Zumra’s new lifestyle perception

Linked with Zumra Nuru Mohammad – Ethiopia, and with Awra Amba.

Published on Africa News, by Andualem Sisay, AfricaNews reporter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, November 29, 2007.

After decades of rejection by the society and passing through imprisonment and exile, a man finally succeeded and begun living his childhood dream by forming a new community that strives to create heaven on earth. Andualem Sisay, AfricaNews reporter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia …

… Some unique characteristics of Awramba community: Their culture of working hard together without sex discrimination and sharing the profits they earn at the end is one of the unique traits of Awramba community, making it very different from the rest of the society.

The community does not observe any kind of religious practice at all. “As human beings of one common root, our faith/religion is to love, support each other and live together, avoiding all the things that cause conflict among human beings,” Zumra says.

It looks like a communist utopia, but a member of the community has the right to work privately, out of the common working hours and make his/her personal wealth. For this reason next to everyone’s bed in every members home is a set of weaving apparatus” … (full text).

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