Capsule with message to descendants of communism discovered in Russia

Published on, July 19, 2012.

… The capsule was laid on July 15, 1979 by young soldiers of the military unit, which was stationed in the settlement. The message, hand-written on a sheet of paper measuring 1 meter by 40 cm, is addressed to young people in 2024. The  capsule was placed in the foundation of the monument to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Lenin’s Komsomol:  

Without memory there is no future, – the message says. – Remember how we remember the immortal heroes of the October Revolution and the Civil War heroes, the heroes of the five-year plans and glorious defenders of our country during the terrible years of the Nazi invasion, the great workers of the construction of communism.

Like them, we can not imagine life without struggle and constructive work for the triumph of communism. Our pride – the deeds of older generations – it is our responsibility to the Party, the Motherland and the People.

Everything comes through the blood of the heroes, and your beautiful life is the continuation of our love, “the young men, members of the Komsomol movement of the 1970s, wrote to their peers from the future.

We say to you through the 45 years that connect us… let your characters be courageous. Let your song be happier. Let your love be stronger. We do not feel sorry for ourselves, because we know that you will be better than us, says the message … (full text).

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