Writers in Humanism – Marxists

Marxist Humanism and the “New Left” – In 1965, Erich Fromm published An International Symposium of Socialist Humanism, possibly stimulated by the emergence of the Praxis group in Yugoslavia, and received submissions from the following writers:

Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, Raya Dunayevskaya, Adam Schaff, Ernst Bloch, T.B. Bottomore, Lucien Goldman, Maximilien Rubel, Eugene Kamenka, Predrag Vranicki, Gajo Petrović, Mihailo Marković, Milan Prŭcha, Veljko Korać, Ivan Sviták, Danilo Pejović, Bogdan Suchodolski, Karel Kosík, Marek Fritzhand, Bronislaw Baczko, Léopold Senghor, Nirmal Kumar Bose, Rudi Supek, Oskar Schatz, Irving Fletcher, Mathilde Niel, Ernst Florian Winter, Wolfgang Abendroth, Norman Thomas, Richard Titmus, Bertrand Russell, Stephen King Hall, Paul Medow, Danilo Dolci, Umberto Cerroni and Calvano della Volpe.

Many of these writers also counted themselves as Marxists and represent the leaders of the current of Marxist known as “Marxist Humanism.” The other components are those who initiated the “New Left” in the early 1960s in Britain and the U.S., such as the founders of the New Left Review in England (E. P. Thompson, Raphael Samuel, Raymond Williams, Stuart Hall, Ralph Miliband, Alasdair MacIntyre, Isaac Deutscher and John Saville) and people like C. Wright Mills in the U.S. and German Greens like Rudolph Bahro. (Read more on Marxist Humanism).

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