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Index October 2012

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2012-10-01: Europe’s Protests: The Times’ False Impartiality Toward Markets and Austerity;
2012-10-02: German bank reform: The axeman cometh;
2012-10-03: Steinbrück promises fun election with jokes;
2012-10-04: Proposed Split of Large Institutions Fight Looms Over EU Plans for Bank Reform;
2012-10-05: On Manichean Worldviews and Effecting Change;
2012-10-06: European Union demands further cuts in Greece;
2012-10-07: around our Capitalism’s Crisis;
2012-10-08: Introduction to The Evil Axis of Finance;
2012-10-08: Ihr lernt das, was Ihr wissen dürft;
2012-10-09: Eric Hobsbawm, great Marxist historian who kept his cool;
2012-10-09: Lust auf neues Geld?
2012-10-10: Thin men acting in small worlds;
2012-10-11: A Hungry War Machine Ignited by Gangster Bombers;
2012-10-12: Bounty offered in Pakistan activist shooting;
2012-10-13: Striking Walmart workers: What do we want? Respect! 2012-10-14: Who needs modern monarchs?
2012-10-15: Articles of faith;
2012-10-16: NHS accused of age discrimination over lifesaving surgery;
2012-10-17: Venezuela and the Wonders of Equality;
2012-10-18: U.S.-Iran: Lessons from an Earlier War;
2012-10-20: Pentagon Estimated 18,500 U.S. Casualties in Cuba Invasion 1962;
2012-10-21: Florida magnate threatens firings if Obama wins;
2012-10-22: The Forbidden Journey: How Two East Germans Fled to China to Go West, Part 1;
2012-10-23: Joël de Rosnay;
2012-10-24: Village democracy: A revolution fizzles;
2012-10-25: Crackdown on rogue money lenders;
2012-10-26: Calling All Hipsters: Leipzig Is the New Berlin;
2012-10-27: US seeks to bar testimony on torture in military trial of alleged 9/11 plotters;
2012-10-28: How Do We Define Patriotism?
2012-10-29: Educating Black Boys;
2012-10-30: The Underwater Cuban Missile Crisis;
2012-10-31: Mikoyan’s Mission Impossible in Cuba.

Mikoyan’s Mission Impossible in Cuba

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New Soviet Evidence on the Cuban Missile Crisis – Published on The National Security Archive, Electronic Briefing Book No. 400, by Svetlana Savranskaya, Anna Melyakova and Amanda Conrad, October 27, 2012.

The Cuban Missile Crisis continued long after the “13 days” celebrated by U.S. media, with U.S. armed forces still on DEFCON 2 and Soviet tactical nuclear weapons still in Cuba, according to new documents posted today by the National Security Archive ( from the personal archive of the late Sergo Mikoyan. This is the second installment from the Mikoyan archive donated to the National Security Archive and featured in the new book, The Soviet Cuban Missile Crisis.  Continue Reading…

The Underwater Cuban Missile Crisis

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Soviet Submarines and the Risk of Nuclear War – Published on The National Security Archive, Electronic Briefing Book No. 399, by Thomas Blanton, William Burr and Svetlana Savranskaya, October 24, 2012.

… The newly published documents in the posting include the original Soviet Navy map of the Caribbean showing the locations of the four “Foxtrot” diesel submarines that had deployed from the Kola peninsula northwest of Murmansk on October 1, 1962, bound for Mariel port in Cuba to establish a submarine base there. Unknown to the U.S. Navy, each of the subs carried a nuclear-tipped torpedo, with oral instructions to the captains to use them if attacked by the Americans and hulled either above or below the waterline.   Continue Reading…

Educating Black Boys

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Tony Harris takes a personal look at Baltimore’s inner city and an education system failing black Americans.

Watch this video, 47.46 min, published on AlJazeera, by Tom Harris, Oct. 26, 2012:  Baltimore, Maryland has come to be known as ‘Charm City’ because of its harbour, which attracts a vibrant nightlife and thriving tourism business. But just beyond the harbour’s calm waters is one of the toughest and most violent inner cities in the US.  Continue Reading…

Gregor Gysi

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How Do We Define Patriotism?

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Published on Dissident Voice, by David Macaray, Oct. 26, 2012.

Which is more “patriotic”—to loyally refrain from criticizing your government’s foreign policies, no matter how brutal or peremptory they may be (including those that result in quasi-legal, immoral military adventurism that kills thousands of innocent civilians), or to loyally pony up when your government asks you to make a relatively minor economic sacrifice?  Continue Reading…

US seeks to bar testimony on torture in military trial of alleged 9/11 plotters

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Published on WSWS, by Don Knowland, Oct. 26, 2012.

Pretrial arguments began last week and continued Wednesday in the military commission trial in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba of the alleged 9/11 plotters over the US government’s attempt to suppress any testimony by the defendants on their torture at the hands of the CIA.

The five defendants, including the alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, are charged with war crimes. Prosecutors are asking for the death penalty.   Continue Reading…

Calling All Hipsters: Leipzig Is the New Berlin

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Maximilian Popp, Oct. 24, 2012 (Translated from the German by Paul CohenPhoto-Gallery).

Berlin used to be Germany’s hippest city, but the once scruffy capital has long since succumbed to gentrification. The latest city to attract the creative class is the former East German industrial seat of Leipzig. Moving in by the thousands, they are lured by the euphoric buzz of cheap rent and youthful ingenuity … // Continue Reading…

Crackdown on rogue money lenders

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Rogue finance companies and loan sharks face being shut down immediately under plans that could come into force from next spring – Published on The Telegraph, by Louisa Peacock, Oct. 24, 2012.

The Office of Fair Trading OFT yesterday began a 12-week consultation on the proposals which would allow the watchdog to suspend firms’ consumer credit licences and stop them trading instantly if it believes there is an urgent need to protect consumers from harm. The OFT currently has the power to suspend licences but businesses can continue to trade pending appeals, which can take two years to be heard.   Continue Reading…

Village democracy: A revolution fizzles

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a year after their uprising, Wukan’s leaders see drawbacks to democracy – Published on The Economist, Oct. 20, 2012.

IN LATE 2011 residents of Wukan, a fishing village in the southern province of Guangdong near Hong Kong, paraded through its streets carrying banners with slogans such as “Down with dictatorship” and “Give us back our human rights”. Their protests, which ended with a spectacular government climbdown and the election of rebel leaders as the village’s new chiefs, inspired talk among China’s reformists of a “Wukan model” for the spread of democracy. Yet in the village itself, one-time rebels are now far from happy about what they have achieved.   Continue Reading…

Joël de Rosnay

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some videos:

  • Université de la Terre 2011, 12.34 min, publiée par TripleC Bordeaux, le 5 mai 2011: Intervention de Joël de Rosnay, scientifique, conseiller de la présidence de la Cité des Sciences, prospectiviste et écrivain scientifique, pendant la Web TV de l’Université de la Terre 2011 qui s’est déroulé les 2 et 3 avril 2011 au Palais de l’UNESCO à Paris;    Continue Reading…

The Forbidden Journey: How Two East Germans Fled to China to Go West, Part 1

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Peter Wensierski, Oct. 19, 2012 (Translated from the German by Paul Cohen – click also on the internal video link, 2.25 min, spoken in german, subtitled in english).

They were young and in love — and trapped in an oppressive regime. In 1987, an East German couple traveled clandestinely from Berlin to Beijing in a brazen attempt to escape to the West. Only one of them would make it to freedom … // Continue Reading…

Florida magnate threatens firings if Obama wins

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Published on People’s World, by Mark Gruenenberg, Oct. 19, 2012.

Shades of 1896: A Florida-based time-share magnate, billionaire David Siegel, is threatening to fire workers if a Democratic Party’s presidential nominee – in this case, incumbent Barack Obama – wins the November election.   Continue Reading…

Pentagon Estimated 18,500 U.S. Casualties in Cuba Invasion 1962

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… but If Nukes Launched, “Heavy Losses” Expected:

  • Gen. Taylor Proposed Major Retaliation if Cubans “Foolhardy” Enough to Try to Repel U.S. Invasion with Nuclear Weapons
  • But Taylor Warned There Would Be “No Experience Factor Upon Which to Base an Estimate of Casualties”
  • Pentagon Accountants Estimated Missile Crisis Cost $165 Million Dollars, Over $1.4 Billion in Current Dollars

Published on The National Security Archives, Electronic Briefing Book No. 397, by William Burr, October 16, 2012.

The Pentagon during the Cuban Missile Crisis – Part I. New Documents:   Continue Reading…


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according to new book and original Soviet documents, the dead end published in english for the first time – Published on The National Security Archive, Electronic Briefing Book No. 396, by Svetlana Savranskaya and Malcolm Byrne, October 13, 2012.

Contrary to U.S. myths of a strategic Soviet offensive towards warm water ports on the Persian Gulf or Indian Ocean, it was “mission creep” that led the Soviet Union into its ill-fated invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, according to a new, richly documented account of early Soviet engagement in Afghanistan, published in English and in Russian today by the National Security Archive at The National Security ArchiveContinue Reading…

U.S.-Iran: Lessons from an Earlier War

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New Book—Becoming Enemies—Explores Roots of the Current Crisis with Iran: Ex-Officials’ Candid Accounts & Declassified Documents Provide Fresh Details, Illuminate Ongoing Hostility – Published on The National Security Archive, Electronic Briefing Book No. 364, by Malcolm Byrne, Oct. 12, 2012.

As the crisis between the United States and Iran continues to spiral upwards, it becomes increasingly important to understand how the roots of the two governments’ unrelenting mutual animosity may be driving Washington and Tehran toward conflict. A new book featuring remarkably candid recollections by former U.S. officials, along with selected declassified documents, provides an original perspective on the current state of tensions by exploring one of the periods of highest friction—that included direct military clashes—between the two countries since the 1979 Islamic revolution.  Continue Reading…

Venezuela and the Wonders of Equality

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Robert Hunziker, October 15, 2012.

Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, is one of the most demonized presidents in the world. Yet, he is also the most successful Latin American president for an emerging ever-larger portion of his country. Go figure!

Over the past week, Chávez won his third term, as reported by NBC News: “Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez wins 3rd term, vows to deepen socialist revolution.” Voter turnout was 80% and Chávez won 54% to 45% versus his opponent Henrique Capriles Radonski, a state governor.   Continue Reading…

NHS accused of age discrimination over lifesaving surgery

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NHS accused of age discrimination over lifesaving surgery: Age ‘cut-offs’ in cancer, hernia repairs and joint replacements,  Decisions should be based on general health, study says – Published on The Guardian, by Denis Campbell, October 15, 2012.

Older people are being denied vital surgery for cancer, hernia repairs and joint replacements because the NHS imposes “cutoffs” for treatment based on age discrimination, a report has warned.

Health professionals can be too quick to decide against offering surgery because of “outdated assumptions of age and fitness”, according to the study by the Royal College of Surgeons, the charity Age UK and communications consultancy MHP Health Mandate. Doctors and surgeons should stop using chronological age to assess suitability for a procedure and instead use their “biological age”, or overall health, because growing life expectancy and the increasingly good health of senior citizens make birth date alone redundant as the deciding factor, it says.    Continue Reading…

Articles of faith

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Consensus over the draft constitution is as far away as ever – Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Gamal Essam El-Din, 11 – 17 October 2012.

Protests are planned tomorrow against the draft constitution being finalised by the Constituent Assembly. Twenty political parties and movements have said they will take part in five marches that will begin in different areas of Cairo and Giza and converge on Tahrir Square at 4pm. There are also plans for marches in other governorates. The 12 October protests will take place under the slogan “A constitution for all Egyptians: social justice and national unity”.

Mohamed Al-Beltagui, Muslim Brotherhood chairman of the Constituent Assembly’s Proposals Committee, said on Tuesday that the draft of the constitution would be announced on Wednesday. No further details of the first reading of the draft constitution in a public session had emerged by the time Al-Ahram Weekly went to press … // Continue Reading…

Who needs modern monarchs?

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Published on english, by Sergei Vasilenkov, Oct. 12, 2012.

Modern European monarchy is, perhaps, one of the most discussed topics in relation to Europe. Some are happy about the cultivated tradition and strongly support the monarchy in the EU, while some are very unhappy with the ruling family and call it a sham. The latter are largely right as the monarchs have forgotten about their responsibilities … // Continue Reading…

Striking Walmart workers: What do we want? Respect!

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Published on People’s World, by Rossana Cambron, Oct. 10, 2012.

Striking Walmart workers are making it very clear that if the giant store chain does not address their demands, they will see a most memorable Black Friday, as the holiday shopping season kicks off this year. “Striking is not something we would like to do but we want to let Walmart know we are serious,” said striking Dallas worker Cody Harris. “We refuse to watch the injustice that goes on in these stores. We don’t want to do this, but we don’t have a choice.”   Continue Reading…

Bounty offered in Pakistan activist shooting

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Provincial government offers over $100,000 for capture of Pakistani Taliban attackers who shot teenage activist in Swat – Published on AlJazeera, by , Oct. 10, 2012.

The Pakistani government has offered a Rs10 million ($105,000) bounty for the capture of the Pakistani Taliban assailants who shot Malala Yousafzai, a teenage rights activist campaigning for girls’ education, in the northwestern Swat Valley, officials say. Yousafzai, a 14-year-old schoolgirl, was shot in the head and neck on Tuesday, and has since undergone surgery to remove a bullet lodged in her skull. She was attacked on her way home from school in Mingora, the main town of Swat Valley, and is being treated at Peshawar’s Combined Military Hospital.  Continue Reading…

A Hungry War Machine Ignited by Gangster Bombers

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Open Letter on the Occasion of the Seating of the New York Session of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Palestine – Published on Global, by Cynthia McKinney, October 07, 2012.

This weekend (October 6-7, 2012), anti-war protests are taking place all over the world. I do believe that the position of the vast majority of the world’s people is one that is utterly tired of a hungry war machine ignited by gangster bankers concomitantly devouring the money resources of the world’s people. There is a growing awareness of exactly where the problem lies:  it is not in the millions of working people who struggle every month just to make ends meet; it is not in the immigrant fleeing the intentional destabilization of her homeland; it is not in the descendants of Africans imported from Africa for enslavement; it is not in the right-wing White person misled to believe that individuals from the foregoing groups are his enemy; it is not in the group of people who pray to Allah; it is not in the people on the street this weekend demanding peace and an end to war.

It is clear that those who helped construct this current society and now preside over it are also the ones who benefit from having things as they are today.   Continue Reading…

Local Currency Goes City-Wide and High-tech

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Published on tree hugger, by Sami Grover, October 9, 2012. (published also on Humanitarian News).

Earlier this year my original hometown of Bristol, England—known for its giant urban wind turbines, virtual orchards and ambitious plans for zero waste—took another step to the greener side. It launched its own currency. And it did so by putting some serious resources behind it … //

… The fact that The Bristol Pound is accepted for paying business taxes and backed by a legitimate financial institution already makes it immensely more practical than the more informal currency schemes—as does the high-tech approach to currency printing, account management and mobile apps.

But the proof will, of course, be in the spending. How will a currency like this change people’s buying habits? This latest video from the group behind the Bristol Pound explains their vision. I’ll be reaching out to friends and family back home to see how (and if) this vision translates into reality. (full text and video, 4.04 min).

Syria on the Boil

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Published on the SteveLendman Blog, by Stephen Lendman, October 07, 2012.

What’s been ongoing for over 18 months looks all too familiar. It could continue for some time. It took most of the 1990s to fully balkanize Yugoslavia. America was the lead belligerent. Whether or not Washington plans the same for Syria remains to be seen. Only the fullness of time will tell. For sure regime change is prioritized. Ravaging the country ruthlessly continues. If full-scale war erupts, perhaps hundreds of thousands may die. America doesn’t keep count or care. Unchallenged dominance alone matters … // Continue Reading…