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Index January 2012

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2012-01-01: Protect Assange, don’t abuse him;
2012-01-02: THRIVE – different videos;
2012-01-04: In Honor of Howard Zinn;
2012-01-05: What Will It Take To No Longer Tolerate the Intolerable?
2012-01-05: 33 pictures in great size: Nine months of Syrian uprising;
2012-01-06: The Precariat Strikes;
2012-01-07: all AESOP’s Fables by audio;
2012-01-08: Through a Keyhole Darkly;
2012-01-09: The Devil and Rick Santorum – Dilemmas of a Holy Owned Subsidiary;
2012-01-10: Online’s 10 best protest books;
2012-01-11: Judy Miller Alert! The New York Times is Lying About Iran’s Nuclear Program;
2012-01-12: Dangerous Misconceptions;
2012-01-12: Conférence internationale: Leur dette, notre démocratie;
2012-01-13: Qin Yaqing on Rules vs Relations … ;
2012-01-13: Elevons nos voix contre l’excision;
2012-01-14: Stopping SOPA, the online piracy act that would stifle the Internet;
2012-01-15: Afghanistan: From Prison To Kabul’s Presidential Palace;
2012-01-16: EDITORIAL: Fear Strikes Home;
2012-01-17: Arab revolutions: One year on;
2012-01-18: Brothers tread cautiously;
2012-01-19: Rekindling the Fire;
2012-01-20: Marigold: The Lost Chance for Peace in Vietnam;
2012-01-21: History Lesson: Eric Hobsbawm on Gramsci;
2012-01-22: Spain’s “Indignados” and the Globalization of Dissent;
2012-01-23: Papa Kohl and Madame Mitterand: EuroCrash! the Musical Brings the Crisis on Stage;
2012-01-23: Out of the Book Of Enoch – read on YouTube;
2012-01-24: 2002-2012 – Remembering the Social Movements that Reimagined Argentina;
2012-01-25: Goodbye, year of new movements: bring on 2012 and Occupy Everything;
2012-01-26: The Freedom to Be Free: Battle Lines Drawn in Global Copyright Confrontation;
2012-01-27: Just Say No to ACTA;
2012-01-27: Prêt à jeter;
2012-01-28: Politics must be based on ethics;
2012-01-29: War, War Crimes, Power and Justice: Toward a Jurisprudence of Conscience;
2012-01-30: UK judge: Social network sites differ from press;
2012-01-31: The problem with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is not sharia.

The problem with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is not sharia

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Western media simplistically cast the divide between revolutionaries and the Brotherhood in secular-Islamist terms – Published on The Guardian, by Sara Khorshid, January 21, 2012.

Secularism is not my cause and sharia is not my fear but I am one of those Egyptians who are critical of the Muslim Brotherhood movement – one who made a point of not voting for the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party in the recent elections. My cause is Egypt, the revolution, and seeing my country become a true democracy. My fear is the prolongation of military rule, of transformation to a system that gives the military special status above civil institutions, or one that grants the army and its budget immunity against parliamentary accountability. The Brotherhood’s priorities are different from mine, and their objectives have occasionally conflicted with those of the revolutionaries … //       Continue Reading…

UK judge: Social network sites differ from press

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Published on CBSnews, January 26, 2012.

(AP)  LONDON — Should gossip swapped on social networking sites be subject to the same kind of scrutiny as material published in a newspaper? It’s a question that has bedeviled Internet users and officials across the world, and it’s one the judge at the center of the inquiry into British media ethics has been struggling with … //   Continue Reading…

War, War Crimes, Power and Justice: Toward a Jurisprudence of Conscience

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Published on The Asia-Pacific Journal /Japan Focus, by Richard Falk, January 2012.

Ever since German and Japanese leaders were prosecuted, convicted, and punished after World War II at Nuremberg and Tokyo, there has been a wide split at the core of the global effort to impose criminal accountability on those who commit crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and war crimes on behalf of a sovereign state. The law is always expected to push toward consistency of application as a condition of its legitimacy.    Continue Reading…

Politics must be based on ethics

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Published on Current Concerns, by Joachim Hoefele and Moritz Nestor, January 15, 2012.

When recently the Pope visited his native country Germany, he gave a much-noticed speech on political ethics before the German Bundestag on 22 September 2011. In his reflections, he focused on natural law and called for truthfulness in political action. The political-ethical core of natural law is, according to Benedict XVI, that “Politics must be a striving for justice, and hence it has to establish the fundamental preconditions for peace. [...]   Continue Reading…

Prêt à jeter

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Voir sur arte cette vidéo en français,74.56 minutes:
Dans les pays occidentaux, on peste contre des produits bas de gamme qu’il faut remplacer sans arrêt. Tandis qu’au Ghana, on s’exaspère de ces déchets informatiques qui arrivent par conteneurs. Ce modèle de croissance aberrant qui pousse à produire et à jeter toujours plus ne date pas d’hier. Dès les années 1920, un concept redoutable a été mis au point : l’obsolescence programmée. “Un produit qui ne s’use pas est une tragédie pour les affaires”, lisait-on en 1928 dans une revue spécialisée. Peu à peu, on contraint les ingénieurs à créer des produits qui s’usent plus vite pour accroître la demande des consommateurs.

Just Say No to ACTA

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If you thought SOPA and PIPA were bad, let us introduce you to their Big Brother, ACTA – Published on access, January 2012.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, which has already been signed by several countries, poses a dangerous threat to the inherent freedom and openess of the Internet. Under ACTA, ISPs and websites will be given more power to track what we do online, while forcing them to turn over our information and reporting our activity to the authorities – all in the name of copyright protection. While we respect the rights of creators, ACTA’s ill-conceived provisions will have chilling effects on free speech everywhere.  Continue Reading…

The Freedom to Be Free: Battle Lines Drawn in Global Copyright Confrontation

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Marcel Rosenbach and Gregor Peter Schmitz, January 25, 2012. (Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan). (Find Megaupload also on YouTube with some 992′000 results).

Recent weeks have seen spectacular arrests and mounting tension between those who would like to make it harder to share copyrighted material online and those who champion Internet freedom. Controversial US legislation has been shelved, but the battle continues … //  Continue Reading…

Goodbye, year of new movements: bring on 2012 and Occupy Everything

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Published on openDemocracy, by Aaron Peters, January 13, 2012.

As 2012 gets going, it is now broadly recognized that the ‘Network Society’ and its tools has given rise to a new breed of social movements and actors which themselves have created innovative tactics, strategies of protest and mobilizing identities (such as the 99% in the US and the Indignados in Southern Europe). All of this within the context of economic stagnation (at best) within the OECD for the better part of the rest of this decade.  Continue Reading…

2002-2012: Remembering the Social Movements that Reimagined Argentina

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Published on ZSpace (first on Upside Down, by Francesca Fiorentini, January 17, 2012.

If 2011 was any indicator, 2012 will be a year of further popular resistance to government austerity and a finance sector spun out of control. Whether it’s the occupy movements in the U.S. that have spread to the U.K., the indignados of Spain, or the general strikes in Greece and Italy, the people of the world when faced with economic crisis and tired fixit schemes are saying in near unison: Now it’s our turn.   Continue Reading…

Out of the Book Of Enoch – read on YouTube

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Watch this video, 208.45 minutes /3.28′hours of reading in its text, uploaded by Constellation62, April 11, 2011:

To who so ever will understand, the history of “mankind” is known to have begun approximately 4.3 million years ago. The old testament of the bible is the “reported” history of a “people”. Christianity, as introduced to the world by “The Way” according to the ministry of Jesus (whose date of birth was between 6 and 4 BC), began approximately at his baptism around 23-28 AD. Christianity was ultimately enforced through captivity and world domination by Romans over 300 years after the reported death of Jesus’ at the cross. Continue Reading…

Papa Kohl and Madame Mitterand: EuroCrash! the Musical Brings the Crisis on Stage

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Aaron Wiener, January 20, 2012.

A new musical coming to Berlin turns the euro crisis into an amusing fairy tale, with Hansel and Gretel-like characters and a gingerbread house. But the author says he wants to point out the euro’s weaknesses, and he lays some of the blame for the crisis on Germany. The Germans, he hopes, will have a sense of humor about it all … //    Continue Reading…

Spain’s “Indignados” and the Globalization of Dissent

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Published on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, January 21, 2012.

Real News Network highlighted a foreign broadcast on Spain’s “indignados,” and the way they have been providing advice to other anti-neoliberal movements around the world. I’m not sure it has gotten the attention it warrants, but the people that were involved in Occupy Wall Street early on conferred a good deal with seasoned protestors in Spain and Egypt …

Then: Watch this video, 10.31 min, published on YouTube (in spanish and english): The Occupy Movement has taken much of its inspiration from Spain’s “Outraged” Movement: what lessons does Spain have for Occupy now?

History Lesson: Eric Hobsbawm on Gramsci

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Watch the 7 videos, published on The Loyal Opposition to Modernity, by SKEPOET, December 14, 2011.

Links:   Continue Reading…

Marigold: The Lost Chance for Peace in Vietnam

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Cracking a Vietnam War Mystery – New Book Uses Long-Hidden Communist Sources to Explore a Potential Missed Opportunity for Peace in 1966 – Evidence from James G. Hershberg, Marigold: The Lost Chance for Peace in Vietnam (Stanford University Press/Wilson Center Press, January 2012).

Published on National Security Archive NSA, Electronic Briefing Book No. 369, by James G. Hershberg, January 15, 2012. (For more information contact him on 202/994-7000, or by e-mail).

See first this video of 4.40 minutes on YouTube.   Continue Reading…

Rekindling the Fire

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Published on the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP, by Rebecca Guerra, January 13, 2012.

… Across the country, African Americans and Latinos in the civil rights movement drew strength from one another in their reliance on Gandhi’s principle of non-violence in the wake of violence against marching, protesting, and picketing activists. In 1946, Mexican Americans fought segregation in the classroom, with some success, in Mendez v. Westminster.   Continue Reading…

Brothers tread cautiously

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Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Amira Howeidy, 12 – 18 January 2012.

On the cusp of winning a parliamentary majority, the Muslim Brotherhood’s survival as Egypt’s leading political force will hinge on how they address the legacy of Mubarak’s three decades in power, writes Amira Howeidy.    Continue Reading…

Arab revolutions: One year on

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Published on ZNet, by Gilbert Achcar, January 16, 2012.

One year after the start of a revolutionary process which swept through the Arab region and continues today, International Viewpoint asked Gilbert Achcar to look at the current state of play throughout the region. This interview was conducted on December 14, 2011.

International Viewpoint: We are approaching the first anniversary of the outbreak of the “Arab Spring”, in Tunisia. Continue Reading…

EDITORIAL: Fear Strikes Home

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Linked on our blogs with Forgotten how govs have to be run? – Published on The Progressive Populist, by JMC, for February 1, 2012.

When President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law on Dec. 31, the event was largely overlooked by the corporate news media. The bill authorized $662 billion for military personnel, weapons systems, the war in Afghanistan, national security programs in the Energy Department and other items for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1.   Continue Reading…

Afghanistan: From Prison To Kabul’s Presidential Palace

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Published on Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty, compiled by Frud Bezhan and Ron Synovitz/RFE-RL, January 11, 2012.

KABUL: In the spring of 2003, Haji Nahim Kuchi was a number – US9AF-000931DP – in a Guantanamo detainment cell. This week, Kuchi was at the Presidential Palace in Kabul for his regular consultations with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Kuchi – whose son is a member of parliament, or Wolesi Jirga – is the tribal leader of Afghanistan’s ethnic Pashtun Kuchi nomads.  Continue Reading…

Stopping SOPA, the online piracy act that would stifle the Internet

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Published on Intrepid Report, by Jerry Mazza, January 13, 2012.

It seems like every day someone wants to create a new law to inhibit freedom, whether it’s freedom of speech or to assemble peacefully or to release purported “classified” government documents as does WikiLeaks. Today, it’s SOPA, the bill in the House, with its corollary bill in the Senate, the PROTECT IP Act. Continue Reading…

Elevons nos voix contre l’excision

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Dimanche 5 février 2012 à 20.00 h, à la Rotonde du Botanique, rue Royale 236, 1210 Bruxelles – Publié dans

Dans le cadre de la Journée internationale de lutte contre les mutilations génitales féminines, le gams-belgique organise en partenariat avec l’asbl intact, un grand concert de sensibilisation à la cause. Cette année, le grand public sera invité au voyage musical et à la réflexion sur les droits humains à travers la superbe voix de Sayon Bamba, chanteuse guinéenne engagée dans la lutte contre les mutilations génitales féminines.  Continue Reading…

Qin Yaqing on Rules vs Relations

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… Drinking Coffee and Tea, and a Chinese Approach to Global Governance – Published on Theory Talks, Talk no 45: with Qin Yaqing, November 30, 2011.  (also in a 10 pages PDF-text).

Since the end of the Cold War, IR has been preoccupied with the rise of China, yet most analyses of, and theorizing around, China is the product of western scholars; more generally, IR theory is profoundly biased towards western interests, institutions, and ideas. There are however other conceptions of international relations IR.    Continue Reading…

Conférence internationale: Leur dette, notre démocratie

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15 janvier 2012 – Espace Reuilly, 21, rue Hénard, Paris XIIe (map sur le site) – organisée par Attac France, en partenariat avec Mediapart. Entrée libre dans la limite de la capacité de la salle (700 places).

Publié dans Attac France, le 21 décembre 2011. Avec notamment des participant-e-s à des mouvements citoyens en Europe et ailleurs : Raquel Freire (Movimento 12 março, Portugal), Cristina Asensi (Movimiento 15M, Espagne), Isham Christie (Occupy Wall Street, USA), Max Bank (Attac Allemagne), Katrin Oddsdottir (Constituante islandaise) et les réalisateurs de Debtocracy (Grèce) …  // Continue Reading…

Dangerous Misconceptions

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Published on the Real-World Economics Review Blog, by Peter Radford, January 6, 2012.

… Thus when Greenspan writes that: “The welfare state has run up against a brick wall of economic reality and fiscal book-keeping.” He is making a political statement not an economic one. There is no brick wall. The economic reality is only in the minds of right wing economists. And the notion of fiscal book-keeping as a form of discipline that we all must bend to as a matter of inevitability is simply a tricky way of misleading readers, and distracting them from the alternative choices available.   Continue Reading…