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Merchants of death

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Published on Brasscheck TV: The sales and marketing of psychiatric drugs has exploded in the US in the last ten years.

Here’s how these powerful and dangerous drugs are tested. Here’s why:
Watch the video: The Pharmaceutical Industry, 10.00 min.

If your doctor tells you that you or a family member “must” take one or “needs” it, you’d better do your own tough-minded research. From “Making a Killing” … (full text).

Blix to testify against Iraq war makers?

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Published on Voltairenet, 26 December 2008.

Watch this video: Blix to testify against Iraq war makers, 1.35 min.

A former UN chief weapons inspector says he is ready to testify about the false US allegations which led to the Iraq war before a tribunal.

Hans Blix, UN chief weapons inspector, says: Cheney threatened to discredit me. Hans Blix, in a Sunday interview with Al Jazeera television said he and the Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed ElBaradei, were subjected to implicit threats from US Vice President Dick Cheney in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Soirée littéraire avec Issa Makhlouf et Abdellatif Laabi

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Reçu par e-mail:
De: Rencontres et cultures du monde arabe
Date: 10/01/2009

Lectures, poésies et signatures accompagnées d’intermèdes musicaux au ” Oud / Luth ” par Wissam Balays. La soirée sera suivie d’une verrée amicale en compagnie des auteurs – le vendredi 16 janvier 2009 à 20h30 – à la Galerie de la Librairie arabe “l’Olivier”, 5 rue de Fribourg, 1201 Genève, Tel: 022 731 84 40, e-mail. Organisation: Association Rencontres et Cultures du monde arabe, Genève, Suisse.

Israeli theater group encourages Arab and Jewish youngsters to take off their masks

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Linked with Angelica Edna Calo` Livne – Israel, and with the Beresheet La’Shalom Foundation BLF.

Published on, by Lee Cohen, Sept. 23, 2007.

The outbreak of the second intifada in 2000 had a profound effect on Dr. Edna Calo Livne. An Italian immigrant who married a veteran kibbutznik from Kibbutz Sasa in northern Israel, Calo Livne was no longer able to stand on the sidelines as the drama played itself out on national television.

Instead, Calo Livne took action, launching the Beresheet Lashalom Foundation, dedicated to promoting dialogue across diverse groups in the region through one of the most potent channels of communication – the stage …

… The children from Sderot, under daily rocket fire from terrorists in the Gaza strip, have been deeply affected by the ongoing barrage on their city. “They feel like they have been deserted. It’s hard for them to trust,” relates Calo Livne. “In the beginning, the children were like ice. It took time until they ‘melted’.”

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The Alternative’s alternative

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Published on openDemocracy, by Evgeny Morozov, Dec. 29, 2008.

The “Alternative media”, an early-adopter of web technologies, has been left behind by the hyper-individualism of citizen journalism’s new turns.

Whatever their impact on the domestic politics in Greece, the youth riots that have besieged Athens and other Greek cities earlier this month have also given rise to a new global phenomenon – the “networked protest”. While it was not for the first time that the Internet has made the planning and the execution of the protest actions more effective, it was probably the first time that an issue of mostly local importance has triggered solidarity protests across the whole continent, some of them led by the Greek diaspora, but many of them led by disaffected youth who were sympathetic of the movement’s causes.

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No such thing as the United Nations

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Published on Online Journal, by Linda S. Heard, Jan 7, 2009.

I never imagined I would one day agree with that bizarre neoconservative warmonger John Bolton, who was briefly the US ambassador to the United Nations.

In 1994, Bolton was quoted as saying, “There’s no such thing as the United Nations. If the UN Secretariat Building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.”

I differ from Bolton only on one point. The entire expensive and useless organization founded in 1945 to prevent wars and pursue human rights should be demolished because it has failed to live up to its charter over and over again …

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Après les vaches grasses

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Faut-il réparer ou changer le système en temps de crise?

Reçu par e-mail:
De: Infoliste von ATTAC-Schweiz
Date: 07/01/2009

9e édition de la conférence alternative au WEF, Kongresshaus Zürich, vendredi 30 janvier 2009, dès 15h00. Entrée: 10.- à 20.- Francs.

En ces temps de crise financière mondiale, les “grands” de ce monde continuent à vouloir diriger nos vies. Montrons leur et montrons au monde que des résistances existent et sont réalisables dès maintenant. Nous vous convions à la 9e édition de l’Autre Davos, à Zurich, avec au programme:

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Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei

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Reperatur oder Systemwechsel in Zeiten der Krise ?

Via e-mail erhalten:
Von: Infoliste von ATTAC-Schweiz
Datum: 07/01/2009

9. Ausgabe der Gegenveranstaltung zur Wef-Konferenz, Kongresshaus Zürich, Freitag 30. Januar 2009 ab 15.00 Uhr. Entritt: 10.- bis 20.- Franken.

In einer globalen Krisenzeit wollen die Grossen dieser Welt weiterhin unser Leben bestimmen. Zeigen wir der Welt, dass Widerstand existiert und er auch jetzt realisierbar ist. Wir laden euch zur 9. Ausgabe des Anderen Davos in Zürich ein. Programm:

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International Summer School on Human Rights

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Received by mail:
From: Scholarship and Job
Date: 07/01/2009

International Summer School on Human Rights

We are pleased to inform that the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights is organizing the 20th International Summer School on Human Rights. The School will be held in Warsaw-Miedzeszyn, Poland, between 20 and 27 June.

The School is intended for human rights activists, university teachers and representatives of institutions from all levels of public administration dealing with human rights issues from Central, Eastern European and CIS countries. We regret to inform you that our offer is limited only to those who have not yet participated in our Summer or Winter Schools. The program is open to university graduates or final-year university students. Our program combines lectures and workshops on the historical and philosophical background of human rights, domestic and international systems of human rights protection as well as the applicability of rights of primary importance (see programme attached).

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Hanan Ashrawi and the Price of Dissent

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Linked with Hanan Ashrawi – Palestine, with Israel and Palestine in these times, with Israel and Palestine on my blogs, and with General Union of Palestinian Women GUPW.

Published on Google group soc.culture.israel, by Antony Loewenstein, October 23, 2003.

It’s not easy advocating Palestinian rights. Edward Said frequently commented upon the constant abuse he had received throughout his life. Upon his death, the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) in Australia (related to the Anti-Defamation League ADL in America) renounced Said as ‘anti-American and anti-Semitic’. Supporting Palestinian self-determination, critiquing Israeli Government policy and questioning Zionist history was seemingly enough to incur the wrath of Jewish groups around the world.

Hanan Ashrawi is currently finding herself in similar straits in Australia. The Sydney Peace Foundation, associated with the University of Sydney, recently decided to award Dr Ashrawi its annual peace prize …

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Top Zimbabwean rights activist poisoned in custody

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Published on AFP, Jan. 4, 2009.

JOHANNESBURG (AFP) – Zimbabwean rights campaigner Jestina Mukoko, who is to appear in court Monday on charges of plotting to overthrow President Robert Mugabe, is being poisoned and tortured in custody, the Sunday Independet reported.

According to the paper, Mukoko, who is in solitary confinement at the notorious Chikurubi Maximum Security prison, is being force fed drugs by prison personnel.

It said her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has called for a toxicology report to support the allegations.

“Mukoko is psychologically traumatised, it is not certain that she has told the full story because, every time she speaks to a doctor or a lawyer, a state official is present,” said Mtetwa.

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Israel and Palestine in these times

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I am not publishing and writing on Israel and Palestine … actually everybody does.

Yes, I feel compassion for both sides. Both are suffering. Also both claim this country being their’s. Too many say: only their’s.

But both communities are living in a dream bubble, an imaged construction what reality should be for them. This dream replaces a sane objective attitude concerning the other people’s reality on this same place.

Most of the habitants of both communities are not listening the other side and live in their dream bubble … except (for ex) some peacewomen, part of the 1000peacewomen project for the Nobel Price in 2005*.

Yes, militarly spoken Israel is much stronger, and is given therefore more responsibility. When I educated my two sons, I told the older one: you are stronger, you have more responsibility. But this only to a certain degree. When they grew up I had to tell them, now, you are both responsible.

Since we learned how so called weaker nations are able to fight a bigger army with multiple small attacks.

Also remember my comment of May 16, 2007: Israel and Palestine on my blogs.

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Social Watch launched its 2008 report

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International Financial Institutes in Latin America

Published on IFI’s, by Social Watch, dec. 01, 2008.

download the full report on social watch, in Pdf or WORD.

The unusual combination of financial crisis, food crisis, energy and climate crisis requires a new approach based on human rights, argues the international Social Watch coalition in its 2008 report, launched during the United Nations Conference on Financing for Development. Next December 10, as the report remembers the 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be commemorated and the title of the Social Watch Report 2008 is, precisely, “Rights is the Answer” …

… Kinda Mohamadieh of the Arab NGO Network for Development provides a developing country perspective in her thematic report on social and economic rights in the Arab region, proving how in recent years, economic liberalization has actually thwarted attempts to strengthen democracy in the region. “The regimes in power have failed to address the pressing socio-economic problems that the region faces and the economic reforms implemented mainly respond to requirements by major international institutions and developed partner countries that not necessarily serve the local needs and priorities”, states Mohamadieh.

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Obama l’Africain

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Publié sur radio Canada, par Sophie Langlois, le 31 décembre 2008.

Depuis quelques jours, j’écoute et je lis les revues de l’année réalisées par les médias africains. Il n’y en a que pour le président élu des États-Unis. Un éditorialiste sénégalais disait à la radio que l’homme de l’année 2008, ce n’est pas Barack Obama mais le peuple américain, pour avoir su voir la lumière… et offrir au monde ce grand leader afro-américain.

Les Africains se sont approprié sa victoire comme si c’était véritablement un des leurs qui allait emménager à la Maison-Blanche le 20 janvier prochain. L’espoir que cet homme suscite ici est troublant. Les Africains se nourrissent du symbole de sa réussite comme on s’abreuve à la source après une longue traversée du désert. On a beau mesurer l’ampleur des désillusions à venir, on ne peut s’empêcher d’être ébloui par la force de cet espoir. Un espoir à la fois démesuré et lucide.

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MEDIA-PHILIPPINES: Community Radio – Balm in Troubled Areas

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Linked with Kalinga Seneviratne – Sri Lanka, with Financial Meltdown Decolonising Asian Minds, and with The Digital Divide.

Published on IPSnews, by Kalinga Seneviratne, January 03, 2009.

UPI, Mindanao, Sep 2 (IPS) – Amidst the raging conflict between government forces and Muslim rebels on the island of Mindanao, the religiously mixed population in the North Cotabato region looks to a community radio station as a beacon of peace.

Set up four years ago under the ‘GenPeace’ (gender and peace) project, ‘DXUP-FM’ serves over 42,000 people in the mountainous Shariff Kabunsuan province of southwestern ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao).

A multicultural community, Upi comprises some 17 ethnic groups. Of these the indigenous Tedurays are the most prominent, making up 44 percent of the people. The Muslims, known as Bangsa Moros make up 23 percent. Christians, mainly settlers from Luzon brought to the area during the United States’ occupation, form another 33 percent.

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India Sleepwalks To Total Surveillance

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Published on, by Binu Karunakaran, 02 January, 2009.

It wasn’t tough for a protagonist in a Kundera novel to figure out if he/she were living in a police state. Looking out of the apartment window they could see agents of the state keeping a watch over them from a car parked in the street round the corner. Sometimes shady characters broke in and rummaged through shelves looking for letters or diary notes. Their phones were wiretapped and there was absolutely no way of knowing if the friend they met for a drink last night was an informer or not.

It was our age of innocence and Kafka wasn’t thought to be a realist. Under repressive regimes people lived in constant fear, but the terror they felt and the machinery that enforced it was tangible …

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Extension of call for applications for HREA distance learning courses for February-April 2009

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registration deadline for these courses has been extended until Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Received by newsletter:
From: HREA Distance Learning Programme
Date: 23/12/2008

Due to the high demand HREA will be offering multiple sessions of the e-learning courses that are scheduled for the period February-April 2009. Hence it is still possible to apply for the following courses:

  • - Human Rights Advocacy
  • – Human Rights Advocacy (in French)
  • – Human Rights Litigation
  • – Human Rights of Migrants, Migrant Workers and Their Families
  • – International Tribunals, World Courts and Human Rights
  • – Monitoring Women’s Rights
  • – The European Union and Human Rights
  • – The UN Human Rights Council

Please note that the registration deadline for these courses has been extended until Wednesday, 7 January 2009. Applications can be submitted online … (full text).

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year, Sandra Quintin, Distance Learning Programme, HREA.

Politique du logement: un protocole compassionnel?

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Lié avec Ligue des droits de l’homme LDH – France, et avec Exclusion: la souffrance insensée des naufragés de la rue.

Publié dans Ligue des Droits de l’Homme LDH /Politique du logement, Texte d’analyse et Auteur de l’article: LDH, 31 décembre 20098.

Il fait froid ! C’est normal, nous sommes en hiver… Ce qui ne l’est pas, c’est que dans un pays qui se vante de son niveau de développement humain, l’on puisse en mourir par défaut de logement pour tous. Ce qui l’est moins, c’est de constater le cynisme dont fait preuve la ministre chargée du logement.

Menacer d’utiliser la force publique pour mettre à l’abri les sans logis, avec le nécessaire accent martial pour montrer l’urgence de la décision, c’est placer bien bas le niveau de responsabilité. Madame Boutin ne veut pas être la ministre des morts de froid. Mais elle n’a pas montré qu’elle était celle du logement social …

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Exclusion: la souffrance insensée des naufragés de la rue

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Lié avec Politique du logement: un protocole compassionnel? et avec Ligue des droits de l’homme LDH – France.

Originairement publié sous le link (qui ne marche plus) et reproduit dans yahoo groups /rael-science français, le 20 décembre 2008:

“Ils ont des plaies béantes, mais ne les sentent pas”. Les naufragés de la rue, clochardisés, niés en tant qu’humains, subissent un stress psychique tel qu’ils s’”auto-excluent”, selon des médecins.

“Ils se coupent de leur corps, de leur affect, de leur pensée. Le déni d’eux-mêmes les déconnectent du sensoriel et du psychisme”, explique à l’AFP le Dr Jean Furtos, psychiatre, chef de service à l’Hôpital du Vinatier (Lyon).

Paradoxalement, ces survivants se trouvent plus marginalisés encore, depuis que l’actualité se focalise sur le problème criant des “mal logés”. Parce qu’ils ne demandent rien. “Invisibles” et “inaudibles” pour la société …
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Financial Meltdown Decolonising Asian Minds

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Published on IPSnews, by Kalinga Seneviratne, December 31, 2008.

SINGAPORE, Dec 31 (IPS) – The year 2008 may well go down in history as a watershed in which the global financial crisis, precipitated by the collapse of Western economic models, ‘decolonised’ Asians minds, say observers.

“In the past, Asian governments expected Western counterparts to be role models of good governance,’’ observed well-known Singaporean diplomat and author Kishore Mahbubani in a recent commentary published in London’s ‘Financial Times.’

Pointing to how major United States and European financial institutions have fallen like packs of cards, due mainly to the failure of financial regulators in their respective countries, Mahbubani argues that Asian governments’ belief in good governance and regulation may serve as a real asset in the storm …

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