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Index March 2013

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2013-03-01: Mastering the art of revolution;
2013-03-02: Bradley Manning pleads not guilty to aiding the enemy charge;
2013-03-03: Organising Ourselves to Beat Harassment;
2013-03-03: Excision: Najat Vallaud-Belkacem annonce le renforcement des sanctions;
2013-03-04: Street sport hits Cairo;
2013-03-05: The Hidden Lives of Wolves;
2013-03-06: Pfc. Bradley E. Manning’s Statement at the Providence Court Martial Inquiry;
2013-03-07: The Revolution Within the Revolution Will Continue;
2013-03-07: proPhilo ouvre ses portes;
2013-03-08: 13-HOUR STAND: Rand Paul ends filibuster of John Brennan confirmation after nearly 13 Hours;
2013-03-09: America’s New Mommy Wars: An Elitist Assault on Working Women?
2013-03-10: Lastest Disclosures at the National Security Archive NSA;
2013-03-12: Upholding the Imperial Order: The Mass Media’s Defamation of Hugo Chavez;
2013-03-12: Excision: loué par les exciseuses, ce mode opératoire qui bouscule la vision de la lutte;
2013-03-13: Argentinia’s Operation Condor Trial on the net;
2013-03-14: America’s Retirement Crisis;
2013-03-15: Iraqi Children: Deprived Rights, Stolen Future;
2013-03-16: Papua New Guinea PNG grapples with ageing health workforce;
2013-03-16: Schweizerin in Indien von mehreren Männern vergewaltigt;
2013-03-17: Sir Patrick Stewart calls on ’1 million men’ to end to violence against women;
2013-03-17: Gedanken über Weiterentwicklung;
2013-03-18: latest on Egypt’s revolution;
2013-03-19: National security letters deemed unconstitutional;
2013-03-19: a new post on my health blog;
2013-03-20: Minorities Unsafe in Pakistan;
2013-03-21: Feminism Is The One F-Word That Makes Eyes Widen In Polite Company;
2013-03-21: Tunisia’s revolution annexed;
2013-03-22: Latest Disclosures at the National Security Archive NSA;
2013-03-23: … more music;
2013-03-24: How can we fight rape?
2013-03-25: Mapping the Internet: A Hacker’s Secret Internet Census;
2013-03-26: Frank Schultz, Nachruf;
2013-03-27: Violence and Dignity: Reflections on the Middle East;
2013-03-28: Generation X-rated owns the net;
2013-03-29: … more discussions with Slavoj Zizek, Cornel West, Richard Dawkins;
2013-03-30: Our Mothers, Our Fathers – Part 1: Next-Generation WWII Atonement;
2013-03-31: Ecuador raises Julian Assange case with Labour.

Ecuador raises Julian Assange case with Labour

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Diplomat brings up subject of WikiLeaks founder taking refuge in embassy at meeting with shadow foreign secretary – Published on The Guardian, by Ben Quinn, March 30, 2013.

Ecuadorean diplomats have raised the case of Julian Assange with the Labour party as part of attempts to lay the groundwork for a resolution of the diplomatic standoff between Britain and the South American state over the WikiLeaks’ founder.

As part of its continuing search for an end to the impasse, Ecuador has been seeking a commitment from the coalition that it would not support Assange’s onward extradition to the US should he choose to go to Sweden to face allegations of rape and sexual assault.  Continue Reading…

Our Mothers, Our Fathers – Part 1: Next-Generation WWII Atonement

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Romain Leick, March 28, 2013 (and 13 Photo in the Gallery).

A miniseries that aired in Germany this month has enthralled viewers with its emotional portrayal of the role that average people played in WWII. Stripped of moral pretension, it also establishes a new, multigenerational milestone in the country’s culture of remembrance.   Continue Reading…

… more discussions with Slavoj Zizek, Cornel West, Richard Dawkins

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Slavoj Zizek and Cornel West: Discussion, 138.10 min, uploaded by TheChomskyVideos, Feb 20, 2013;

Slavoj Žižek: de Hegel a Marx, e de volta a Hegel (Áudio em Inglês/audio in english), 97.41 min, uploaded by portalsescsp (Sesc em São Paulo), March 13, 2013;

Interview with Richard Dawkins, 56.38 min, ploaded by TheChomskyVideos, Feb 20, 2013.   Continue Reading…

Generation X-rated owns the net

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Never has it been so easy for young children to watch violent pornography. Can politicians who grew up in the analogue age do anything about it? – Published on New Statesman, by Rafael Behr, March 21, 2013.

Most British children growing up in the age of the internet will never go hungry for information. They may hear older generations talk about a time before search engines and social networks, but imagining what that was like will be as hard for them as it is for their parents to picture life before electricity … // Continue Reading…

Violence and Dignity: Reflections on the Middle East

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Frank Schultz, Nachruf

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Pizzabestellung im Überwachungsstaat, 2.09 min, von Frank Schultz am 20. Juli 2012 hochgeladen;

Persönlicher Nachruf auf Frank Schultz (, auf, von Johannes, 29. Januar 2013: … Seine Freiheit und Selbstbestimmung hat er auch auf seinem Weg in den Tod nicht aufgegeben. Er hat seinen Frieden mit sich geschlossen und sich entschieden zu gehen. Dafür können wir ihm alle nur unseren Respekt ausdrücken. Für Frank war das das Recht auf ein selbstbestimmtes Sterben ein wichtiges Thema. In seiner Twitter-Bio zitiert er Ronald Dworkin mit den Worten: “Nichts ist demütigender, als von anderen vorgeschrieben zu bekommen, wie man zu sterben hat.” Bis heute ist in Deutschland aktive Sterbehilfe verboten und wurde daher auch Frank verwehrt. Ich denke, sein Leben ist uns allen auch Auftrag, hier politisch wirksam zu werden … // Continue Reading…

Mapping the Internet: A Hacker’s Secret Internet Census

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Christian Stöcker and Judith Horchert, March 22, 2013 (Photo Gallery).

Just how big is the Internet? An anonymous hacker claims to have answered the question via effective but illegal means. The result is a fascinating reflection of online usage around the world.

Somewhere on this planet there is a hacker whose emotions are likely shifting between pride and fear. Pride, because he managed to do what no one else has managed. And fear, because it was illegal in almost every country in the world.  Continue Reading…

How can we fight rape?

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The emerging movement against rape and sexual assault is a welcome sign that people are fed up with violence against women – and a society that produces it – Published on Socialist, March 21, 2013.

… “I don’t think that we should be telling women anything,” Maxwell told Hannity. “I think we should be telling men not to rape women and start the conversation there.”

You wouldn’t think that statement would be controversial, would you? How could anyone disagree with telling men not to rape women?  Continue Reading…

… more music

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Relaxing Music, Meditation Music:

Latest Disclosures at the National Security Archive NSA

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Freedom of Information Regulations: Still Outdated, Still Undermining Openness
Published on National Security Archive NSA, by Tom Blanton/Nate Jones/Lauren Harper, March 13, 2013:
Majority of Agencies Have Not Updated FOIA Rules to Meet Either Obama’s 2009 Order or Congress’s 2007 Law
Second Term Obama Opportunity to Direct Agencies to Adopt Regulations for Open Government
New National Security Archive Audit Covers 100 Federal Agencies, Previous Knight Open Government Surveys Showed Mixed Results;   Continue Reading…

Tunisia’s revolution annexed

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Published on english Monde diplomatique (first published in french, translated by Barbara Wilson), by Serge Halimi, March 2013.

Almost everyone in Tunisia believes that the benefits of the revolution are in danger. Perhaps from a “secular” opposition that refuses to admit that the conservative An-Nahda Islamists were the clear winners in the National Constituent Assembly elections in October 2011. Or from the An-Nahda Islamists, who want to use their victory to infiltrate the state from within, while exploiting the fear inspired by the Salafist militias. Or simply from a political circus reminiscent of the Fourth French Republic, with parliamentary alliances breaking up as soon as a member was not appointed, big surprises forgotten next day, innumerable tiny groups endlessly redefining their position. Continue Reading…

Feminism Is The One F-Word That Makes Eyes Widen In Polite Company

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It’s not enough for us to sit back and wait for the system of power to become a little more equal – Published on New Statesman, by Laurie Penny, March 16, 2013.

What is it about the word “feminism” that frightens people so much? In recent months, as I’ve travelled around the world giving talks about anti-capitalism and women’s rights, I’ve had the same conversation countless times: men telling me, “I’m not a feminist, I’m an equalist.” Or young women, explaining that despite believing in the right to equal pay for equal work, despite opposing sexual violence, despite believing in a woman’s right to every freedom men have enjoyed for centuries, they are not feminists. They are something else, something that’s very much like a feminist but doesn’t involve having to say the actual word.  Continue Reading…

Minorities Unsafe in Pakistan

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Published on, by Tanveer Jafri, March 13, 2013.

Pakistan’s founder “Quaid-i-Azam” Mohammad Ali Jinnah dreamt of a country that would be Islamic and at the same time secular. The basic ideals behind the creation of Pakistan underscored security, welfare and cooperation of the people of all religions. Thanks to extremism and radicalization, today Pakistan is counted among the most dangerous places to live. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s police, army and government look helpless in providing enough protection to the minorities being targeted on a daily basis.   Continue Reading…

a new post on my health blog

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Find it here: Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease … and other health links, on Gesundheits-Blog, by heidi, March 19, 2013.

National security letters deemed unconstitutional

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Published on Russia Today RT, March 15, 2013.

A United States federal judge has declared that the super-secret national security letters that let the government garner info on Americans without their consent are unconstitutional.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI has issued hundreds of thousands of NSLs to private businesses in order to obtain sensitive information on clients without waiting for a warrant or subpoena. Unlike those options, though, NSLs involve next to no oversight. Instead all that’s required is that a Special Agent in Charge signs off and says that the information is relevant to an investigation.   Continue Reading…

latest on Egypt’s revolution

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Gedanken über Weiterentwicklung

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Sir Patrick Stewart calls on ’1 million men’ to end to violence against women

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Published on Yahoo! News/The Lookout, by Dylan Stableford, March 8, 2013.

NEW YORK—Sir Patrick Stewart stood in the center of the Diplomat Ballroom at the UN Hotel here on Friday, pounding his fist methodically against a podium, each thump punctuated with a number (”One … two … three …”) until he got to nine.

“Every nine seconds in the United States a woman is assaulted or beaten,” Stewart said. “Every nine seconds.”  Continue Reading…

Schweizerin in Indien von mehreren Männern vergewaltigt

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auf SRF, 16. März 2013.

Erneut eine Gruppenvergewaltigung in Indien: Opfer war dieses Mal eine Schweizer Touristin, wie die Polizei mitteilte. Die Frau und ihr Ehemann wurden überfallen als sie im zentralindischen Bundesstaat Madhya Pradesh in einem Zelt übernachteten.  Continue Reading…

Papua New Guinea PNG grapples with ageing health workforce

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Published on, by pk/pt/cb, March 14, 2013.

… PNG is a Pacific country rich in natural resources, yet its health staffing levels are comparable to the world’s poorest countries due to a rapidly retiring force and lack of qualified replacements.
“If we do not do anything about our ageing workforce quickly, the health system may collapse,” former health minister Jamie Maxton Graham told parliament in 2012.

Despite repeated warnings of the shortage, first at a 2002 national health conference, again in 2008 during a government health resources forum, and most recently by a 2011 World Bank report, the country still faces what the government calls a “drastic” health worker shortage. The World Bank report predicted a large decline in the “backbone of rural service delivery” (nurses and midwives) – by up to half.   Continue Reading…

Iraqi Children: Deprived Rights, Stolen Future

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Published on Global, by Bie Kentane, March 13, 2013.

… This report will focus on the violations by the occupying forces and the Iraqi government of the Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, Geneva, 12 August 1949, (ICRC) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • Article 28. Right to education;
  • Article 29. Goals of education. All children have the right to a primary education, which should be free.   Continue Reading…

America’s Retirement Crisis

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Published on Steve Lendman Blog, by bog owner, March 13, 2013.

Decades of class war leaves most Americans nearing retirement woefully unprepared:

  • Since the mid-1970s, real wages haven’t kept pace with inflation. Benefits steadily eroded. High-paying jobs disappeared. Improved technology forces wage earners to work harder for less.
  • So-called “free” markets work only for those who control them. A handful of winners benefit at the expense of most others. Conditions get progressively worse.
  • Wealth disparity extremes are unprecedented. Neoliberal harshness force-feeds austerity when stimulus is needed. Public needs go begging.   Continue Reading…

Argentinia’s Operation Condor Trial on the net

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Operation Condor on en.wikipedia;


Operation Condor Trial tackles coordinated Campaign by Latin American Dictators, 22.12 min,  uploaded by democracynow, March 7, 2013: Argentina is set to reveal new details about how Latin American countries coordinated with each other in the 1970s and ’80s to eliminate political dissidents. The campaign known as “Operation Condor” involved military dictatorships in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. They worked together to track down, kidnap and kill people they labeled as terrorists: leftist activists, labor organizers, students, priests, journalists, guerilla fighters and their families.    Continue Reading…

Excision: loué par les exciseuses, ce mode opératoire qui bouscule la vision de la lutte

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Cohabitation entre tradition, exigence sanitaire et droits fondamentaux de la femme – publié  dans Atelier, par Solo Niaré, le 10 mars 2013.

Une surprenante campagne enregistre depuis plus de dix ans l’un des résultats les plus satisfaisant de la lutte contre les mutilations génitales féminines en région forestière de la Guinée. Sous l’impulsion de Yôblè Doré, sage femme impliquée dans le bénévolat humanitaire, le village de Bossou, à 18km de la préfecture de Lola, et ses environs connaissent une nouvelle forme de lutte qui a pris le dessus sur la politique d’intimidation mise en place par l’administration centrale, car bien plus efficace.  Continue Reading…