US Investigation against Assange Unprecedented in Size and Scale

Watch this video, 4.27 min, published on Dissident Voice, by RT, August 2, 2012: Julian Assange has been holed up in Ecuador’s diplomatic mission for over 6 weeks now, seeking asylum. He denies the sex crime claims and believes they’re just a pretext to hand him over to the US There, he fears prosecution for espionage after a massive leak of secret diplomatic and military files. Assange’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, says America’s given no assurances that they’re not interested in prosecuting him – even though it could be done easily.  

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Julian Assange Interviews Noam Chomsky & Tariq Ali on The World Tomorrow (E11), 26.49 min, uploaded by Zubenelgenubiii, June 26, 2012: Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali are two giants of the intellectual left. They join Julian to discuss protest movements, democracy, and how the West completely failed to anticipate the Arab Spring …;

CrossTalk: Libor or Lie-more? 24.21 min, uploaded by RT, July 13, 2012: What will be the implications of the Libor scandal? Will anybody get into prison for the wrongdoing? What message does it send to the authorities? Should there be more regulation, or can banks regulate themselves? CrossTalking with Richard Wellings and William Black;

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  • Cypherpunks Uncut /p.1, 81.06 min, uploaded by RT, July 29, 2012: Cyber threats, hacker attacks and laws officially aiming to tackle internet piracy, but in fact infringing people’s rights to online privacy. It’s an increasingly topical subject – and the world’s most famous whistleblower is aiming to get to the heart of it. In this edition of his interview program here on RT, Julian Assange gets together with activists from the Cypherpunk movement – Andy Müller-Maguhn, Jeremie Zimmermann, and Jacob Appelbaum. Previous episodes on The Julian Assange Show;
  • Cypherpunks Uncut /p.2, 119.15 min, uploaded by RT, July 29, 2012: You can’t do much online or with your phone without someone, somewhere, knowing what you’re doing. But there’s one group on your side. They’re called the Cypherpunks Movement, and they’re on Julian Assange’s show here on RT to talk about their plans to keep your private data, private … More episodes on The Julian Assange Show;

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On The Money: Weathering the Storm, 23.55 min.

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