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A Biased Investigation

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Linked with Jürgen Cain Külbel – Germany.

Published on Global, by Silvia Cattori, September 2006.

Judicial Colonialism, The Assassination of Rafik Hariri, A Biased Investigation, Interview of Jürgen Cain Külbel.

Silvia Cattori: Did you reach the conclusion that Syria was not behind Hariri’s assassination, as Mr Bush asserted?

Jürgen Cain Külbel: Bush’s cohorts knew exactly what they started when they let their Fuehrer in Washington say – over the still warm corpse of Hariri – which the string-pullers of the crime sat in Damascus. The echo came instantly and was Druze’s and anti-Syrian Lebanese. The song that the first commissioner, the Irishman Peter Fitzgerald, then started in March 2005, about the sloppiness of the Lebanese authorities safeguarding the crime scene and the crime examination, was calculated and of an arrogant colonial style. The entire world knew that the Lebanese police, their secret services, lack -compared with our standards- specialized experts, technical equipment, forensic examination methods; as well as the logistics, they also lacked the criminal tactical know-how of how to handle such colossal capital crimes. How could they?

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Journalisme et services secrets

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Lié avec Jürgen Cain Külbel – Germany.

Publié chez, par Silvia Cattori, le 30 juillet 2007.

Entretien avec Jürgen Cain Külbel: Le journaliste d’investigation face aux manipulations des services secrets.

Jürgen Cain Külbel, enquêteur allemand et collaborateur du Réseau Voltaire, met en évidence, dans l’entretien accordé à Silvia Cattori, les difficultés auxquelles peut se heurter un journaliste d’investigation. Son témoignage révèle certaines pratiques utilisées par les divers pouvoirs que dérangent les enquêtes citoyennes remettant en question des « vérités » officielles.
Le Réseau Voltaire n’a pas pour habitude d’étaler dans ses colonnes les difficultés auxquelles ses collaborateurs sont confrontés. S’il a décidé de publier le témoignage de Jürgen Cain Külbel —qui n’est pas un cas isolé, mais la règle—, c’est que celui-ci s’accompagne de documents irréfutables sur l’espion Saïd Dudin … (voir tout ce long interview).

New e-mail address of HRC Complaint Procedure

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Received by mail:

… In accordance with the mandate provided to it by the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council reviewed the 1503 procedure and, by resolution 5/1 adopted on 18 June 2007, established a new complaint procedure to address consistent patterns of gross and reliably attested violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms occuring in any part of the world and under any circumstances.

The new e-mail address of the Complaint Procedure.

Best regards, Laura Dolci-Kanaan, NGO Liaison Officer, OHCHR Civil Society Unit, Tel. + 41 22 917 9656, Fax. +41 22 9179004, E-mail.

Outsource This!

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(from Ernest Callenbach, USA)

Linked with Ernest Callenbach – USA.

An excerpt of Ernest Callenbach’s text: … Economists, therefore, should stop insulting us with talk about how job outsourcing is good for us. It may be good for “the economy” – to be specific, the globalized economy of corporations with no particular loyalty to any country. But it is bringing pain to American workers, and they are naturally angry and asking politicians to do something about it. And in a small way, especially through ceasing to subsidize companies that export jobs, a government like ours could help a bit. It’s up to us to make the politicians feel our pain.

In the grand global scheme of things, however, job outsourcing is “merely” a readjustment of the advantages American workers have enjoyed for many decades, particularly from World War II to about 1973, when our average real wages (how much bread you can buy for an hour’s wage) began trending downward. To the impersonal mechanisms of global capitalism, American wages – including those of many professional and managerial personnel – are still far too high and the wages of corresponding folks in China or India are far too low. As jobs are lost and downgraded in America, they will be created and upgraded elsewhere.
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The EU’s Protection of children

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(Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse)

Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 12 July 2007 at the 1002nd meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies:

The member states of the Council of Europe and the other signatories hereto;

Considering that the aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve a greater unity between its members;

Considering that every child has the right to such measures of protection as are required by his or her status as a minor, on the part of his or her family, society and the state;

Observing that the sexual exploitation of children, in particular child pornography and prostitution, and all forms of sexual abuse of children, including acts which are committed abroad, are destructive to children’s health and psycho-social development;

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Online Program in Mental Disability Law

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Published on NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL, not dated.

Now New York Law School offers an array of six online courses:

  • - Survey of Mental Disability Law,
  • - The Americans with Disabilities Act: Law, Policy and Practice,
  • - International Human Rights and Mental Disability Law,
  • - Lawyering Skills for the Representation of Persons with Mental Disabilities,
  • - Competency and the Civil Law: Domestic Relations, Contracts, Trusts, Estates, Wills & Guardianships,
  • - Mental Disability Issues in Jails and Prisons.

See more on The Changing World of Mental Disability Law:

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EU treaty moves forward after Poland backs down

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Published on Gulf Times, 24 July, 2007.

3 excerpts: … Poland backed down yesterday on a key objection to a treaty to reform European Union institutions as formal negotiations began to turn the political deal clinched at a summit last month into a legal text.

Polish Foreign Minister Anna Fotyga dropped Warsaw’s demand that groups of countries should be able to delay any contentious EU decision for up to two years …

… Many EU leaders have warned Poland against reopening the deal it won last month, which delayed the full entry into force of a new population-based voting system until 2017 and set a lower threshold for countries to delay decisions after that.

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UN Special Rapporteur Martin Scheinin says …

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Added Aug. 18, 2007: Linked with Martin Scheinin – Finland.

Published on Voltairenet: Interview with UN Special Rapporteur Martin Scheinin, by Sandro Cruz, 10 July 2007.

The locking up of individuals on the US base of Guantanamo, Cuba, is an arbitrary form of dentention part of the CIA secret prisons program discreetly refered to as “proxy detentions”. Contrary to the claims of certain governments, there is no such thing as a global war against terror, and Al Qaeda is but a metaphor. Martin Scheinin is a Finnish Law professor and was recently appointed as UN Special Rapporteur on the protection and promotion of Human Rights. He’s interviewed by Sandro Cruz for the Voltaire Network … (see the full long interview) …

… and the last question of Sandro Cruz:

After 9/11, the United States launched what they called a long global war on terror. What is your opinion on that?

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Durban Review Conference

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Preparatory Committee for the Durban Review Conference, Geneva from 27 to 31 August 2007:

The Preparatory Committee for the Durban Review Conference will hold its first organizational session in Geneva from 27 to 31 August 2007 pursuant to General Assembly Resolution 61/149, and Human Rights Council Resolution 3/2 on the Preparations for the Durban Review Conference … (full long text).

Contact details: e-mail, Tel. +41 22 92 89221

Background documents: Report of the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.

Remark: all documents /downloads are available in all 6 UN languages.

Spammers use Excel to cloak malware

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Published on itWEB, BY STAFF WRITER, 24 July 2007.

Spammers are using Microsoft Excel as the newest packaging for their stock pump-and-dump scams, says Commtouch, a Nasdaq-listed anti-spam technology provider. The finding is based on the company’s analysis of billions of e-mail messages globally.

“Like other types of spam messages, the Excel spam is being sent from zombie computers or bots – typically home PCs that have previously been infected by Trojan malware,” the company says in a media statement. The Excel spam packaging promotes stocks in file attachments with names like “invoice20202.xls”, “stock information-3572.xls”, and “requested report.xls”.

Commtouch CIO Amir Lev says Excel is a natural progression after a recent spate of PDF spam. “We expect other file formats to follow suit. Think of the spam potential in PowerPoint files, or Word documents,” he says.

Global spam traffic: … (full text).

Lybia : Bulgaria & the others

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Press excerpt: … After eight long years in a Libyan prison, Tripoli on Tuesday released five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor convicted on charges of infecting hundreds of children with HIV. The group landed on Tuesday morning in Sofia and were immediately pardoned by Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov. For Libya, the case represented one of the last remaining barriers for its reintegration into the international community … (

My comment: repeatedly we were told that meanwhile the innocence of the six medical members was proofed, the HIV virus was already inside the hospital, before these six persons arrived in Lybia.

What makes me problem is the need of the whole smala (brats) involved in this cabaret to go on with the show, inclusive Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov’s pardon.

Ok, I am a simple person, but IF they are innocent, there is no pardon needed. IF there is pardon needed, it’s for the elit’s show which has to go on: the show that things rule belonging to … rules … event if the whole becomes a farce.

But there is more: remember the Lockerbie airplane crash. Some secret services told Syria being the bad guy in this affair, but the US were in bargainings with them and wanted a soft behavior.

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Prevention of Torture

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The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment has a special website with reports in English, Français and other languages (from Albanian to Ukranian).

Just download the report you are interested for.

Chechnya, a video

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… calls on local and federal authorities in Chechnya and Russia to end impunity for human rights violations and to establish policies for the return of mountain villagers to their ancestral homes …

to watch the video, go to WITNESS-website and click on the QuickTime button.

Crime Rate 13 Times More Than Militancy In Jammu And Kashmir

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Published on, by Syed Junaid Hashmi, 13 July, 2007.

2 excerpts: In a state where voices seeking withdrawal of security forces from civilian areas and giving the charge to the state police are being looked upon with suspicion, official reports of Union Ministry of Home Affairs and state home department when compared reveal that incidents of normal crime reported and registered in the year 2006 are 13 times more than the militancy related incidents.

Ministry of Home Affairs in its annual report maintains that 1667 militancy related incidents were reported in the year 2006. Simultaneously, state home department says that 23, 492 cases of crime were registered during the same year. Out of these cases, 21,825 cases were related to normal policing, as claimed by a senior police officer.

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Two Island Tales

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(The Use And Abuse Of Power)

Published on, by Brian McAfee, 18 July, 2007.

The idyllic lives of two island based populations were inexorably changed and came close to annihilation just to accommodate U.S. supposed protection of democracy. Both Bikini Atoll in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean’s Diego Garcia island were populated by thriving, self sufficient, fishing based population until coming under the radar screen of British and U.S. hegemonic interests. The disregard and callus indifference towards the effected populations show the true nature of U.S. “values.”

Both Bikini and Diego Garcia resurfaced as issues earlier this year when survivors of the hydrogen bomb tests in the Pacific and Chagos islanders (Diego Garcia) won court cases recognizing the injustices forced upon them by the U.S. in the case of Bikinians and by the British in the case of the Chagos islanders. The Bikinians were awarded $1 billion in damages for the impact and effect of U.S. nuclear and hydrogen tests. They will likely never see a cent of it as the bank reserve designated for awarding payment is said to have no funds to accommodate the ruling.

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Cet été, révisez en ligne dans la Wikiversité

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Plus de 2 000 articles concernant les mathématiques, l’informatique, la musique, les arts plastiques ou encore les langues : c’est le nombre de cours que vient de dépasser Wikiversité, le projet de communauté pédagogique libre lancé aux Etats-Unis l’été dernier et en France en décembre 2006 et soutenu par la Wikimedia Foundation.

Comme son illustre aînée l’encyclopédie libre Wikipédia, la Wikiversité est “sous licence libre et se veut neutre et avec des références”. Cette communauté, dont une partie des contributeurs sont des professeurs, s’emploie à créer et partager connaissances et techniques d’apprentissage en cinq langues principales (allemand, anglais, espagnol, italien et français), l’anglais étant logiquement la version la plus avancée du projet, avec plus de 3 500 articles.


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… Tripoli meeting on Darfur

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Received by mail:

Subject: Ban Ki-moon welcomes outcome of Tripoli meeting on Darfur.

From: HREA Human Rights Education Associates
Date: 20/07/2007

(From UN News Service).

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed the “constructive outcome” of a well-attended international meeting on the situation in Sudan’s war-torn Darfur region.

The Special Envoys tasked with re-energizing the Darfur peace process – Salim Ahmed Salim of the African Union (AU) and Jan Eliasson of the UN – convened the two-day meeting in Tripoli, Libya, from 15 to 16 July.

“The meeting reconfirmed the strong international support for the AU/UN leadership role in negotiations towards a comprehensive political solution to the conflict in Darfur,” Mr. Ban said through his spokesperson.

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Big progress in preventing interpersonal violence

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WHO Press Release / New WHO report:

Published on HREA Human Rights Education Associates, July 18, 2007.

GENEVA – Governments around the world are taking new and stronger measures to quell interpersonal violence and its life-long health consequences, a new WHO report shows. This week in Scotland, 200 of the world’s leading experts in preventing violence gather for “Milestones 2007″, to assess the advances that have been made, identify strategies for further expanding these, and advocate for increased investment by international development partners.

In the context of Milestones 2007, the World Health Organisation WHO report documents progress in countries since 2002. Some key national achievements are:
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US: Mandatory Deportation Laws Harm American Families

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HRW Press Release

Published on HRW Human Rights Watch, July 17, 2007:

The mandatory deportation of legal immigrants convicted of a crime, even a minor one, has separated an estimated 1.6 million children and adults, including US citizens and lawful permanent residents, from their non-citizen family members, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

US immigration officials have deported 672,593 immigrants because of criminal convictions since 1997, after Congress passed legislation making deportation a mandatory penalty for a long list of crimes, including minor, non-violent offenses committed years before the laws went into effect. Many of those deported arrived in the US as children and were lawful permanent residents who had lived legally in the country for decades.

“The laws are not only cruel in their rigidity, they are senseless”, said Alison Parker, senior researcher for Human Rights Watch’s US Program and author of the report. “How do you explain to a child that her father has been sent thousands of miles away and can never come home simply because he forged a check”?

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Linked with Bahia Hariri – Lebanon.

A 382 pages pdf-text, published by PDHRE People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning, June 20, 2006.

An exerpt from page 323: … Gradually, three major modes of education developed in the Kibbutz movement, all aimed at enabling the child of the Kibbutz to deal with, and be active within a larger society whose rules were changing. Common to all those modes was the belief that it is unnecessary to exercise power and authority to reach children and to enable the growth of a human being able to function in the new society.


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Myanmar arms embargo

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Received by mail:

Sujet: EU-made rockets, guns and engines risk undermining Myanmar arms embargo
De: HREA Human Rights Education Associates
Date: 16/07/2007 12:34:51

New report by Amnesty International, Saferworld and other NGOs:

(AI Index: POL 30/016/2007)

The proposed transfer to Myanmar (Burma) of a military helicopter containing components and technology from as many as six European Union countries threatens to undermine an EU arms embargo on Myanmar, according to a new report issued today.

‘Indian helicopters for Myanmar: making a mockery of the EU arms embargo?’, a report by European and international NGOs, including Amnesty International and Saferworld, cites credible sources who say that the Indian government is planning to transfer the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) to Myanmar. It reveals how the Indian-manufactured helicopter would not be operational without vital components from EU Member States and highlights the urgent need for stricter EU arms controls.

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ADB – Central Asian countries face challenges to attain MDG goals

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by Lu Hui on, 2007July 16.

2 excerpts: Asian Development Bank (ADB) said on Monday countries in the Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus still need to do more in overcoming poverty and malnutrition, improving tertiary education and fighting epidemic disease of AIDS.

In a statement issued prior to a regional meeting on Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in Central Asia and Southern Caucasus, ADB said these countries’ efforts to achieve some MDGs have slowed or even regressed, although they have achieved some of the MDGs related to carbon emissions, primary education and partly also drinking water and sanitation.

But major problems remain in income poverty, malnutrition, access to tertiary education, HIV/AIDS, the environment, as well as soil and water management, said ADB …

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Meeting with UN Special Procedures

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Geneva, June 19, 2007:

2 excerpts: … the Special Representative to the Secretary-General (SRSG) on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises invited all other human rights mandate holders to a lunchtime session to discuss business and human rights. The meeting was organized as a follow up to an earlier request by the SRSG to the mandate holders to share any relevant information with him, particularly those who during their country missions have encountered corporate related human rights issues affecting the right(s) covered by their respective mandates, and/or who receive allegations from individuals or communities about human rights abuses resulting from corporate practices.

The mandates represented at the June meeting included those on adequate housing; enforced or involuntary disappearances; health; indigenous peoples; mercenaries; torture; and toxic waste.

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The FOUNDING CONGRESS, Hamburg, 9 – 13 May 2007.

Today we stand at the crossroads of human history. Our actions – and our failures to act – will decide the future of life on earth for thousands of years, if not forever.

Our generation will be scrutinized with exceptional fierceness by those coming after us, for decisions taken now will have profound consequences for them in terms of lives saved or lost.

The World Future Council identifies necessary policies and works to develop a new political realism, based on ethics and science and freed from dogmas which sacrifice our real wealth – our climate, water, soil, air and the health of our communities.

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