Human rights maps and more

Received by mail

From: HREA Human Rights Education Associates and its Newsletter
Date: 02/12/2007

Excerpts: … As many of you have realized, this is not a regular newsletter, we publish only when we have something to say. We make no promises, and you may not hear from us for months! So we hope you will enjoy this issue and read it attentively, because even we don’t know when you will get the next one! Some announcements to start:

Overview – Human Rights has become the language of our time, and core business of an increasing number of government, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations both in Australia and internationally. Recognising the need for graduates with a deep understanding of human rights theory and practice and the ability to see how human rights language and tools can be used effectively in real life situations. Sydney University is offering the first inter-disciplinary human rights post graduate program in Australia.

This program will give graduates a firm foundation in human rights and, through a series of core units, provide them with a practical understanding of how human rights operate in different political, economic, social and environmental contexts. Emphasing the practice of human rights, the program will equip graduates to use human rights language and tools skilfully and effectively, in order to achieve specific changes in the real world. This practical dimension includes the opportunity for students to do an internship in an Australian or international human rights organisation. The degree has a global focus, but will also capitalise on Australia’s geo-political location to offer a unique focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

Career Opportunities: Graduates can expect to find employment in dedicated human rights governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as in government departments and agencies where human rights specialisation is required, and increasingly in major Australian and multinational corporations that wish or need to take human rights considerations into account in their operations.

Full text: got to this HREA website!

See also this link: … review a fantastic mapping tool called the ‘World Freedom Atlas‘, University of Sydney.

And this other link: Human Rights map, University of Sydney.

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