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La Marche Mondiale pour la Paix et la Non-violence

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… passera par Genève le lundi 9 Novembre 2009.

En Lien avec The World March for Peace and Nonviolence, et avec Graines de Paix.

Toutes les informations sur:

Les Fêtes des 10 ans de proPhilo

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Lié avec Michel Sasseville – Canada.

L’assciation proPhilo fête ses 10 ans. Voici le programme dans les deux flyers qui vous expliqueront tout:

… et leur apperçu en raccourci:

  • Formation pratique de la philosophie avec des élèves, par Alexandre Herriger et Michel Sasseville, 31 octobre, et le 1er, 14 et 15 novembre voir Institut de Formation Pédagogique, inscription;
  • le 3 novembre, à 17-18.15 h, et à 20-22 h à la Paroisse protestante des Eaux-Vives, 1207 Genève …
  • ET: Updated Nov. 4 / 23.00 h: sorry, j’avais donné une fausse information, il faut lire:  jeudi 5 novembre, 19 h 30–21 h, à La julienne, 116, rte de St Julien, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates – entrée libre, places limitées, inscription au 079 6949866 ou à cet’e-mailune conférence: éducation et pratique du dialogue philosophique: comment éviter le piège des réponses toutes faites, par Michel Sasseville, Québec;
  • du 22 novembre au 6 décembre 2009: T’en fais une drôle de tête! Théâtre familial dès 5 ans, durée 40 minutes environ, sans entracte, Espace cafétéria, Théâtre Am Stram Gram;
  • du 24 novembre au 22 décembre 2009: Soyez poli, Monsieur Prévert, au Théâtre Am Stram Gram;
  • Exposition permanente réalisée à partir des ateliers de philosophie avec des enfants: inauguration 23 novembre dès 18.30 h, 1 heure avant et après le spectacle au Théâtre Am Stram Gram;
  • Quatre ateliers de dialogue philosophique, les 28 novembre dans le foyer au Théâtre Am Stram Gram, gratuit et sans inscriptiono, 2, 12 et 19 décembre;
  • … et à organiser une animation de dialogue philosophique en communauté de recherche dans un lieu de votre choix … avec proPhilo /Contact.

Liens:   Continue Reading…

Oxfam in action

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Are actually running the following emergency projects:

East Africa Food Crisis:

  • Over 23 million people across East Africa are facing critical shortages of food and water following successive years of failed rains and worsening drought.
  • A humanitarian crisis: Communities across East Africa are facing life-threatening shortages of food and water. Severe recurring drought is the major cause.
  • Oxfam is already responding to this crisis. But the number of people facing severe food shortages has risen dramatically in recent months. We urgently need more support to continue this vital work.
  • Make a donation to the East Africa Food Crisis response:

3 East Asian Disasters:   Continue Reading…

Argentina: Disappearing Farmers, Disappearing Food

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Published on Global, by Marie Trigona, October 30, 2009.

Worldwide, industrial mono-culture farming has displaced traditional food production and farmers, wreaking havoc on food prices and food sovereignty. This is particularly true for the global south, where land has been concentrated for crops destined for biodiesel and animal feed. In response, peasants and small farmers organized actions in more than 53 countries on October 15 for International Food Day as an initiative of Via Campesina, one of the largest independent social movement organizations, representing nearly 150 million people globally.

The National Indigenous Campesino Movement of Argentina joined the protests taking place on around the world by organizing a march in Buenos Aires for International Food Day. Argentina has often been described as South America’s bread basket because it once produced grain and beef for much of the region. But with the transgenetic soy boom the nation has shifted to a mono culture production for export, displacing traditional food production and farmers.  Continue Reading…

India: Provide Access to Pain Treatment

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India’s Obligation to Ensure Palliative Care – Government Inaction, Restrictive Regulations Condemn Hundreds of Thousands to Unbearable Suffering

Published on Human Rights Watch HRW, October 28, 2009.

Download the report: Unbearable Pain: India’s Obligation to Ensure Palliative Care, 95 pdf-pages;
Same with cover, 97 pdf-pages;
Download Photo Feature, 21 pdf-pages.

And watch this video: Right to Relief, Palliative Care in India, 3.20 min.

(New Delhi) – Hundreds of thousands of patients in India unnecessarily experience excruciating pain, Human Rights Watch said in a report today. Restrictive drug regulations, lack of training for health care workers, and poorly integrated care result in needless suffering for patients because they cannot get inexpensive and effective pain medications …   Continue Reading…

Powerful films progressives will want to see

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Progressive Cinema: Toronto International Film Festival 2009, Part 4

Published on People’s World, by Bill Mexer, Oct. 28, 2009.

Among the more than 350 films shown this year at the Toronto International Film Festival, several are of importance to a progressive audience. In addition to titles mentioned in previous columns (”The Time That Remains, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” “The Informant!” “Men Who Stare at Goats” and others), the following are just a few of the many at the festival that draw interest for progressive filmgoers.

Of course one of the most famous political activists in American history, Daniel Ellsberg, receives his very own personal documentary, “The Most Dangerous Man in America.” This is the tag Richard Nixon affixed on Ellsberg when he exposed the Pentagon Papers. The film recounts the events in detail and is a thoroughly engrossing account of how Ellsberg enlisted his friends (and son) to photocopy thousands of pages of classified Pentagon documents. His actions certainly shortened the war in Vietnam and Ellsberg went on to support antiwar causes to this day. He and his wife, Patricia, received a five-minute standing ovation from the sold-out Canadian showing …  Continue Reading…

Child deaths from abuse and neglect rise in the US

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Published on WSWS, by Naomi Spencer, Oct. 28, 2009.  – Download report: every child matters, 11 pdf-pages.

Five children died from abuse or neglect every day on average in the United States between 2001 and 2007, according to a new report. Over the period, 10,440 child deaths due to maltreatment were registered by state child service agencies. The findings, collected before the onset of the economic crisis last year, come as social services are on the chopping block throughout the country and child welfare providers have registered sharp increases in abuse cases.

The report, issued by the advocacy group Every Child Matters (ECM), found that 1,760 children died of maltreatment in 2007, a 35 percent increase over 2001. It cautioned that the actual number of abuse and neglect-related deaths is estimated to be as much as 50 percent higher because of inconsistent recordkeeping across states and widely varying definitions of what constitutes a child abuse and neglect death.

The US child maltreatment death rate is three times higher than that of Canada, and 11 times that of Italy. It is also more than double that of France, Japan, Germany and Britain. Noting far lower teen pregnancy, violent crime, imprisonment, and poverty rates in these countries, the ECM report points to more extensive social programs—child care, state health insurance, paid parental leave, visiting nurses—that help to serve as a safety net against child abuse and neglect …   Continue Reading…

The Negative Influence of Positive Thinking

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Published on OpEdNews, by william czander, Oct. 24, 2009.

Barbara Ehrenreich (2008) suggests that the greed we see in America’s corporations may be a function of the cultural phenomena of “positive thinking” and she suggests this way of thinking is firmly embedded in American culture. This type of thinking entered corporate America in the early 1990’s and is now a staple, permeating executive constellations and in most corporations all levels of management. It can be said that in the modern corporation one cannot gain entry into the executive constellation unless one can demonstrate that they are proponents of positive thinking. Simply defined positive thinking is a dangerous mixture of ideological “right wing” conservatism, religious fundamentalism, Ayn Rand’s philosophy, and the happiness psychologists.  Continue Reading…

The Secret Truth About Karl Marx and His Disciples, part I

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Linked with (the 3 german articles) Tod Liebe Verlangen Weiterentwicklung, with Realität Lüge Ego-Aufgabe, and with Paradiesvorstellung.

Published on The Market Oracle, by Murray_N_Rothbard, Oct 26, 2009.

See also Part 2 of this article: Communism as the Kingdom of God on Earth, The Takeover of Münster, and its Notes 31 – 42).

… Communism was the great goal, the vision, the desideratum, the ultimate end that would make the sufferings of mankind throughout history worthwhile. History was the history of suffering, of class struggle, of the exploitation of man by man. In the same way as the return of the Messiah, in Christian theology, will put an end to history and establish a new heaven and a new earth, so the establishment of communism would put an end to human history. Continue Reading…

Daddy? When Am I Ready To Have Sex?

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Published on OpEdNews, by Steven Barnes, Oct. 26, 2009.

As a self improvement teacher and lecturer, many times students have asked me what to tell their children about this extraordinarily thorny issue. As a father, I knew that one day my son or daughter would come to me and ask the prickly question: “when can I start having sex?” And after pondering this for years, I came up with a pre-emptive answer: “When you can focus your mind, heart, and energy to produce legal goods and services for your community, earning enough money to support you and one other person, you are an adult, and ready to make that decision” …  Continue Reading…

Multiple Deployments May Raise Risk of Military Spouse Suicide

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Published on truthout, by Stacy  Bannerman, Oct. 24, 2009.

As the effects of eight years of war accumulate in Army families, a growing number of military spouses suffering stress, depression and thoughts of suicide can’t get the care they need. There is “a severe shortage of mental-health-care facilities for families, both on post and off, especially as post-behavioral health centers are already filled to capacity with soldiers,” according to Army psychiatrist Col. Kris Peterson. (Army News Service, October 13, 2009: Kids Affected With Repeat Deployments) …

… A growing number of today’s military spouses are married to active-duty veterans, and it’s likely that the psychological distress experienced by wives of combat veterans is compounded by bearing the burden of war at home during multiple deployments, but there are painfully few resources focused on serving this population. Continue Reading…

Do Interest Groups Benefit Democracy?

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Linked with AARP. – Published on Governing Dynamo, by , Aug. 22, 2009.

Interest groups are everywhere; they are the Pressure groups the lobbyists the campaigners and the advocacy groups. Green Peace, Fathers 4 Justice, Liberty and Oxfam are just a few which operate in the UK. Interest groups work primarily to meet a specific objective, which is to get their viewpoints across to the politicians and hopefully influnce thier actions in favour of thier group. In democracies such as the US and the UK, interest groups are deeply engrained within the political system but are they a benefit to society. The answer is YES and NO.

Yes Because: … // … No Because: … // … (full text).


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Lié avec Francis F. Muguet – France. – Publié sur Diaconesco TV, par Gérard Diaconesco, 19 octobre 2009.

Il est toujours très difficile d’admettre la disparition d’un ami qui vous est cher et que parfois les hasards de la vie vous ont fait rencontrer tardivement lors de vos déplacements à travers notre vaste Monde.

Car il est vrai qu’avec notre différence d’âge de près de 14 ans entre lui et moi, nos chemins ne se sont croisés au fil du temps qui s’écoule inexorable pour nous tous que ces toutes dernières années en ce début de XXIe siècle lors de grandes manifestations culturelles tant à Paris ( les Voeux de l’Internet, Salons de l’Internet … )  qu’en province comme à Nice il y a déjà un an de cela en octobre 2008 à l’occcasion de rencontres socio-professionnelles tournant autour des thèmes du ” Futur de l’INTERNET .”   Continue Reading…

Von der Grippe zum Gerippe

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Erster Todesfall und 200 Erkrankungen nach Schweinegrippeimpfung in Schweden

Verbunden mit Farrakhan: Swine flu vaccine – a plot to cull overpopulation (?), mit Lutte contre la vaccination de la grippe porcine, und mit Jim Turner Files Lawsuit Against FDA To Stop Swine Flu Vaccine,

Veröffentlicht im Blog des Kopp-Verlages, von Gerhard Wisnewski (zuerst im The Flu Case), 23.10.2009.

Ein kriminelles Komplott aus Politik, Medien, Medizin und Pharmaindustrie treibt Millionen Menschen zu einer Impfung mit unsicheren Impfstoffen. Nur kurze Zeit nach dem Beginn der Massenimpfung erkrankten Berichten zufolge in Schweden fast 200 Menschen; einer starb:

  • »Ich konnte die ganze Nacht nicht schlafen, weil mir der Arm wehtat«, erzählte die Universitäts-Krankenschwester Lotta Lindstrom, 49, die am Mittwoch, dem 14. Oktober, gegen die Schweinegrippe geimpft worden war.»Aber am nächsten Tag ging ich trotzdem zur Arbeit. Nach ein paar Stunden bekam ich Fieber.« Als sie nach Hause kam, hatte sie 38,5 Grad Temperatur, berichtete die schwedische Tageszeitung Expressen am 21. Oktober 2009. »Es schüttelte mich am ganzen Körper. Ich konnte nicht einmal mehr eine Teetasse halten.« Ob sie auch noch, wie ursprünglich vorgesehen, die zweite Impfung über sich ergehen lässt, sei unsicher. »Ich denke darüber nach. Ich war sehr betroffen. Es fühlt sich wirklich unangenehm an.« »Noch am Montag hatte sie Kopfschmerzen, und noch heute fühlt sie sich schlecht«, so der Expressen … (ganzer Text).

Schools and the Pedagogy of Punishment

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Published on truthout, by Henry A. Giroux, Oct. 20, 2009.

The shift to a society now governed through crime, market-driven values and the politics of disposability has radically transformed the public school as a site for a civic and critical education. One major effect can be seen in the increasingly popular practice of organizing schools through disciplinary practices that closely resemble the culture of prisons.[1] For instance, many public schools, traditionally viewed as nurturing, youth-friendly spaces dedicated to protecting and educating children, have become one of the most punitive institutions young people now face – on a daily basis. Educating for citizenship, work and the public good has been replaced with models of schooling in which students, especially poor minority youth, are viewed narrowly either as a threat or as perpetrators of violence.  Continue Reading…

War, Negation And Muslim Identity Revisited

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Published on Countercurrents, by Ramzy Baroud, Oct. 22, 2009.

… In her defense, Amirah Sulaiman was simply following an existing pattern, commonly used to delineate one’s cultural or religious progression, at the expense of another. But it’s more than that, it’s also a defense mechanism, a haunting reminder that the alleged civilizational clash, although more imagined and politicized, than real, pervades many aspects of our perception of ourselves and of others. Among Muslim intellectuals, as in societies, this paradigm is omnipresent.

Cultural animosity, collective defensiveness, racism (and Orientalism), among other overriding cultural trends existed long before distained US foreign policy in the Middle East became the defining norm, before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan. But these events emboldened existing arguments on both sides, with Muslims solidifying as a collective victim, and the US, from a Muslim point of view, seen as a vulgar, but true representation of the West.  Continue Reading…

The Wandering Who?

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Gilad Atzmon, October 24th, 2009.

Tel Aviv University historian, Professor Shlomo Sand, opens his remarkable study of Jewish nationalism quoting Karl W. Deutsch: “A nation is a group of people united by a common mistake regarding its origin and a collective hostility towards its neighbours.”

As simple or even simplistic as it may sound, the quote above eloquently summarises the figment of reality entangled with modern Jewish nationalism and especially within the concept of Jewish identity. It obviously points the finger at the collective mistake Jews tend to make whenever referring to their ‘illusionary collective past’ and ‘collective origin’. Yet, in the same breath, Deutsch’s reading of nationalism throws light upon the hostility that is unfortunately coupled with almost every Jewish group towards its surrounding reality, whether it is human or takes the shape of land …

… Nationalism In General and Jewish Nationalism In Particular: Continue Reading…

When the wall fell down: Berlin remembers

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Published on The, by Reb Stevenson, Oct. 24, 2009.

BERLIN – On Nov. 9, if all goes according to plan and no klutzes intervene during the set-up, a two-kilometre chain of giant dominoes will tumble in sequence from Berlin’s Reichstag to the Brandenburg Gate and on to Potsdamer Platz. Then an orchestra will play, kicking off a two-day “Festival of Joy”  … (full text).

For the Berlin Wall:

The Final Stages of a Genocide

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Linked with Survival International.  – Published on Dissident Voice, by Survival International, October 22nd, 2009.

The Akuntsu tribe in the Brazilian Amazon has lost its oldest member, Ururú, leaving the tribe with only five surviving members. Ururú was the oldest member of this close-knit, tiny group and an integral part of it.

Altair Algayer, head of FUNAI’s (Brazilian government Indian affairs department) team which protects the Akuntsu’s land said, ‘She was a fighter, strong, and resisted until the last moment.’ In addition, the oldest-surviving Akuntsu, Ururú’s brother Konibú, is seriously ill. Ururú witnessed the genocide of her people and the destruction of their rainforest home, as cattle ranchers and their gunmen moved on to indigenous lands in Rondônia state. Rondônia was opened up by government colonisation projects and the infamous BR 364 highway in the 1960s and 70s. Continue Reading…

East Africa Food Crisis

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Published on OXFAM, watch this video: drought in Kenya, 2.33 min. Kenya has been hit especially hard by the crisis. In the rural region of Wajir, lack of rain has destroyed whole harvests. Many pastoralists have lost their livestock and main means of making a living.

Donate to our East Africa Food Crisis appeal.

  • East Africa Food Crisis: Over 23 million people across East Africa are facing critical shortages of food and water following successive years of failed rains and worsening drought.
  • A humanitarian crisis: Communities across East Africa are facing life-threatening shortages of food and water. Severe recurring drought is the major cause.
  • Oxfam is already responding to this crisis. But the number of people facing severe food shortages has risen dramatically in recent months. We urgently need more support to continue this vital work. (full text).
  • OXFAM’s Homepage, OXFAM on our NGO blog.

Call for law on hunger

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Published on The Southern Times, 22 October 2009.

The National Right to Food Taskforce, which is coordinated by Church and Society, a project of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Blantyre Synod, are circulating a Human Right to Food Bill that seeks to create an independent authority to ensure food security.

The bill is based on the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) under which countries are obliged to ensure that their citizens’ right to food is respected and protected. The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights monitors compliance with the treaty.

The Taskforce requested FoodFirst Information and Action Network (FIAN) a Germany-based NGO, and Rights & Democracy, a Canadian organisation, to analyse hunger in Malawi. Their report, ‘The Human Right to Food in Malawi’, recommended the creation of an authority able to investigate food rights violations and take action on behalf of the victims.   Continue Reading…

The rise of epigenomics – Methylated spirits

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The human genome gets more and more complicated

Published on The Economist, Oct. 15, 2009.

IT WAS, James Watson claimed, something even a monkey could do. Sequencing the human genome, that is. In truth, Dr Watson, co-discoverer of the double-helical structure of DNA back in the 1950s, had a point. Though a technical tour-de-force, the Human Genome Project was actually the sum of millions of small, repetitive actions by cleverly programmed robots. When it was complete, so the story went, humanity’s genes—the DNA code for all human proteins—would be laid bare and all would be light.

It didn’t quite work out like that. Knowing the protein-coding genes has been useful. It has provided a lexicon of proteins, including many previously unknown ones. What is needed, though, is a proper dictionary—an explanation of what the proteins mean as well as what they are. For that, you need to know how the genes’ activities are regulated in the 220 or so different types of cell a human body is made from. And that is the purpose of the American government’s Roadmap Epigenome Programme, results from which are published this week in Nature by Ryan Lister and Mattia Pelizzola of the Salk Institute in California, and their colleagues …   Continue Reading…

Lutte contre la vaccination de la grippe porcine

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un avocat américain entre dans la danse

Lié avec Pourquoi je refuse catégoriquement ce vaccin, avec Big Pharma, les vaccins … et nous, avec Jim Turner Files Lawsuit Against FDA To Stop Swine Flu Vaccine, avec World Health Organisation Admits No Deadly Mutation of H1N1 Swine Flu, avec Vaccine Nation – Director’s Cut (Gary Null), avec We Don’t Want Your Swine Flu Vaccinations, avec H1N1 Flu is a Hoax, avec VIDEO: The Swine Flu Vaccine Conspiracy, avec The Great Swine Flu Cover-Up, avec still the swine flue – and more. Et aussi avec Le Codex Alimentarius – des dangers bien réels.

Publié dans MAEVERICK, par Gilles de Grammont, 21 octobre 2009.

Un extrait: Vendredi 16 octobre à Washingon l’avocat américain Jim Turner dépose plainte contre la vaccination en masse aux USA. A ses côtés, Gary Null, un expert international en nutrition et en sciences de la santé.

Une initiative qui augmente le petit contingent des samouraïs qui risquent leur carrière et leur sécurité contre un gigantesque adversaire. Le premier de la série était la journaliste d’investigation autrichienne Jane Burgermeister. Continue Reading…

A Nobel Prize For Evo Morales

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Published on, by Fidel Castro, 19 October, 2009.

If Obama was awarded the Nobel for winning the elections in a racist society despite his being African American, Evo deserves it for winning them in his country despite his being a native and his having delivered on his promises.

For the first time, in both countries a member of their respective ethnic groups has won the presidency.

I had said several times that Obama is a smart and cultivated man in a social and political system he believes in. He wishes to bring healthcare to nearly 50 million Americans, to rescue the economy from its profound crisis and to improve the US image which has deteriorated as a result of genocidal wars and torture. He neither conceives nor wishes to change his country’s political and economic system; nor could he do it …  Continue Reading…