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2011-07-01: World’s worst food crisis;
2011-07-02: victory;
2011-07-03: Shut up, American municipal workers;
2011-07-04: Pay No Attention to the Politicians Behind the Curtain;
2011-07-05: Islam as a Geopolitical Tool to Control the Middle East;
2011-07-06: Mladic ejected from war crimes court;
2011-07-07: 1000s in Libya running out of food;
2011-07-08: Fatwa interdisant aux femmes de conduire une automobile – Mise à Jour;
2011-07-08: Repeal Saudi Arabia’s Fatwa on Women’s Driving of Automobiles – Update;
2011-07-10: Machtverteilung im Mittelalter;
2011-07-10: Minaret controversy in Switzerland;
2011-07-11: Trame book festival: Fearless words;
2011-07-12: Race, Gender and Structural Inequalities in the Great Recession and the Recovery;
2011-07-13: Ist die Medizin für die Menschen da oder für die Börse?
2011-07-13: Interview with Kenneth Neal Waltz;
2011-07-14: The right for changes in our life patterns;
2011-07-14: Neighbourhood Renewal – Urban Planning – Metropolitan Analysis;
2011-07-15: China-Nigeria: Agric, job creation top Aregbesola’s demand from Chinese investor;
2011-07-16: Delusional America and 9/11;
2011-07-17: France, and the Socialists, need a debate on nuclear;
2011-07-18: German-Jewish Literary Culture Returns from Exile;
2011-07-19: Top Al Qaeda militant Kashmiri alive;
2011-07-20: Food stamps: The struggle to eat;
2011-07-21: Arabs should learn to put their own houses in order;
2011-07-22: Whistleblower, Sean Hoare in News of the World Hacking Scandal Found Dead;
2011-07-23: orientations sexuelles vs. pratiques de documentation;
2011-07-24: Murdoch and Blair and the Destruction of the Left;
2011-07-24: Gedankenfetzen zur öffentlichen Meinung;
2011-07-25: France: Communiqué du Département d’Etat;
2011-07-25: Corporatism or survival on Earth?
2011-07-26: If McCain Had Won;
2011-07-27: Europe’s crisis;
2011-07-28: Semantic propaganda feeds stupidity;
2011-07-29: Call for Volunteers – Apply to Become a Voices of Our Future Correspondent;
2011-07-30: Can water end the Arab-Israeli conflict?
2011-07-31: The Towers of Basel: The World’s Biggest Central Bank Has Private Shareholders.


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The Towers of Basel: The World’s Biggest Central Bank Has Private Shareholders

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Published on Global, by Washington’s Blog, July 29, 2011.

As I’ve pointed out for years, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is owned by the world’s central banks, which are in turn owned by the big banks. See this and this. It turns out there may be a very interesting wrinkle to the private ownership issue. By way of background, BIS is often called the “central banks’ central bank”, as it coordinates transactions between central banks, and which is the entity determining the level of reserves banks are required to keep worldwide … //

… It would obviously be very interesting to find out who these private shareholders are. And to find out if the shareholders enjoy any special benefits. As Spiegel notes:  Continue Reading…

Can water end the Arab-Israeli conflict?

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Could solving the water crisis in Israel and Palestine also help resolve the entrenched occupation and conflict? – Published on Al Jazeera, by Arwa Aburawa, July 29, 2011.

… Problem can’t wait for change in government policy:

Despite these Israeli policies, Bromberg and Al-Khateeb of FoEME insist that joint water community projects can’t wait for a radical shift in government policy – which, they add, is unlikely under the current right-wing Netanyahu-led coalition. “One of the most frustrating aspects of our work is to see the lack of political leadership at all levels,” says Bromberg. “It’s something we all have to deal with in the Middle East. Governments here don’t lead, they have to be led and civil society plays a crucial role in how that happens.  Continue Reading…

Call for Volunteers – Apply to Become a Voices of Our Future Correspondent

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Received by e-mail, From: World Pulse, Date: 26/07/2011.

Would you like to support the emerging voices of women around the world? Then sign up to volunteer for the third annual Voices of Our Future training program.

Are you a grassroots woman leader with something to say? Do you want to bring your voice and solutions to a global audience? Apply before September 6 for our online training program in new media, citizen journalism, and empowerment. Thirty women will be selected to receive the skills and knowledge they need to actualize and vocalize their visions for change. Find out more.

Semantic propaganda feeds stupidity

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Published on Intrepid Report, by Joel S. Hirschhorn, July 26, 2011.

We would already have had a much needed American revolution in response to the tyranny of the money-fed two-party plutocracy that is destroying the middle class, except for one big problem: so much of the American population is just plain stupid. Too stupid to behave like angry Greeks and rise up in the streets to rebel against the dysfunctional government.

In the never-ending fight of Republicans and their cancerous (make that stupid) Tea Party members to gain even more control of the US political system, economy and culture, they have fixed on another semantic weapon. The latest attack on intelligence is the constant use of the term job creators in place of words like the rich or wealthy. Not just plain Republicans in Congress are doing this, but especially the large crop of Republican presidential candidates.   Continue Reading…

Europe’s crisis

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Published on WSWS, by Peter Schwarz, July 23, 2011.

Not since the adoption of the Treaty of Rome 54 years ago has the European Union and its precursors stood so close to the abyss as in the past week. Experts agreed that should the heads of government from the euro-zone countries fail to find an answer to the debt crisis at their emergency summit on Thursday, it would mean the end of the euro and the European Union.

The consequences of such a failure would not be confined to the economic sphere. Ever since the Thirty Years War in the 17th century, Europe has been repeatedly ravaged by wars, culminating in the two world wars of 1914 and 1939. Since then, the EU and the organizations that preceded it have constituted the most important mechanism for preventing new armed clashes between the European powers. It was no accident, therefore, that before the summit, for many of the senior politicians who spoke out, Europe—as Spiegel Online put it—“was still a question of war and peace—instead of euros and cents.” They forcefully warned against a failure of the Brussels emergency summit.  Continue Reading…

If McCain Had Won

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Published on Truthdig, by Fred Branfman, July 15, 2011.

Democrats were united on one issue in the 2008 presidential election: the absolute disaster that a John McCain victory would have produced. And they were right. McCain as president would clearly have produced a long string of catastrophes: He would probably have approved a failed troop surge in Afghanistan, engaged in worldwide extrajudicial assassination, destabilized nuclear-armed Pakistan, failed to bring Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to the negotiating table, expanded prosecution of whistle-blowers, sought to expand executive branch power, failed to close Guantanamo, failed to act on climate change, pushed both nuclear energy and opened new areas to domestic oil drilling, failed to reform the financial sector enough to prevent another financial catastrophe, supported an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the rich, presided over a growing divide between rich and poor, and failed to lower the jobless rate.  Continue Reading…

Corporatism or survival on Earth?

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Linked on our blogs with Siv O’Neall, Sweden. – Published on Intrepid Report, by Siv O’Neall, July 25, 2011.

Globalized commerce and finance have taken over the planet and the majority of nations are above all anxious to keep up the pace with the rest of the frightened sycophants to the Empire, anxious not to fall behind when and where the big profits are being raked in off the roulette tables. Mesdames, messieurs, faites vos jeux! Tomorrow we’ll be dead. But today, let us not be left out of the big game!

The vicious and self-destructive cult that we call Corporatism has so completely taken over the running of the world that the entire financial systems of nations have been derailed. Nations, poor or rich, are no longer allowed to govern their own people, to follow their own paths in terms of economic policies—taxation, education and welfare spending being the most critical in any national budget, for the general good of the people.  Continue Reading…

France: Communiqué du Département d’Etat

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Rapport sur les Droits de l’Homme en France en 2010 /PARTIE 2 – Publié dans News Press, par l’Ambassade des Etats Unies en France, le 16 juillet 2011.

Section 6 Discrimination, abus sociétaux et traite de personnes:

Toute discrimination fondée sur la race, le sexe, le handicap, la langue ou le statut social est prohibée par la loi et la constitution et, en règle générale, l’État a fait respecter ces prohibitions.

Condition de la femme:    Continue Reading…

Gedankenfetzen zur öffentlichen Meinung

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(War schon im Februar 2006 auf meinem Blog Mein privater Garten, heute etwas verdeutlicht).

Das Recht auf Distanz zur öffentlichen Meinung zu gehen und nach aussen zu vertreten fängt damit an, diese Fähigkeit erst einmal zu entwickeln. Das heisst, intim überzeugt sein, ich habe dieses Recht. Dann zugeben, wie viel bin ich dazu fähig? Kann ich öffentlich Anderstdenkenden gegenüberzutreten? Bin ich fähig, grösserem Druck stand zu halten? Es wird immer wieder vergessen, dass das auch gelernt werden muss (heute in der Schweiz etwa Arenafähigkeit* zu zeigen, dort auftreten zu können).

Dann weiter: bin ich überhaupt gewillt, zu so etwas anzutreten? Alleine? Denn gemeinsam (besonders als neu entstandene Partei oder gar Sekte) geht es doch besser. Solange Gemeinsamkeit besteht, kann eine öffentliche Gegenmeinung sehr lustvoll sein.  Continue Reading…

Murdoch and Blair and the Destruction of the Left

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Murdoch Shaped British Politics for 40 Years – Published on Dissident Voice, by The Real News Network TRNN, July 20, 2011.

Leo Panitch, the Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and a Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University in Toronto explains how media baron Rupert Murdoch used sex scandal journalism to attack the left-wing of the UK Labour Party and later helped to create Tony Blair. Panitch is also the author of Global Capitalism and American Empire and his most recent release American Empire and the Political Economy of International Finance. In addition to his university affiliation he is also a co-editor of the Socialist Register the latest volume of which is “The Crisis This Time.”

  • Listen the video on TRNN, 13.26 min …
  • (may also be listened on YouTube) …

… (full text).

orientations sexuelles vs. pratiques de documentation

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… redéfinition des sexualités par l’architecture des sites de rencontre – Publié dans, par fp, 17 juillet 2011.

- Ce texte a été présenté lors de la deuxième session du RT 16 – sociologie clinique – penser l’articulation du goût, des identités et des pratiques de documentation sexuelle en ligne:

# INTRODUCTION  Continue Reading…

Whistleblower, Sean Hoare in News of the World Hacking Scandal Found Dead

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Published on Spiritual Truth Blog, by Reena, July 20, 2011.

Sean Hoare found dead in his home…hmmm, a bit of a coincidence surely, since he was one of the first to blow the whistle on phone hacking in the UK, and he was a former News of the World journalist. Police said the death was being treated as unexplained. (July 18) How can it be decided it is unexplained just like that? Have they even tried to explain it? Very suspicious.

Here’s the video and commentary below that: … (full text).

Arabs should learn to put their own houses in order

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Published on Intrepid Report, by Linda S. Heard, July 20, 2011.

Another Friday, another 47 Syrian protesters have been consigned to coffins. The number of unarmed Syrians killed by state security forces since the start of the uprising is estimated to exceed 1,600, while those who are asking for President Bashar Al Assad to step down are growing. Particularly bad news for the former ophthalmologist turned Syrian leader, who came to office pledging liberal reform, is the fact that dissent is fomenting on the streets of the hitherto peaceful capital, Damascus … //

… Unfortunately, Syria’s ‘family’ is behaving like the ‘see no evil,’ ‘speak no evil,’ ‘hear no evil’ three wise monkeys. Arab leaders are either in denial fearing yet another Arab leader will bite the dust or preferring to stay tightlipped until the final outcome.  Continue Reading…

Food stamps: The struggle to eat

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As Congress wrangles over spending cuts, surging numbers of Americans are relying on the government just to put food on the table – Published on The Economist, July 14, 2011.

WHEN the dismal news came on July 8th that the unemployment rate had risen fractionally to 9.2%, both Republicans and Democrats declared the data proof of the folly of the other party’s policies. How, Republicans asked, could Democrats even consider raising taxes when the economy is so weak? How, Democrats retorted, could Republicans advocate big cuts in the safety net when so many Americans are in desperate need? As the haggling over raising the legal limit on the federal government’s debt reaches a climax (see Lexington), the feeble state of the economy is making the budgetary trade-offs involved ever less appealing … //   Continue Reading…

Top Al Qaeda militant Kashmiri alive

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Published on en.RIA Novosti, July 16, 2011.

Ilyas Kashmiri, one of Al Qaeda’s most dangerous leaders, who was reported to have been killed in a U.S. drone attack in Pakistan’s tribal belt last month, is still alive, according to a media report on Saturday.

Kashmiri is still alive and active in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Dawn News channel quoted its sources as saying.

Security officials of the United States and Pakistan have failed to confirm the death of Kashmiri, who is blamed for several high-profile attacks in Pakistan and India, the TV channel said … (full text).

German-Jewish Literary Culture Returns from Exile

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Helen Whittle, July 15, 2011.

German Jews who fled Nazi persecution to what is now Israel took as many books as they could carry. But their descendants, many of whom don’t speak German, are left with cratefuls of heirlooms they can’t read. Now the Goethe Institute has started a project that sends the well-traveled books back to Germany as teaching materials for students.

When Berlin-born Jewish journalist Cheskel Zwi Kloetzel fled Nazi Germany in 1933, he was only able to take a small number of his most cherished books. Even after resettling in what was then British-administered Palestine, he remained deeply attached to the German literary culture in which he had immersed himself as a child.  Continue Reading…

France, and the Socialists, need a debate on nuclear

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Published on Le Monde Diplo, by Carl Miller and Matthew Moran, July 2011.

… With the Socialist hopefuls defending the same party programme, little distinguishes them so far. Economic reform, education, youth unemployment…the party’s political priorities are the usual suspects and neither Aubry, Hollande nor Royale have suggested anything to invigorate the debate. Add to this the lack of any outstanding personality – this is where DSK’s absence is most keenly felt – and the Socialist ticket makes for dull reading.

So, each candidate is keen to sculpt a distinctive public persona: one with a cutting edge (and an eco tinge of green). Perhaps they won’t have to look too far. One of the big fears du jour is rooted in the nuclear industry. Earlier this year, the threat of nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan evoked the spectre of Chernobyl and provoked a wave of anti-nuclear policies across the globe.  Continue Reading…

Delusional America and 9/11

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Published on Intrepid Report, by Erix Larsen, July 15, 2011.

Five years ago, discussing (in A Nation Gone Blind) the phenomenon of the half-truth and the nature of commercial television, I wrote, “The repugnance of this form of lying—called bigotry in the ignorant, propaganda in the purposeful—is evident to all, and I would skip the entire subject if I could. But the fact is that the subject of television is the subject of lying, and, further, that the subject of our media-drenched culture is the subject of lying. The sixty years [from 1947 on] that have brought us the new America have brought us also a virtually perfected socio-political culture of lies and lying, a culture built on a foundation of lying, framed by walls of lying, covered by a roof of lying.”  Continue Reading…

China-Nigeria: Agric, job creation top Aregbesola’s demand from Chinese investor

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Published on Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab, by Osun Defender, 13 July 2011.

… According to the governor, his administration will encourage foreign co-operation in the agricultural sector by way of capital investment and technical partnership with the aim of making the state a marketing hub for food commodities.

He said the state also prioritized foreign partnership in tourism and cultural development by investing in the state tourism sites and develop the existing facilities in the sites.

Other areas of interest to Aregbesola included capacity building for mass employment of youths in vocational activities and social orientation, including mentoring in small-scale businesses.  Continue Reading…

Neighbourhood Renewal – Urban Planning – Metropolitan Analysis

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Received by e-mail, From: Rantrad, Date: 11/07/2011.

Rantrad is an organisation that promotes good practice in urban renewal and on the 14th December 2011 we are holding a key seminar of great note to those interested in urban renewal called Failing Cities.

Across the globe, there are a range of urban areas and neighbourhoods that in spite of a range of regeneration initiatives are in a constant spiral of decline and decay this seminar aims to bring together key research in this area.   Continue Reading…

The right for changes in our life patterns

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Was already my blogs on February 2008 in Mein privater Garten. – Linked on this blog with Ein kleines Arabermädchen in german.

Everyone has the right to change his individual behaviour, his believes, the way we understand ourselves. We are allowed to change all those arrangements giving an individual its Identity. Clan traditions have to come second. Formulated in UN language we could say: We have the right to change our identity, as long /as soon as we are able to do so.

But these Rights were created by a society of individuals, our western world. If we do not accept the behaviour, the mentality, the law of a group, we leave it as soon as we can. Or we try to change the group, we manipulate it in our sense. Continue Reading…

Interview with Kenneth Neal Waltz

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… the Physiocrat of International Politics – Published on Theory Talks, June 3, 2011.

… How does your theory relate to the rational actor assumption? Are states rational actors, or should they be?

  • I do not even know what “rational actor” means empirically. A rational actor assumption may enter into a theory but has no direct, empirical representation. One can define rationality only within narrow settings, as for example in game theory, where one can define what a rational actor is and work out some outcomes under assumed conditions. Of course economists presuppose that economic actors are rational. People of course in a very loose sense prefer to do less work and get higher rewards. Continue Reading…

Ist die Medizin für die Menschen da oder für die Börse?

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In Zeit-Fragen Nr. 27, von ab, 4. Juli 2011.

ab. Es sind nicht die Bereiche Gesundheit und Bildung, welche die einst reichen Volkswirtschaften der westlichen Länder ruiniert haben, es sind die Kriege und die von jeglicher Rückbindung an die Völker und Länder enthobene Finanzwirtschaft … (ganzer Text).  Continue Reading…

Race, Gender and Structural Inequalities in the Great Recession and the Recovery

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Published on political affairs pa, by Joel Wendland, July 5, 2011.

… Despite a common belief that Americans live in an era without structural or institutionalized inequalities like racism or sexism, how working families have experienced the Great Recession and the recovery has depended in no small part on their race and gender. The inequity of hardship faced in the recent period resulted from structural inequalities embedded historically into the labor force, specifically, and social life generally. Here I am going to argue theoretically about how these inequalities reveal that race and gender determine in very practical ways specific aspects of economic life in the U.S. I will then look at some data from the past few years that bears those theoretical generalizations out.   Continue Reading…