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Index December 2012

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    2012-12-01: UN: eliminating female genital mutilation;
    2012-12-02: Nigeria: The rule of law and the lynching of four students;
    2012-12-02: 5 year old girl speaks to soldiers;
    2012-12-03: Ban Killer Robots Before It’s Too Late;
    2012-12-04: Internet freedom tops Dubai summit agenda;
    2012-12-05: Death Penalty: Another Step Towards Abolition;
    2012-12-05: Rencontre musicale avec MOHAMED ABOZEKRI;
    2012-12-06: Workers Struggles: Striking bus drivers in Singapore face arrest and deportation;
    2012-12-07: Outdated Agency Regs Undermine Freedom of Information;
    2012-12-08: Majority Versus Elite Priorities;
    2012-12-09: CHILD LABOUR – worldwide;
    2012-12-09: Une meilleure nutrition des patients hospitalisés réduit le risque d’infections;
    2012-12-10: U.S. Court of Appeals Rejects CIA’s Motion to Squash Lawsuit on Bay of Pigs History;
    2012-12-11: Why Is Cuba’s Health Care System the Best Model for Poor Countries?
    2012-12-12: Raiding Consciousness;
    2012-12-13: Mentally ill and murdered by police;
    2012-12-14: Quake-hit Iranians facing harsh winter;
    2012-12-14: Excision: Teliwel face au mur de la tradition;
    2012-12-15: Jean Ziegler on YouTube;
    2012-12-16: Poverty and social exclusion rising in Greece;
    2012-12-16: Wir leben bereits in der Apokalypse;
    2012-12-17: Nations for sale: how much is that cheap labour in the window?
    2012-12-18: Analysis: The beginnings of transitional justice in Syria;
    2012-12-19: Germany’s Trial of the Century;
    2012-12-20: Bullying: A Real Solution, Anyone?
    2012-12-20: Die Grundpfeiler des modernen Rechtsstaates;
    2012-12-21: How Sweden Collaborated With CIA on Renditions and Framing of Assange;
    2012-12-21: Alexander Lauterwasser: Die Welt als Schwingung & Tanz;
    2012-12-22: An All-American Nightmare;
    2012-12-23: Egypt in Light of the Iranian Revolution: The Restoration of a Dictatorship?
    2012-12-24: Fortress in the Sky: Buried Christian Empire Casts New Light on Early Islam;
    2012-12-25: Civil forces and revolution;
    2012-12-26: Police State India and Robert Clive;
    2012-12-27: Free trade in Medicare: An alternative to austerity;
    2012-12-28: Work, Learning and Freedom;
    2012-12-29: recent updates on The National Security Archive;
    2012-12-30: US Intelligence Machine Instead Plotted with Bankers to Attack Protest Movement;
    2012-12-31: songs for contemplative times.

    songs for contemplative times

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    US Intelligence Machine Instead Plotted with Bankers to Attack Protest Movement

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    FBI Ignored Deadly Threat to Occupiers – Published on Dissident Voice, by Dave Lindorff, December 28, 2012.

    New documents obtained from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security by the Partnership for Civil Justice and released this past week show that the FBI and other intelligence and law enforcement agencies began a campaign of monitoring, spying and disrupting the Occupy Movement at least two months before the first occupation actions began in late September 2011.  Continue Reading…

    recent updates on The National Security Archive

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    Work, Learning and Freedom

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    In this often personal interview, renowned linguist and political commentator Noam Chomsky outlines a libertarian perspective on work and education, arguing that freedom is the root of creativity and fulfilment – Published on New Left Project, Michael Kasenbacher interviews Noam Chomsky, December 24, 2012.

    The question I would like to ask is what is really wanted work? Maybe we could start with your personal life and your double career in linguistics and political activism? Do you like that kind of work?

    • If I had the time I would spend far more time doing work on language, philosophy, cognitive science, topics that are intellectually very interesting. But a large part of my life is given to one or another form of political activity: reading, writing, organising, activism and so on. Which is worth doing, it’s necessary but it’s not really intellectually challenging. Regarding human affairs we either understand nothing, or it’s pretty superficial. It’s hard work to get the data and put it all together but it’s not terribly challenging intellectually. But I do it because it’s necessary. The kind of work that should be the main part of life is the kind of work you would want to do if you weren’t being paid for it. It’s work that comes out of your own internal needs, interests and concerns … //
    • Continue Reading…

    Free trade in Medicare: An alternative to austerity

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    An international free market in healthcare would solve America’s Medicare funding problem, but deficit hawks just want cuts – Published on The Guardian, by Dean Baker, Dec. 21, 2012.

    Washington policy debates are chock-full of rich people telling poor and middle-class people that they will have to tighten their belts. In fact, in the crazy, upside-down world of Washington, this passes for “courage”.   Continue Reading…

    Police State India and Robert Clive

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    Published on ZNet, by Andre Vltchek, December 24, 2012  (This essay was written one day before the beginning of riots in New Delhi).

    In the middle of December 2012, New Delhi was once again choking on a thick stratum of smog. Everyone around me was coughing, while I was supposed to be filming, for one of my documentaries. But in such conditions, filming became almost impossible, unless one was yearning for some peculiar special effects.   Continue Reading…

    Civil forces and revolution

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    Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Ibrahim Farouk, December 19, 2012.

    In the streets surrounding Tahrir Square one senses a sudden rebirth of civil forces. They have been resuscitated, as if by a miraculous kiss of life. It’s there in the numbers and energy of the marches, and the reclaiming of the revolutionary slogan, “Bread, freedom, social justice”.

    Everyone is jumping on the revolution bandwagon; political parties, coalitions, unions, artists and intellectuals, those with special interests, and people who do not profess any political affiliation and are mostly young Ultras (football fans).  Continue Reading…

    Fortress in the Sky: Buried Christian Empire Casts New Light on Early Islam

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    Published on Spiegel Online International, by Matthias Schulz, Dec. 21, 2012.

    Archeologists are studying the ruins of a buried Christian empire in the highlands of Yemen. The sites have sparked a number of questions about the early history of Islam. Was there once a church in Mecca?

    • The commandment “Make yourself no graven image” has long been strictly followed in the Arab world. There are very few statues of the caliphs and ancient kings of the region. The pagan gods in the desert were usually worshipped in an “aniconic” way, that is, as beings without form.   Continue Reading…

    Egypt in Light of the Iranian Revolution: The Restoration of a Dictatorship?

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    Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 748, by Araz Bagban, December 22, 2012.

    The new constitution submitted to referendum by Mohamed Morsi, the president of Egypt elected with the support of the Freedom and Justice party, i.e. the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in addition to its properties of attacking working-class achievements as well as women’s and minorities’ rights, is preparing the legal ground for the Brotherhood to seize the whole political power in the country. The powers proposed for the president in the constitution, not subject to any supervision, are leading Egypt toward dictatorship … //

    … The Iranian Revolution:  Continue Reading…

    An All-American Nightmare

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    Why Zero Dark Thirty Won’t Settle the Torture Question or Purge Torture From the American System – Published on ZNet (first on TomDispatch),
    by Peter Van Buren, December 19, 2012.

    If you look backward you see a nightmare. If you look forward you become the nightmare … //

    … Looking into the Eyes of the Tortured:

    Torture does not leave its victims, nor does it leave a nation that condones it. As an act, it is all about pain, but even more about degradation and humiliation. It destroys its victims, but also demeans those who perpetrate it. I know, because in the course of my 24 years as a State Department officer, I spoke with two men who had been tortured, both by allies of the United States and with at least the tacit approval of Washington.  Continue Reading…

    Alexander Lauterwasser: Die Welt als Schwingung & Tanz

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    von PyromaniaArts am 19. Dezember 2012 hochgeladen: Ein Vortrag des Psychologen, Philosophen und Klangforschers Alexander Lauterwasser, der die Eigenschaft von Schwingung und deren Auswirkung auf die Herausbildung evolutionärer Vorgänge in der Natur seit dem Jahr 1984 genauestens studiert:


    How Sweden Collaborated With CIA on Renditions and Framing of Assange

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    Published on News Junkie Post, by Rafik Saley, Okoth Osewe, and John Goss, Dec 19, 2012.

    By his own admission, Sweden’s Ambassador to Australia Mr. Sven-Olof Petersson had advance knowledge of the CIA rendition flight that took place on December 18, 2001 from Stockholm to Egypt. This flight ended in Egyptian nationals Ahmed Agiza and Muhammad al-Zery being illegally rendered and tortured. Mr. Petersson’s admission comes from a statement to the Swedish Parliament’s Constitutional Committee, confirming that he attended a briefing on December 17, 2001 at which the rendition process was finalized.   Continue Reading…

    Die Grundpfeiler des modernen Rechtsstaates

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    warum säkulare Rechtsnormen auch für Religionsgemeinschaften gelten müssen – auf der webseite der giordano bruno stiftung, 14. Dezember 2012.

    In der Beschneidungsdebatte ging es nicht nur um das Selbstbestimmungsrecht und die körperliche Unversehrtheit von Kindern, sondern auch um die Frage, ob die säkularen Rechtsnormen auch für Religionsgemeinschaften bindend sind – oder ob ihnen ein Sonderstatus zukommt. Der Entschluss des Deutschen Bundestags vom 12.12., der mit überwältigender Mehrheit (434 Pro-Stimmen bei 100 Gegenstimmen und 46 Enthaltungen) religiöse Interessen höher einstufte als die Grundrechte von Kindern, zeigte, wo die Parlamentarier ihre Schwerpunkte setzen.   Continue Reading…

    Bullying: A Real Solution, Anyone?

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    Published on The, by Sanaa Ali-Mohammed, December 12, 2012.

    … It is clear to me that dealing with bullying requires a much more multifaceted and proactive approach than has hitherto been adopted.  States, schools and societies obviously have a problem on their metaphorical hands. So how do they respond?   Continue Reading…

    Germany’s Trial of the Century

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    Retail Heiress Demanding 1.9 Billion Euros – Published on Spiegel Online International, by cgh, December 18, 2012.

    When German retailer Arcandor (née QuelleKarstadt) went bankrupt in 2009, it marked the end of a company rich in tradition. It also, though, resulted in the ruin of company heiress Madeleine Schickedanz after the collapse of a shady investment deal she made with bank Sal. Oppenheim. Now, she is demanding almost 2 billion euros in damages.  Continue Reading…

    Analysis: The beginnings of transitional justice in Syria

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    Published on IRIN, by ha/cb,  December 17,  2012.

    • Attempt to investigate war crimes in the midst of conflict
    • Training Syrian activists to do dangerous forensic work
    • Trying to avoid an exercise in victor’s justice
    • Need an inclusive dialogue on the way forward

    ISTANBUL, 14 December 2012 (IRIN) – When Mohamed* first got involved in human rights work in Syria, his idea of documenting crimes was to visit a crime scene with a cell phone and post a shaky video on YouTube.  Continue Reading…

    Nations for sale: how much is that cheap labour in the window?

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    The commoditisation of cheap labour is complicit in the reinforcement of structural inequalities that come at the expense of poor labourers’ welfare – Published on The, by Vindhya Buthpitiya, December 15 2012.

    Globalisation promises a world without boundaries; ideas, ideologies, people, objects, images, technology and knowledge in constant motion through the porous borders of neoliberal economies. It heralds, in many respects, an era of equal opportunity and mobility in global work patterns.    Continue Reading…

    Wir leben bereits in der Apokalypse

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    Vortrag von Dr. Margrit Kennedy: Das Geldsystem die Geisel der Menschheit, 10.09 min, von NaBoR2punkt0 am 11. Aug 2012 hochgeladen;

    Poverty and social exclusion rising in Greece

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    Published on, by Leonidas Oikonomakis, December 13, 2012.

    Poverty and exclusion have exploded in Greece, while the government continues to assault workers. The question that arises is very simple: who benefits?

    A couple of years ago I participated in a research project on poverty and social exclusion in several EU member states. I was responsible for writing the part on Greece. Continue Reading…

    Jean Ziegler on YouTube

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    français:   Continue Reading…

    Excision: Teliwel face au mur de la tradition

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    Elle a failli mourir de son excision. Depuis, elle milite contre cette pratique – Publié dans La, par Sabine Verhest, le 12 décembre 2012.

    Teliwel Diallo est une jeune femme courageuse. Une survivante, qui a osé braver le poids de la tradition et de la religion, pour militer contre l’excision dans un pays – la Guinée – où 95,6 % des filles et femmes sont mutilées. “J’ai été excisée une première fois à 8 ans, mais ils ont trouvé que cela n’avait pas été fait proprement.   Continue Reading…

    Quake-hit Iranians facing harsh winter

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    Two August earthquakes left 100,000 homeless, and many remain living in unforgiving conditions as winter approaches – Published on Al Jazeera, by Soraya Lennie, Dec. 11, 2012.

    Hiag, Iran – A grown man, resilient from a life of hard work and circumstance, is reduced to tears. His hands are caked in dirt, swollen from the cold and physical labour.   Continue Reading…

    Mentally ill and murdered by police

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    Published on Socialist, by Hannah Wolfe, December 11, 2012.

    A SURGE in activism against racist violence, starting with the protests against the murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida, has cast a spotlight in different cities on the main organized purveyor of such violence: the police.

    This greater attention has revealed the scandalous facts about police killings. Some were already well known–for example, that people of color are far more likely to be the victims of police.  Continue Reading…

    Raiding Consciousness

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    Why the War on Drugs Is a War on Human Nature – Published on ZNet (Source:, by Lewis H. Lapham, December 11, 2012.

    The question that tempts mankind to the use of substances controlled and uncontrolled is next of kin to Hamlet’s: to be, or not to be, someone or somewhere else. Escape from a grievous circumstance or the shambles of an unwanted self, the hope of finding at a higher altitude a new beginning or a better deal. Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars; give me leave to drown my sorrow in a quart of gin; wine, dear boy, and truth.   Continue Reading…