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Nigeria’s Oil and the population

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Linked with our publications of Oronto Douglas – Nigeria, and of Environemental Rights Action ERA – Nigeria, of SEEN – Sustainble Energy & Economic Network, and with The World Bank’s Recipe for Climate Disaster.

Notice first: Shell Ordered to Stop Wasteful, Poisonous ‘Gas Flaring’ in Nigeria, by Haider Rizvi,, November 15, 2005. (Read on Common Dreams).

Found on this page of Clearing House, a Democracy Now! Investigative Report: Drilling and Killing: Chevron and Nigeria’s Oil Dictatorship. This text can also be listened on the same page as a 59 Minutes Video.

President Bush arrives in Nigeria today. (No publiction date is indicated on their site).
As he wraps up his five-day Africa tour, he is accompanied by a large entourage of corporate executives. Front and center are the oil executives. Bush is set to meet with Chevron Texaco CEO and chairman Dave O’Reilly. Other transnational corporations attending include Exxon-Mobil and Shell Petroleum.

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Finding the Law: Islamic Law

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Linked with our presentation of Amsatou Sow Sidibé – Senegal, and of RAFET – Senegal,  and of Fondation pour l’innovation politique.

Find this long reflection about the Sharia, on

By Andrew Grossman. He is a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer who served in Seoul, Abidjan, London, Tehran, Algiers and Geneva. He holds the degrees of B.A. in Economics (Clark), LL.B. (Columbia), M.A. in L.I.S. (University College London) and of Licencié en droit européen et international, Maître & Docteur en droit (Louvain) and he is a member of the New York and District of Columbia Bars. He lives in London where he writes on private international law issues, especially in the fields of personal status, insolvency and tax. His most recent article is “‘Islamic land’: Group Rights, National Identity and Law”, to be published in the September 2002 issue of UCLA Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law.  A collection of materials relating to European nationality issues and supplementing those in his forthcoming book Compilation des lois sur la nationalité des pays et territoires européens et guide de recherche juridique is online at His previous contributions to LLRX are Towards Cooperation in Access to Foreign Primary Law and Finding the Law: the Micro-States and Small Jurisdictions of Europe. (See all on, published August 01, 2002, Updated August 11, 2002).

Garífuna Community Leader in Honduras Threatened with Death

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Linked with our presentations of Jessica García – Honduras, and of The Garifunda Community – Honduras.

Date Issued: July 6, 2006 – An Afro-descendent community leader in Honduras, Jessica García, was forced at gunpoint to sign a document surrendering land and rights to a powerful real estate company. After refusing to accept a bribe to endorse the document, a representative of the company threatened to kill Ms. Garcia, the leader of the San Juan Tela Patronato, which represents the interests of the San Juan Garífuna community, and to murder her children.

This incident is only the most recent in a series of mounting threats and violent attacks faced by the Garífuna community and their leaders over the last several years. Powerful business interests, who seek to benefit from developing Garífuna territory into major tourism projects, engage in intimidation and violence, with virtual impunity.

Following the murder of two Garífuna community members in San Juan earlier this year and violent attacks against the San Juan community by security guards working for the real estate company, Ms. García and other Garífuna leaders are in need of immediate protection.

Urge the government of Honduras to protect the safety of Garífuna rights activists and ensure that those responsible for violent threats and criminal attacks against peaceful community leaders are brought to justice.

I want to know more, and take action: see on this page of Human Rights Defenders.

Linking Gender, Food Security and the Environment

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Linked with our presentations Rosalina Tuyuc Velásquez – Guatemala, and CONAVIGUA.

By Rosalina Tuyuc Velásquez, CONAVIGUA, Guatemala – Speech hold during the World Food Summit: five years later, 10-13 June 2002:
A fraternal greeting to all of you. I would like to thank you for inviting me to share our thoughts on GENDER, FOOD SECURITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

I represent an indigenous Organization of Mayan women and survivor women from the genocide that occurred in Guatemala. Our husbands, fathers and relatives were kidnapped, tortured, missing and abandoned in clandestine cemeteries. We are women who have suffered discrimination, poverty and, in many cases, even extreme poverty. In my country’s history there has not been a government interested in investing in women in general, nor in rural women, in particular. We were also considered women unable to contribute to development because we had no access to formal education.

We rural women are the crucial force for human development, despite the fact that public policies have not guaranteed us subsistence, nutrition, health, and just salaries. Our permanent contribution to our household, culture, society, and country has never been valued, nor even recognized.

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Put away the flags

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Linked with our presentation of Howard Zinn – USA.

Published on The Progressive, by Howard Zinn, July 2006.

From the Progressive Media Project:

On this July 4, we would do well to renounce nationalism and all its symbols: its flags, its pledges of allegiance, its anthem – that devotion to a flag, an anthem, a boundary so fierce it engenders mass murder – one of the great evils of our time, along with racism, along with religious hatred? These ways of thinking – cultivated, nurtured, indoctrinated from childhood on – have been useful to those in power, and deadly for those out of power. (Read the rest of this article on above link).

It’s Not up to the Court

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Linked with our presentation of Howard Zinn – USA.

By Howard Zinn, November 2005 Issue of ‘the Progressive‘ – John Roberts sailed through his confirmation hearings as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, with enthusiastic Republican support, and a few weak mutterings of opposition by the Democrats. Then, after the far right deemed Harriet Miers insufficiently doctrinaire, Bush nominated arch conservative Samuel Alito to replace Sandra Day O’Connor. This has caused a certain consternation among people we affectionately term “the left.”

I can understand that sinking feeling. Even listening to pieces of Roberts’s confirmation hearings was enough to induce despair: the joking with the candidate, the obvious signs that, whether Democrats or Republicans, these are all members of the same exclusive club. Roberts’s proper “credentials,” his “nice guy” demeanor, his insistence to the Judiciary Committee that he is not an “ideologue” (can you imagine anyone, even Robert Bork or Dick Cheney, admitting that he is an “ideologue”?) were clearly more important than his views on equality, justice, the rights of defendants, the war powers of the President.

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Mauritania: Low HIV prevalence, widespread AIDS stigma

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Linked with our presentation of Aïssata Kane – Mauritania.

by Joyce Mulama, Nov. 03, 2005 – In the wooden shanty town of Elmina on the outskirts of Mauritania’s capital, Nouakchott, AIDS educators do not let religious or cultural conservatism get in their way. (IPS)

A wooden dummy of a penis fitted with a condom is used to instruct people about the dangers of unprotected sex – perhaps a somewhat unexpected sight in a country which is almost entirely Muslim, and where frank discussions about sex have tended to be taboo.

”When doing this awareness creation we carry with us the dummy of the penis, and after the demonstration we distribute the condoms which we get,” says Aichetou Gueye, chairperson of the Union of Co-operatives on Economic Development, a group which informs people about the pandemic.

Peer educators are used to ensure that those addressed feel some affinity with their instructors, which doubtless ensures that information is communicated more effectively.

”If we find a house with old women, we take an old lady to carry out the talk. If it is one with young girls we use a young person to do the training,” Gueye told IPS. The condoms issued to those who attend the classes are donated by non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

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Freedom of expression …

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Found on the main page of the english edition of Voltairenet (a french online publication):

Excerpt: … Freedom of expression includes the right to blaspheme; it is a right that cannot be contested and it has often served to reveal the freedom status of a society. However, the caricatures published by the Jyllands Posten are not only blasphemous. Although some of them, very innocent, only represent Mohammed, others; on the contrary, portray Mohammed using features of the traditional racist caricature that emerged after September 11, 2001, linking Muslims with terrorists. However, while blasphemy is legal, the stigmatization of a community due to its religious or ethnic origin is not … (read the rest of this long article on this page of Voltaire Network).

The Scope and Benefits of Youth Volunteering

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Linked with our presentations of Anica Mikus Kos – Slovenia, and of The Medical Network for Social Reconstruction in the Former Yugoslavia.

by Anica Mikuš Kos, on active citizenship through youth volunteering: the Slovene Experience

Slovenia has developed various models of including youth in organised pro-social activities. The role of young volunteers in the improvement of the quality of life of persons with special needs and of the community as a whole is well-recognised in Slovenia.

Volunteers are active in various non-governmental organisations. They work in institutions and services such as schools, kindergartens, homes for the elderly, and social welfare centres. They act as a complementary resource of help and support to individuals, families, services, and institutions. Young Slovene volunteers have been involved in programs to help refugees, which has a positive influence on the public attitude toward refugees in Slovenia.

Slovenia has integrated youth volunteering in its school system (secondary and primary schools). The Slovene model of volunteering is an outstanding example of cooperation between the state education system and civil society.

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ATTAC Schweiz

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“GENERATION PREKÄR” – Laurence Parisot, Vorsitzende des französischen Arbeitgeberverbands MEDEF, erklärte kurz nach ihrer Ernennung: “Die Meinungsfreiheit hört dort auf, wo das Arbeitsrecht beginnt.” Die Schweizer Unternehmer sind sich eine weniger deutliche Sprache gewohnt und reden lieber von “notwendigen Anpassungen” des “rigiden Arbeitsmarkts” an die “Erfordernisse des internationalen Wettbewerbs”.

Diese “Reformen” dienen in erster Linie dazu, den Arbeitsmarkt tief greifend umzugestalten, um die Profitraten für das Kapital wiederherzustellen. Die sozialen Folgen, insbesondere für die Ärmsten, sind nicht ausgeblieben. Es entsteht eine “Generation prekär”. Die staatliche Antwort darauf ist eine Verschärfung der Sozialpolitik: Abbau von Sozialleistungen, Arbeitszwang und Kriminalisierung der Prekarität. Der Kampf gegen Erwerbslosigkeit, Unsicherheit und Prekarität ist heute eine entscheidende Frage.

Details zu Programm und Anmeldung:

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Patriotism & The Fourth of July

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By Howard Zinn – In celebration of the 4th of July there will be many speeches about the young people who “died for their country.” Let’s be honest about war.  Those who gave their lives did not die for their country, as they were led to believe but for their government.  The distinction between country and government is at the heart of the Declaration of Independence,  which will be referred to again and again on July 4, but without attention to its meaning. (Read this article on this page of ZNet).

Hey, this also is humanity !

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Here is one for the girls: Evgeni Plushenko top Russian (and world) figure skater has some sexy moves for you. He literaly strips on ice, and audience goes crazy.

Go to…  and look at the video.

WSIS Consultation Meetings

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Dear All, I am pleased to inform you that at the request of our two Groups raised at the Consultation Meetings on Action Lines C1 and C7eGov held in Geneva on 16 May 2006, the WSIS Stocktaking Team at ITU is going to extend the function ability of the Stocktaking database, adding for each action line required sub-definitions. In order to reach consensus among all stakeholders in the Groups on the sub-definitions, we would like to invite you to review the themes for forming sub-groups within Action Line C1 and C7eGov as they were expressed by the stakeholders who attended the Consultation Meetings in Geneva.

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