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Index September 2011

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2011-09-01: George W. Bush: Canada Must Bar Entry or Arrest and Ensure Prosecution for Torture;
2011-09-02: Health: Sex and Aging, The Social Stigma;
2011-09-03: The Comintern’s unknown decision on workers’ governments;
2011-09-04: Stupid Monkeys;
2011-09-04: Karl Marx’s Fragebogen für Arbeiter;
2011-09-05: The Legend of 9/11 – ten years after;
2011-09-06: Letter from Prison;
2011-09-07: One woman’s efforts changes the lives of so many;
2011-09-08: Michael Albert in Greece and Turkey;
2011-09-09: Being a revolutionary: A constant struggle in our thoughts, words, and deeds;
2011-09-10: 9/11: the identity-politics trap;
2011-09-11: New child labor rules for agriculture proposed;
2011-09-12: DR Congo – The Heart of Western Darkness;
2011-09-13: Assumptions of Blind Belief;
2011-09-14: free health informations on NaturalPedia;
2011-09-15: Libyans Struggle Along Path Toward Reconciliation;
2011-09-15: Der Mensch als EGO – ein anderer Blickwinkel;
2011-09-16: US, Australia defense treaty to cover cyber threats;
2011-09-17: Homefront: More women are serving on the frontlines than ever before;
2011-09-18: DRC-RWANDA: Militia members return home to another country;
2011-09-19: COMPLETE PENTAGON PAPERS AT LAST – What Were the 11 Missing Words?
2011-09-20: Real Security begins with Creating a Policy of Peace;
2011-09-21: Midwife shortage dangerously high;
2011-09-22: We are living in the Twilight Zone;
2011-09-23: War and Shopping amidst a World in Crisis: The Extremism that Never Speaks its Name;
2011-09-24: The Founders, Whistleblower Protection and Bradley Manning;
2011-09-24: Virus du Sida: des joueurs en ligne résolvent une énigme;
2011-09-25: Malawi: uMunthu, education and a global paradox;
2011-09-26: Cuba leads the way for kids;
2011-09-27: Labour: Dock, maritime workers making significant unity moves;
2011-09-28: The Decline of the Populist Left and the Rise of the Tea Party;
2011-09-29: THE MILK LETTER, A MESSAGE TO MY PATIENTS / Le lait, un poison?
2011-09-30: An Open Letter to NPR On Covering Wall Street Protests.

An Open Letter to NPR On Covering Wall Street Protests

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Published on Huffington Post, by Sandy Goodman, Sept. 28, 2011.

Congratulations. You finally got around to doing a story about the Wall Street protests last night on All Things Considered, after 11 days of ignoring them. What a disgraceful decision to have avoided coverage for so long, and having your ombudsman try to mitigate that dopiness by noting that you covered the demonstrations via several AP print stories and blogs on your website. I thought you were in the radio business. I must have been mistaken. The ombudsman quotes your executive news editor explaining all the days of non-coverage this way: The recent protests on Wall Street did not involve large numbers of people, prominent people, a great disruption or an especially clear objective.  Continue Reading…


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THE MILK LETTER, A MESSAGE TO MY PATIENTS, by Robert M. Kradjian, MD: … (full long text).
Le même text en français, reçu par e-mail, De: une amie, Date: 27 sept. 2011, traduit par Helene Lafleche:

On ne peut aborder ce sujet sans parler d’Albert Cohen, surnommé au U.S.A l’homme anti lait. Son site internet NOTmilk. Il a écrit l’un des livres les plus fascinants et les plus documentés sur ce sujet. Son livre MILK, The deally poison / le lait, poison mortel a fait grand bruit aux U.S.A. Il n’est pas encore traduit en français. Dans sa dédicace, il s’adresse à toutes les personnes dans le monde qui souffrent de toutes sortes de troubles de santé sans être conscients de l’origine alimentaire de leurs maux. Puissent-elles découvrir que la fontaine de jeunesse, pour elles, leurs enfants et les générations futures, pourrait bien venir de simplement éliminer le lait de leur vie.   Continue Reading…

The Decline of the Populist Left and the Rise of the Tea Party

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Published on Forbes, by E.D. Kain, Sept. 26, 2011;

The national conversation has shifted to austerity politics and deficit spending in spite of a strong case for stimulus and expanded monetary policy. The popular sentiment is anti-government instead of anti-corporate-greed. Tax hikes on the rich have become almost unthinkable in Washington, and accusations of class warfare have been leveled at anyone who suggests otherwise. Why is this? Have the Democrats simply dropped the ball? Has the president failed to make a clear progressive case for his political agenda? Or are there deeper and more systemic failures on the left that have essentially ceded the politics of the era to the Republicans?   Continue Reading…

Labour: Dock, maritime workers making significant unity moves

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Published on People’s World, by Juan Lopez, Sep. 23, 2011.

In the latest effort to strengthen labor’s hand in the global economy, West Coast dockworkers this month welcomed pilots at the Panama Canal into their union. Meanwhile longshore unions on the nation’s Atlantic and Pacific coasts are forging new ties. At one of the world’s strategic passageways, the Panama Canal Pilots Union joined the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) on Sept. 7, the 32nd anniversary of the United States turning over control of the Canal Zone to Panama. The ILWU represents longshore workers along the West Coast of the U.S. and Canada … //  Continue Reading…

Cuba leads the way for kids

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UNICEF confirms that Cuba is the only Latin American country without child malnutrition – Published on english, Sept. 24, 2011.

The latest report from the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF entitled Progress for Children, a Report on Nutrition, has determined that currently there exists in the world 146 million children under five with chronic malnutrition. According to the report, 28% of these children are from Africa, the Middle East 17%, 15% Asian, 7% in Latin America and the Caribbean, Central Europe 5% and 27% of other developing countries.  Continue Reading…

Malawi: uMunthu, education and a global paradox

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Published on Pambazuka News, bySteve Sharra, Sept. 21, 2011.

Plans for Malawian civil society protests on 21 September plunged the country into a state of anxiety on International Day of Peace, writes Steve Sharra. But with conflicts continuing elsewhere across the globe, Sharra argues that as long as we perpetuate educational policies that ignore larger ideals of uMunthu-peace, social well-being and the greater good, the world will continue the paradox of celebrating peace amidst war, violence and death … //   Continue Reading…

Virus du Sida: des joueurs en ligne résolvent une énigme

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Publié dans Libé (Source AFP), le 19 sept. 2011.

Plus fort que Second Life et le Rubik’s Cube réunis: les adeptes d’un jeu vidéo sur l’internet ont réussi en trois semaines à décoder la structure d’une enzyme proche de celle du virus du sida, une énigme qui tenait en échec depuis dix ans les plus éminents scientifiques. Pour célébrer l’exploit, la revue scientifique Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, qui a publié dimanche cette découverte, fait exceptionnellement figurer les joueurs de “Foldit” comme co-auteurs de l’étude.  Continue Reading…

The Founders, Whistleblower Protection and Bradley Manning

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Received by e-mail, From:, Date: Sept. 19, 2011.

Dear Friends, What would the Founders have said about Wikileaks, whistle-blowers and Bradley Manning? One tactic that is often used to bolster a position is to invoke the Founders’ intentions toward Constitutionality. Jefferson, Madison and Franklin are cited—on everything from AK-47s to the map of the human genome—as to what a healthy democracy looks like today. But if we want an accurate gauge of the founders’ intentions very early on in our Republic we can look to the Bill of Rights, early amendments to the Constitution and bills that were debated and ratified to see which beliefs held enough sway to be enshrined in legal code.  Continue Reading…

War and Shopping amidst a World in Crisis: The Extremism that Never Speaks its Name

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Linked on our blogs with John Pilger, Australia and England. – Published on Global, by John Pilger, September 21, 2011.

… The original development plan for Stratford City evoked Barcelona: a grid of defined streets of shops and places to live. Modern, civilised. Then the Olympics loomed and so did Westfield, a major corporate sponsor. The mega mall, the biggest in Europe, is built in the midst of grey tower blocks not far from where the recent riots occurred, its “designer” products, made mostly with cheap, regimented labour, beckon the indebted. That it stands on a site where London workers made trains – thousands of locomotives, carriages and goods wagons – in what was once called manufacturing is of melancholy interest. The mega mall’s jobs produce nothing and are mostly low-paid. It is an emblem of extreme times.  Continue Reading…

We are living in the Twilight Zone

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Published on Intrepid Report, by Bev Conover, September 21, 2011.

With all that is going on around, above and below us, it conjures up visions of evils past and evils current. What life must have been like when people were subjugated to the diktats of the church in Rome upon fear of being declared heretics, tortured and put to death. Today, millions are still subjugated to the diktats of churches, temples and mosques. The intrigues of the Borgias and Medicis, limited to their wits and up close murderous encounters with their enemies, were pikers in comparison with the tools the US and the West have at their disposal today. Popes and kings were assassinated, which isn’t much different from today, except it’s more like to be a head of state as kings are in shorter supply and there is suspicion that Pope John Paul I didn’t die a natural death … //  Continue Reading…

Midwife shortage dangerously high

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Published on, by The UK Press Association, Sept. 15, 2011.

Parts of England are facing a dangerous shortage of midwives as Britain’s birthrate climbs, the Royal College of Midwives has warned. While there are shortfalls across the country, some areas are worse than others, putting mothers and babies at risk. Midwife numbers have not kept pace with the birthrate in England, which has risen 22% in the past two decades, and the RCM has urged David Cameron to honour a pre-election pledge to recruit more midwives.  Continue Reading…

Real Security begins with Creating a Policy of Peace

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… and why America needs to dismantle its security apparatus – Published on Global, by Sherwood Ross, Sept. 18, 2011.

… At the root of America’s insecurity is Washington’s aggressive foreign policy to control the oil resources of the the Middle East and the world. Measured in the profit margins of the great oil companies, this policy has been a triumph, even if American motorists suffer at the pump. Also, control of the Middle East was instrumental, in another of President Truman’s historic blunders, in helping create the state of Israel on the soil of a people who had done the world Jewish community no injury, as had the Germans under Hitler, and who have since been degraded into second-class citizens in their own land, and worse, in Gaza today into the sort of ghettoized population reminiscent of Polish Jewry in Warsaw in the early stages of the Nazi occupation.   Continue Reading…

COMPLETE PENTAGON PAPERS AT LAST – What Were the 11 Missing Words?

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All Three Versions Posted, Allowing Side-by-Side Comparison – Published on The National Security Archive, by John Prados, September 16, 2011.

… For the first time ever, all three major editions of the Pentagon Papers are being made available simultaneously online. The posting today by the National Security Archive (Homepage) at George Washington University, allows for a unique side-by-side comparison, showing readers exactly what the U.S. government tried to hide for 40 years by means of deletions from the original text.  Continue Reading…

DRC-RWANDA: Militia members return home to another country

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Published on IRINnews, by go/mw, 15 September 2011.

MUTOBO, 15 September 2011 (IRIN) – Mutobo is a half-way house between war and peace, where about 9,000 ex-combatants have been processed since 2001 as part of the reintegration of armed militia members from the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) into Rwandan society.  Continue Reading…

Homefront: More women are serving on the frontlines than ever before

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… but many return home to find that new battles await them. – Published on Al Jazeera, by , September 12, 2011.

First listen a video, 25.05 minutes.

Today, there are more women serving in and returning from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan than have ever before served on a US battle front. Although it has not been specifically mandated, more women have become directly involved in frontline combat over the course of the last decade. This new reality for the US military and the women who serve in it, has resulted in a host of issues that are challenging the government organisations that are supposed to serve them as veterans.   Continue Reading…

US, Australia defense treaty to cover cyber threats

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Published on YAHOOnews /AFP, by Jim Watson, September 15, 2011.

America and Australia plan to add cyber warfare to their countries’ joint defense treaty to reflect the “battlefield of the future,” according to US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

He told reporters that defense and foreign ministers from each country will Thursday issue a joint statement on the topic at an alliance meeting in San Francisco.  Continue Reading…

Der Mensch als EGO – ein anderer Blickwinkel

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1989, in einer Zeit intensiver Esoterik-Therapie-Workshops geschrieben (aber der Ursprung all dieser Erkenntnisse muss irgendwo zwischen der Psycho-Werkstatt in Big Sur /Kaliforniern und den buddhistischen Klöstern in Japan liegen, wo die Gründer von Big Sur damals ihre Erleuchtung holten … gemäss dem, was uns damals erklärt wurde). Hier also der Text gemäss dem, was ich selber damals verstanden habe. Und weil ich heute, im September 2011 immer noch dazu stehen kann, habe ich das damals Geschriebene zum Teil bloss etwas besser ausformuliert.  Continue Reading…

Libyans Struggle Along Path Toward Reconciliation

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Juliane Mittelstaedt, September 13, 2011.

How can a country come to terms with a 42-year reign of terror in which many people played a part? Who should be convicted and who should be spared? In Libya, justice is being meted out on the streets, but people are still talking about reconciliation … //

…Breaking Down Past Barriers:  Continue Reading…

free health informations on NaturalPedia

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found on (internal link: NaturalPedia): with 401 authors, 571 books, 53,193 keyword concepts, 10,413,961 keyword occurrences, 23,283,159 keyword correlations – QUOTES from the world’s top natural health / natural living authors, about key words as:

Health Concepts, Nutrients, Macronutrients, Plants and Herbs, Drugs, Health Conditions and Diseases, Foods and Beverages, Anatomy, Ingredients, Supplements, Chemicals, Hormones and Biovhemistry, Treatment Modalities, Biological Functions, Substances, Animals, Concepts, Adjectives, Medical Adjectives, Medical Terms, Objects, Organizations, Persons, Biological Measures, Where, Who, Physiology, Properties, Actions, When.

Assumptions of Blind Belief

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Whatever religion you have been indoctrinated in, try and seek freedom from it. No one has to go through a universal epiphany to realize that religion is false. – Published on CHOWK, by Zarrar Said,September 8, 2011.

Believers of a faith tend to adapt the personality of the God that they worship. Believers will also tend to assume that they know what the will of their God may be; whether it is the banishment of homosexuality, the cruelty of child mutilation in the form of circumcision, and utter disregard for people of alternate faiths. I will not get into the reasoning that the Abrahamic God, for example, is a homophobe, a tyrant, and a jealous entity, but rather I would like to point out the assumptions one has to make in order to believe in a God of that nature. Similar to the assumption one might have been forced to indoctrinate as a child. It is pertinent to note that these very assumptions are innate fundamentals for any man made religion and the acknowledgment of the falsehood of these assumptions could lead one to believe in a more universally accepting ideology.   Continue Reading…

DR Congo – The Heart of Western Darkness

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Published on The Southern Times, by Asad Ismi, September 9, 2011.

Genocide and plunder have been Western policy towards the mineral-rich Congo since the Berlin Conference of 1885 when European nations divided Africa between them, and King Leopold II of Belgium got the Congo as his personal property.

Ten million Congolese were killed under Belgian rule which lasted until 1960. The Congo’s population was cut in half.
Belgian domination was marked by slavery, forced labour and torture aimed at extracting the maximum amount of ivory and rubber from the Central African country.  Continue Reading…

New child labor rules for agriculture proposed

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Published on Daily Kos, by Joan McCarter, September 7, 2011.

The administration’s logjam on issuing the first new child labor regulations in 40 years finally broke, and last week the new rules were officially proposed. The revisions would extend restrictions on child labor, including barring children under 16 from cultivating tobacco or operating most power-driven equipment, in the first update to the Fair Labor Standards Act concerning child farm workers since 1970.[...]  Continue Reading…

9/11: the identity-politics trap

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Published on openDemocracy, by Sami Zubaida, September 7, 2011.

… A few days after the 9/11 attacks I was at a dinner-party at the house of middle-eastern friends. Most of the guests were exiled veteran communists. The discussion turned, inevitably, to the recent cataclysmic event. I was soon astonished and dismayed by the tone of veneration of Osama bin Laden, whom my companions clearly saw as a hero – even as they simultaneously cast doubt on whether it was the jihadists under his command who really were responsible.  Continue Reading…

Being a revolutionary: A constant struggle in our thoughts, words, and deeds

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Published on Intrepid Report, by Larry Pinkney, September 8, 2011.

In this 21st century, the very survival of this planet (Mother Earth) and humanity demands a conscious and deliberate meshing, and evolving of and in, our thoughts, our words, and our deeds. This century demands that we humans utilize a revolutionary vision that recognizes not merely how things are, but concomitantly how they can be made to be.

Wars, greed, economic austerity and exploitation, corporate hegemony, racism, sexism, and the like are human-made conditions that absolutely do not have to prevail. These conditions have been artificially created by certain humans, and in reality, are the antithesis to the evolvement of humankind collectively.  Continue Reading…