For visually impaired children

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Date: 13/12/2007

Human Rights Education HRE for visually impaired children:

Dear Friends at CSJ in our own Gujarat State, We would be happy to interact with you in developing a course module of human rights education for visually impaired children. Please let us know your plans. Best Wishes , A.K. Mittal, National Institute for the Visually Handicapped, Chennai, India, e-mail.

And a link: Prabhat – alternative education, A Report 2003-2006: Making Learning a Joyful Experience for those who need an alternative, 12 pages.

(On 6 December 2007, Jyoti Dhomse wrote:

Greetings from Gujarat, India. The Centre for Social Justice CSJ is a socio-legal organization working towards using law as a tool for social reengineering. Building a cadre of social justice lawyers, paralegals is one of our core intervention areas. Rights education has also been one of our key strategies for decreasing human rights violations in the state and country.

Human rights education for children is recent intiative by CSJ in collabortion with the
Institute of Human Rights Education. We have explored till now with children basics of
humanity, human rights. In a second module we are exploring diversity, peace and citizenship

All this with visually challenged children is difficult in the same format and with same
content also. I would like to invite your suggestions, sharing of experiences and models of
HRE with visually challenged children

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