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Index July 2013

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2013-07-01: Chile red-hot as student protest turns violent;
2013-07-02: Legitimacy and change in Egypt;
2013-07-03: What Is Striking In India Is The Indifference Of The Privileged;
2013-07-04: Privacy Is Lost, and We Are All To Blame;
2013-07-04: A free world-class education for anyone anywhere;
2013-07-05: Rescuing the Sixties;
2013-07-06: Brazil: The Great Opportunity;
2013-07-07: Washington Islamist strategy in crisis as Morsi toppled;
2013-07-07: quelques remarques autour de la Syrie;
2013-07-08: Latest Disclosures on The National Security Archive NSA;
2013-07-08: La Vie de Mahomet;
2013-07-09: Fighting Austerity;
2013-07-10: Edward Snowden Interview: The NSA and Its Willing Helpers, Part 1;
2013-07-11: Search for Stability: Deep Divides Threaten Egypt’s Path Forward;
2013-07-12: Turkey, the Erdogan Government and the Left Today;
2013-07-12: Grundlagen lebendiger Entfaltung;
2013-07-13: Mandela’s Greatness May Be Assured – But Not His Legacy;
2013-07-14: Girl Rising: Mahala Fires Up a New Generation, Part 1;
2013-07-15: The Struggle for Egypt;
2013-07-16: Michael Gove, we need to teach less competitiveness and more compassion;
2013-07-17: The Mass Protests in Brazil in June-July 2013;
2013-07-18: TALKS: Meet global corruption’s hidden players;
2013-07-19: How to Be a Rogue Superpower;
2013-07-20: Prometheus Among the Cannibals: A Letter to Edward Snowden;
2013-07-21: On leaks and pseudo-reality;
2013-07-22: The European Union: Where Corporate Fantasies Come True;
2013-07-23: Raking Muck: WikiLeaks, Manning, and the Newer Journalism;
2013-07-24: Higher education: The attack of the MOOCs;
2013-07-25: The War on Public School Teachers: New Unions, New Alliances, New Politics;
2013-07-26: Spanish State: They Want Us Poor, Silenced And Straight;
2013-07-26: zum Batman-Massaker;
2013-07-27: Mazar-e-Sharif Suicides: Poisonous Freedom for Afghan Women, Part 1;
2013-07-28: Chomsky, Zizek, Lacan;
2013-07-29: One Eye on the Horizon: The Condition of Communism;
2013-07-30: Secular Resistance in Turkey: Challenge of Building a Movement;
2013-07-31: Anarchism and the English Language.

Anarchism and the English Language

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An exchange between Kristian Williams and the CrimethInc. Writers’ Bloc – Published on CrimeInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective, by Kristian Williams, , not dated (linked with English and the Anarchists’ Language).

George Orwell, in his classic essay, “Politics and the English Language,” makes the case that “the English language… becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.”   Continue Reading…

Secular Resistance in Turkey: Challenge of Building a Movement

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Published on ZNet, by Ali Saysel, July 28, 2013.

In a previous ZNet article summarizing the events between 31st of May (the date of street anarchy) and 17th of June (the date of police conquest of Taksim Square), I expressed that the defeat was the start of a third phase in mass mobilization, launched in several public parks in Istanbul. Also, quoting a commentator in dissident internet media in Turkish, I referred to the movement as “secular resistance”, because it had a mixed class character dominated by young middle classes, fundamentally arising from their discontent towards ruling AKP’s shift from its conservative Islamism towards arrogant Turk-Islamism. (See: … short restrospective Look …).   Continue Reading…

One Eye on the Horizon: The Condition of Communism

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Published on Counterpunch, by JOSEPH RAMSEY, July 23, 2013;

The eye-grabbing cover of Jodi Dean’s The Communist Horizon (Verso, 2012) depicts what could be the dawn of a new day. A red sun, half in view, arcs across the volume’s bottom edge. From this solid red spot, dozens of thin but widening beams fan out; crossing the background, the sunlight splits the sky itself into stripes of red and white.   Continue Reading…

Chomsky, Zizek, Lacan

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Noam Chomsky Slams Žižek and Lacan: Empty Posturing, on Open Culture, June 28, 2013 (with video, 4.32 min): Noam Chomsky’s well-known political views have tended to overshadow his groundbreaking work as a linguist and analytic philosopher. As a result, people sometimes assume that because Chomsky is a leftist, he would find common intellectual ground with the postmodernist philosophers of the European Left. Big mistake …;

Chomsky, Zizek, and Us, published on ZNet, by Michael Albert, July 26, 2013;
Jacques Lacan parle, 59.40 min, mise en ligne sur YouTube par Algamaia, le 2 septembre 2012; Continue Reading…

Mazar-e-Sharif Suicides: Poisonous Freedom for Afghan Women, Part 1

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Nicola Abé in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, July 25, 2013 (Photo Gallery).

Women in Mazar-e-Sharif have straddled the worlds between Western freedoms and conservative traditions for a decade. As the Taliban gains strength and the West pulls out, Afghanistan’s most liberal city is being plagued by a rash of suicides.

Fareba Gul decided to die in a burqa. She put on the traditional gown, which she usually didn’t wear, and drove to the Blue Mosque. There, at the holiest place in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif, she swallowed malathion, an insecticide. She then ran over to the square, where hundreds of white doves were waiting to be fed by visitors. When she was surrounded by the birds, the cramps set in … //   Continue Reading…

zum Batman-Massaker

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Amoklauf im Dienst des Staates? 48.13 min, 17 Oktober, 2012: Kaspar Zimmermann im Gespräch mit Michael Vogt über merkwürdige Muster bei Amokläufen und Attentaten von Einzeltätern.  Continue Reading…

Spanish State: They Want Us Poor, Silenced And Straight

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Published on ZNet (first on Revolting Europe, which made also the translation), by Esther Vivas, July 24, 2013 .

The governing Popular Party (PP) is on a crusade – not only against fundamental rights such as health, education, housing, work, but also against sexual and reproductive freedoms. The PP wants to impose a model of society, not only at the service of capital, but sexist and homophobic to boot. It wants us poor, silenced and straight.   Continue Reading…

The War on Public School Teachers: New Unions, New Alliances, New Politics

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Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 854 (first on CheapMotels and a, by Michael D. Yates, July 22, 2013.

The U.S. working-class was slow to respond to the hard times it faced during and after the Great Recession of 2007-2009. Finally, however, in February, 2011, workers in Wisconsin began the famous uprising that electrified the country, revolting in large numbers against Governor Scott Walker’s efforts to destroy the state’s public employee labour unions.   Continue Reading…

Higher education: The attack of the MOOCs

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an army of new online courses is scaring the wits out of traditional universities. But can they find a viable business model? – Published on The Economist, July 20, 2013.

DOTCOM mania was slow in coming to higher education, but now it has the venerable industry firmly in its grip. Since the launch early last year of Udacity and Coursera, two Silicon Valley start-ups offering free education through MOOCs, massive open online courses, the ivory towers of academia have been shaken to their foundations. University brands built in some cases over centuries have been forced to contemplate the possibility that information technology will rapidly make their existing business model obsolete. Meanwhile, the MOOCs have multiplied in number, resources and student recruitment—without yet having figured out a business model of their own.  Continue Reading…

Raking Muck: WikiLeaks, Manning, and the Newer Journalism

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Binoy Kampmark, July 20, 2013.

… It is therefore incumbent that every feature of the WikiLeaks’ experiment be attacked: its journalism (qualified or otherwise), its sources, its backers. Army Private first class Bradley Manning is but the important conduit, and this entire enterprise on the part of the U.S. government is an attempt to punish the flow of information all cogs and channels.   Continue Reading…

The European Union: Where Corporate Fantasies Come True

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Published on New Left Project, by David Cronin, July 18, 2013.

Edward Snowden has exposed more than a massive spying operation.  The whistleblower has – perhaps unintentionally – drawn attention to just how obsequious Europe’s political leaders are towards the US.

Angela Merkel and François Hollande are reportedly furious over revelations that America has been reading their diplomats’ emails (though their fury can’t be that intense given that a rumour that Snowden was on a flight to Bolivia was sufficient for France to block the plane from its airspace).   Continue Reading…

On leaks and pseudo-reality

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… the US’s futile search for world domination – Published on Intrepid Report, by Ramzy Baroud, July 19, 2013.

Those enchanted by pseudo-reality must have been at the edge of their seats as they watched Zero Dark Thirty, a Hollywood account of how US SEAL Team Six killed Osama Bin Laden on May 1, 2011.

But a recently leaked report shows that the ‘riveting’ Hollywood account of the ‘greatest manhunt of all time’ was hardly as glamorous as it was made to be. In fact, if it were not for the ‘shocking state of affairs’ in Pakistan itself, where local governance had ‘completely collapsed,’ the raid would have been yet another botched attempt at killing a man who had been using primitive means—for example a ‘cowboy hat’ to evade drones—as he had managed to survive for nearly nine years.   Continue Reading…

Prometheus Among the Cannibals: A Letter to Edward Snowden

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Published on truthout, by Rebecca Solnit, TomDispatch, July 18, 2013.

Dear Edward Snowden, Billions of us, from prime ministers to hackers, are watching a live espionage movie in which you are the protagonist and perhaps the sacrifice. Your way forward is clear to no one, least of all, I’m sure, you.

I fear for you; I think of you with a heavy heart. I imagine hiding you like Anne Frank. I imagine Hollywood movie magic in which a young lookalike would swap places with you and let you flee to safety – if there is any safety in this world of extreme rendition and extrajudicial execution by the government that you and I were born under and that you, until recently, served.   Continue Reading…

How to Be a Rogue Superpower

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Published on ZNet (first on TomDispatch), by Tom Engelhardt, July 17, 2013.

It’s hard even to know how to take it in. I mean, what’s really happening? An employee of a private contractor working for the National Security Agency makes off with unknown numbers of files about America’s developing global security state on a thumb drive and four laptop computers, and jumps the nearest plane to Hong Kong. His goal: to expose a vast surveillance structure built in the shadows in the post-9/11 years and significantly aimed at Americans.   Continue Reading…

TALKS: Meet global corruption’s hidden players

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Watch this video, 14.27 min, published on TEDtalks, with Charmian Gooch, July 2013: When the son of the president of a desperately poor country starts buying mansions and sportscars on an official monthly salary of $7,000, Charmian Gooch suggests, corruption is probably somewhere in the picture …;

The Mass Protests in Brazil in June-July 2013

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Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 851, by Alfredo Saad Filho, July 15, 2013.

The mass movements starting in June 2013 were the largest and most significant protests in Brazil in a generation, and they have shaken up the country’s political system. Their explosive growth, size and extraordinary reach caught everyone – the left, the right, and the government – by surprise. This article examines these movements in light of the achievements and shortcomings of the democratic transition, in the mid-1980s, and the experience of the federal administrations led by the Workers’ Party since 2003.

A Summary of the Facts: … // Continue Reading…

Michael Gove, we need to teach less competitiveness and more compassion

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Published on Left Foot Forward, by TOM LONDON, July 14, 2013.

Eton has a practice known as “oiling”, which as Anthony Seldon has approvingly noted “is learning how to win friends and influence others, and how to clamber over them to get what you want. It’s a mixture of ambition, self-confidence and bloody-mindedness.”  Continue Reading…

The Struggle for Egypt

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Published on CounterPunch, by JOSEPH MASSAD, July 12-14, 2013.

Ever since Muhammad Mursi was elected president of Egypt in democratic elections marred by his Mubarakist opponent Ahmad Shafiq’s electoral corruption and bribes, a coalition of Egyptian liberals, Nasserists, leftists — including socialists and communists of varying stripes – and even Salafist and repentant Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members began to form slowly but steadily, establishing an alliance with Mubarak’s ruling bourgeoisie and holdover politicians from his regime to oust him from power, fearing that he and his party were preparing a “Nazi-like” takeover of the country and destroying its fledgling democracy … // Continue Reading…

Girl Rising: Mahala Fires Up a New Generation, Part 1

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Spiegel online staff, July 12, 2013 (Photo Gallery).

Last fall Malala Yousafza, a 15-year-old blogger in Pakistan, was gunned down for demanding the right to an education. She has taken her message to the UN, and girls worldwide are fighting back against violence and oppression. A global movement is taking shape … // Continue Reading…

Mandela’s Greatness May Be Assured – But Not His Legacy

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Published on ZNet, by John Pilger, July 11, 2013.

… Few ordinary South Africans were aware that this “process” had begun in high secrecy more than two years before Mandela’s release when the ANC in exile had, in effect, done a deal with prominent members of the Afrikaaner elite at meetings in a stately home, Mells Park House, near Bath. The prime movers were the corporations that had underpinned apartheid.   Continue Reading…

Grundlagen lebendiger Entfaltung

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(schon am 11. Juli auf dem HBB-blog publiziert) – Bernd Senf über Wilhelm Reich, von EvolutionReport an diversen Daten im Jahre 2012 hochgeladen – Siehe BERND (also in en/es/ru/hu):   Continue Reading…

Turkey, the Erdogan Government and the Left Today

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Interview with Oguzhan Müftüoglu, published on New Politics, by Dan La Botz, Summer 2013 (Translation by Özlem Ilyas Tolunay).

Oguzhan Müftüoglu was born in Anamur, Turkey in 1944. He joined the Revolutionary Youth (Dev-Genç) movement while he was a law student at Ankara University during the 1960s.
Müftüoglu participated in activities of the People’s Liberation Party-Front of Turkey (THKP-C) together with its leader Mahir Çayan and his comrades, until the Kizildere incident of 1972. Continue Reading…

Search for Stability: Deep Divides Threaten Egypt’s Path Forward

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Raniah Salloum in Cairo, July 10, 2013 (Photo Gallery).

Egypt is deeply polarized and hatred between the two main camps is stewing. Even as the interim government reaches for reconciliation, the road ahead looks increasingly treacherous.    Continue Reading…

Edward Snowden Interview: The NSA and Its Willing Helpers, Part 1

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Interview published on Spiegel Online International, July 8, 2013.

In an interview conducted using encrypted e-mails, whistleblower Edward Snowden discusses the power of the NSA, how it is “in bed together with the Germans” and the vast scope of Internet spying conducted by the United States and Britain … // Continue Reading…