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Michael Albert in Greece and Turkey

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Published on ZNet, by Michael Albert, Sept. 6, 2011.

I am in Thesselonika, in Greece, giving some talks at a conference here. I hope to report after I return on my observations, however tentative, of what I am seeing and hearing. In a few days I go to Turkey, Istanbul and then Diyarbikar a far eastern city that is overwhelmingly Kurdish. In Greece I have been asked to talk about political organizing strategy, last night, and tonight participatory economics. in Turkey they have requested that I talk about parecon and the Kurdish struggle and efforts to define new political structures, and the economy as well.   Continue Reading…

One woman’s efforts changes the lives of so many

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Published on The Hunger Site, September 1, 2011.

The lives of women in the Lebanese village of Wadi al-Jamous in the Akkar District have been changed for the better, thanks to one woman’s gift of teaching, IRIN reports.

Khadija Assaad started teaching young girls in her village how to read the Koran seven years ago. Assaad never attended high school or college, but learned how to read and write in primary school.  Continue Reading…

Letter from Prison

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Published on, by Tim DeChristopher, Source: Grist, August 31, 2011.

The following text appeared in a handwritten letter from Tim DeChristopher addressed to Grist’s Jennifer Prediger:

If I had ever doubted the power of words, Judge Benson made their importance all too clear at my sentencing last month. When he sentenced me to two years in prison plus three years probation, he admitted my offense “wasn’t too bad.” The problem, Judge Benson insisted, was my “continuing trail of statements” and my lack of regret. Apparently, all he really wanted was an apology, and for that, two years in prison could have been avoided. In fact, Judge Benson said that had it not been for the political statements I made in public, I would have avoided prosecution entirely. Continue Reading…

The Legend of 9/11 – ten years after

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Anthony Lawson, September 3, 2011.

This video concentrates on the two major 9/11 issues: The Unidentified Planes and The Controlled Demolitions. Nothing else. It does not mention the NORAD stand–down; the don’t-fly and don’t-go-to-work warnings or the Dancing Israelis or any of the other anomalies and suspicious happenings. The alleged amateur suicide pilots are not mentioned, either, for obvious reasons, and I do not know what happened to the allegedly hijacked planes or their alleged passengers and crews.  Continue Reading…

Karl Marx’s Fragebogen für Arbeiter

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siehe auch: A Workers’ Inquiry; Enquete Ouvriere, La bataille socialiste; ML Werke; de.wikipedia; und Marxists Internet Archive/Sitemap with links to all languages.
Auszug aus: Karl Marx / Friedrich Engels, Ausgewählte Werke, Zusammengestellt und eingerichtet von Mathias Bertram, 2. Ausgabe, Directmedia – Berlin 2004, – Digitale Bibliothek Band 11.
Titel des entsprechenden Kapitels: [Marx: Fragebogen für Arbeiter, S. 13258 (vgl. MEW Bd. 19, S. 236-237)].

Wie müsste so ein Fragebogen heute aussehen? In einem Hungerjob irgendwo in der dritten Welt, wo die Segnungen unseres Kapitalismus gerade triumphierend Einmarsch hält und der Lohn der lokalen Bevölkerung gerade noch reicht zum sterben!? Continue Reading…

Stupid Monkeys

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Published on Casey Research, by David Galland, September 2, 2011.

The human ape has any number of qualities not often found in other species of mammalia, including opposable thumbs and the ability to fashion and use tools.

Continuing the list, I would add a tendency to form all manner of mental constructs and to then act in accordance with those constructs, even when those constructs have little or no connection to reality … //   Continue Reading…

The Comintern’s unknown decision on workers’ governments

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(Comintern on en.wikipedia) – Published on John Riddell, by John Riddell, August 14, 2011.

English-language discussion of the Communist International’s 1922 call for workers’ governments has been based on a preliminary draft that was significantly altered before its adoption. Here, probably for the first time in English, is the amended text that the congress actually adopted.

The call for a workers’ government emerged from German workers’ struggles in 1920 as a way of posing the need for workers’ power in a context where no alternative structure of revolutionary councils, or soviets, yet existed.  Continue Reading…

Health: Sex and Aging, The Social Stigma

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Published on Triple Helix Online, BY JENNIFER SUNG, August 29, 2011.

Many people find the idea of older people having sex disgusting to the point of absurdity. Older people’s sexuality is often exploited for laughs on television or casually mocked.  While it is true that sex often becomes more difficult as one gets older, and the level of desire for sex often changes, the need for intimacy often remains constant over a lifetime. This enduring human need passes largely under the radar because of the social stigma against older adults’ sexual activity and aging.   Continue Reading…

George W. Bush: Canada Must Bar Entry or Arrest and Ensure Prosecution for Torture

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Published on Global, by Lawyers Against the War, August 30, 2011.

Evidence of Torture:

Evidence of G.W. Bush’s complicity in torture is overwhelming. As stated by Maj. General Antonio M. Taguba, author of the U.S. Army’s 2004 internal report on Abu Ghraib,

“… the Commander-in-Chief [Bush] and those under him authorized a systematic regime of torture…. After years of disclosures by government investigations, media accounts, and reports from human rights organizations, there is no longer any doubt as to whether the current [Bush] administration has committed war crimes. The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account.”[5]  Continue Reading…