Nobel Peace Prize for Bradley Manning

Published on The International News Magazine, by Dr. Ludwig Watzal, June 24, 2012. (Linked on our blogs with Opinion: Assange’s appeal to Ecuador is no surprise).

GERMANY 24 June 2012. I support wholeheartedly the nomination of the American soldier Bradley Manning for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Through his courageous decision to have allegedly forwarded material to the website. WikiLeaks, he has drawn attention to the numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity by the U.S. Government.  

The latest committee’s decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to U. S. President Barack Obama was totally wrong. This year’s award for “Private First Class” (PFC) Breadley Manning would only be a small consolation. Obama turns out to be a non-white version of George W. Bush. Quite a few Americans consider him even worse. After having received the Nobel Peace Prize he stepped up the wars. Personally, he even presides over a “hit list” of people his administration considers “terrorists”. They are assassinated without due process by drones controlled from somewhere in the United States … //

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Dr. Ludwig Watzal works as a journalist and editor in Bonn, Germany. He runs the bilingual blog Between the lines – Ludwig Watzal. (full text).

Links about Bradley Manning:

The video which Bradley Manning released to wikileaks, the reason for his imprisonnement:

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… it seems Bradley Manning is not allowed an own homepage during his imprisonment …

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