: Journalisten dürfen Einsätze der Polizei dokumentieren, auf Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF, 27. August, 2013: Vor fünf Jahren machte ein Pressefotograf Bilder der Polizei bei einer heiklen Aktion. Er wurde dabei festgenommen. Zu Unrecht, entschied nun das Zürcher Obergericht;
  • Freilaufende Hunde sind eine Gefahr für die Wildtiere, von Elmar Plozza, 27. August, 2013: Zwei Hunde aus der Zürcher Gemeinde Hinwil haben bereits mehrere Wildtiere gerissen. Nun wurden sie zum Abschuss freigegeben. Doch: Was soll gegen freilaufende Hunde unternommen werden? Diese Frage beschäftigt Jäger und Naturschützer in der ganzen Schweiz … // … In der Schweiz haben streunende Hunde allein im vergangenen Jahr 632 Rehe gerissen …;

Open Letter to Owen Jones: On Syria, the left should be more critical of the Bennite Legacy

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Published on Left Foot Forward, by Alan Hohnson, August 27, 2013 ( see also our new blog: politics for the 99%).

… Like you, I did not support the Iraq intervention and, like you, I do not support a full-blown ‘intervention’ by the West in Syria. I think the sheer tonnage of wishful thinking on parts of the left about ‘interventions’ is remarkable. When it comes to sending young British men to die – why are their lives always discounted? – in ‘interventions’ that are invariably poorly planned (my god what an understatement that is!), under-resourced, lacking the domestic support needed to see the thing through; the knowledge of local conditions that would enable a realistic view to be taken about what is possible; or the political and intellectual long-termism that would be required to win, and which invariably lack reliable allies on the ground, and so are doomed to peeter out before ‘success’, I say… not in my name.   Continue Reading…

The Egyptian Crisis

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Published on ZNet, by Bill Fletcher, August 26, 2013 ( see also our new blog: politics for the 99%)

One of the most striking features of the current Egyptian crisis has been the response by most of the US Left and progressives. It is not that US leftists and progressives are ignoring the crisis but that there has been an utter failure to engage with Egyptian leftists and progressives despite the fact that the latter have been writing regular analyses of events, analyses that frequently differ from that created on this side of the Atlantic. Continue Reading…

Love It or Leave It?

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Published on truthDig, by Scott Tucker, August 24, 2013 (see also our new blog: politics for the 99%).

One of the doctrinal points of “professional journalism” is that any journalist who openly proclaims politics at odds with the state becomes, by definition, unprofessional. This only seems fathomlessly stupid, but it is not so. The profession of journalism is often a form of priestcraft, and the spectacles of state require devoted servants. In war and peace, the business of burning incense before the Golden Calf is serious business. And if human victims are required on pyramids of sacrifice, a mob of journalists is always ready to slip on priestly robes while reaching for the knives.   Continue Reading…

Autumn in America, 1973

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… forty years on – Published on Dissident Voice, by Ron Jacobs, August 24, 2013 (see also our new blog: politics for the 99%).

… On September 25, the great poet Pablo Neruda was buried by his friends after the authorities refused a state funeral and made it illegal for mourners to attend. Thousands did anyhow. His last poem had been smuggled out of the country to Argentina where it was published. The poem lashed out at the authors of the coup in Washington and Santiago, calling the latter “prostitute merchants/of bread and American air,/deadly seneschals,/ a herd of whorish bosses/with no other law but torture/and the lashing hunger of the people.” Continue Reading…

NSU: Abschlussbericht des Untersuchungsausschusses am 22.08.2013

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Video auf YouTube, 100.59 min, von phoenix am 22. August 2013 hochgeladen … //
… mit weiteren Poenix-Videos in autoplay.

Marx and the Muslim Brothers

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Published on Political Affairs pa, by Thomas Riggins. August 18, 2013 (Linked with our new blog: politics for the 99%).

Is political Islam the modern replacement for socialism?

How should one respond to the claim, made by Sheri Berman a political science professor at Barnard College, that Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are “Marx’s contemporary successors”? [Oped- New York Times 8-10-13: "Marx's Lesson for the Muslim Brothers"]  Continue Reading…

In letter to Obama, Bradley Manning defends exposure of war crimes

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Published on World Socialist Web Site WSWS, by David Walsh, August 23, 2013 (Linked with our new blog: politics for the 99%).

US Army Private Bradley Manning, who helped bring to light innumerable crimes of the American government and armed forces, was sentenced to 35 years in military prison Wednesday, a sentence without precedent for the “crime” of whistle-blowing.

At a press conference the same day, Manning’s attorney, David Coombes, read aloud an open letter from the 25-year-old army private to President Barack Obama. The statement will be included in a request to the Secretary of the Army asking Obama to pardon Manning or commute his sentence to time already served.   Continue Reading…

Kein Knebelgesetz für Afghanistans Frauen

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Auf (die Welt in Aktion) gefunden:
Im Alter von 12 Jahren wurde Sahar Gul verkauft und zwangsverheiratet. Fortan lebte sie in einem Haus des Schreckens … // Petition an die Mitglieder des Oberhauses der Afghanischen Nationalversammlung und den Vorsitzenden des Gesetzgebungsausschusses, Malawi Ghulam Muhiuddin Monsef unterzeichnen … (ganzer Text).

Latest Disclosure on the National Security Archive NSA

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CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup:
Published on The National Security Archive, Electronic Briefing Book No. 435, by Malcolm Byrne, August 19, 2013:

  • Documents Provide New Details on Mosaddeq Overthrow and Its Aftermath;
  • National Security Archive Calls for Release of Remaining Classified Record (with 4 charts and 35 documents);

The Secret History of the U-2:    Continue Reading…

A Big Victory For Oregon’s Biggest Union

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Published on Worker’s Action, by Shamus Cooke, August 18, 2013 (Linked with our new blog: politics for the 99%).

After years of painful backsliding, the state workers of Oregon’s largest union, SEIU 503, recently stood firm and scored a big win in their contract negotiations against the state’s anti-union Democratic governor, John Kitzhaber.

After again demanding many anti-union concessions, Oregon’s Democratic governor backed down when the union proved organized and ready to wage a statewide strike, which would have shut down many state-run agencies, including highway repair, Department of Motor Vehicles, Parks and Recreation, food stamps, the Employment Department, Child Welfare, Department of Revenue, and others.  Continue Reading…

The Wishful Thinking Left

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Jean Bricmont, August 19, 2013. (Linked with our new blog: politics for the 99% (Frontpage), and it’s new post: Not Too Big to Jail).

Once upon a time, in the early 1970s, many people, including myself, thought that all the “struggles” of that period were linked: the Cultural Revolution in China, the guerillas in Latin America, the Prague Spring and the East European “dissidents”, May 68, the civil rights movement, the opposition to the Vietnam war, and the nominally socialist anti-colonial movements in Africa and Asia. We also thought that the “fascist” regimes in Spain, Portugal and Greece, by analogy with WWII, could only be overthrown through armed struggle, very likely protracted.   Continue Reading…

Revenge tactics: UK detains Greenwald’s partner under Terrorism Act, confiscates electronics

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Published on Russia Today RT, August 18, 2013.

The partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald was held at Heathrow airport under the UK Terrorism Act for the maximum time allowed before pressing charges. Amnesty International dubbed the move an unwarranted revenge after Greenwald revealed NSA spy programs.

David Miranda was passing through London en route from Berlin to Rio de Janeiro, where he lives with Greenwald – the Guardian journalist who in a series of articles helped Edward Snowden to reveal the scale of the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programs.   Continue Reading…

Dead Can Dance

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Egypt: Paying the price

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Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Dina Ezzat, August 14, 2013.

The spate of attacks launched by Islamists, including the Muslim Brotherhood, against Christians constitutes collective punishment for Coptic participation in the mass demonstrations that led to Morsi’s ouster.

Egypt’s Copts and other Christians face tough times. Since the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi on 3 July churches and the homes of Christians have been the targets of regular attacks, some of them under the eyes and ears of an indifferent police force.   Continue Reading…

Screaming in Bradley Manning’s Trial

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Published on War is a, by davidswanson, August 15, 2013.

I sat in the courtroom all day on Wednesday as Bradley Manning’s trial wound its way to a tragic and demoralizing conclusion.  I wanted to hear Eugene Debs, and instead I was trapped there, watching Socrates reach for the hemlock and gulp it down.  Just a few minutes in and I wanted to scream or shout.   Continue Reading…

Bradley Manning’s statement

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A forced confession concludes a drumhead – tribunal – Published on World Socialist Web Site WSWS, by Eric London, August 15, 2013.

Army PFC Bradley Manning addressed the military tribunal at Ft. Meade, Maryland yesterday in the eleventh day of post-trial sentencing hearings. The 25-year-old whistleblower was found guilty last month on 19 counts, including six charges of espionage. He faces up to 90 years in prison.  Continue Reading…

Occupation: Sperm Donor

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Published on Dissident Voice, by David Macaray, August 13, 2013.

Society used to get married, have kids, and then, happy or not, stay married their entire lives rather than suffer the stigma of divorce.  Then society gradually began getting divorced without the fear of stigma, which was liberating.  But despite this liberalization, kids born out of wedlock continued to be stigmatized.  Being born out of wedlock was still pretty much frowned upon.  In fact, we called these offspring “bastards.”   Continue Reading…

A United Syriza Moves Closer To Power

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Published on New left Project, by James Elliott, August 7, 2013.

The man who promises to end Greece’s austerity binge and reinvent European socialism for the 21st century has edged closer to power, after the radical left Syriza coalition of 14 parties merged into one unified bloc to fight future elections. Alexis Tsipras,
the coalition’s leader, was elected head of the new party with 74% of the votes cast by 3412 delegates.   Continue Reading…

Zimbabwe: Bribes, sex and a ballooning electricity debt

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Published on Pambazuka News, by Nhau Mangirazi, August 7, 2013.

A number of Zimbabweans owe substantial sums of money for electricity they don’t receive, while others get free electricity thanks to corruption at Zimbabwe’s electricity utility company.

Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa), the southern African country’s electricity utility company, is owed over $700 million, with domestic users accounting for nearly $261 million of the debt.   Continue Reading…