Some Reports about Human Rights

To be downloaded:

Ukraine : Anti-AIDS Efforts Undermined by Rights Abuses, Human Rights Watch, pdf, 88 pages.

Libya : A Threat to Society ? Arbitrary Detention of Women and Girls for “Social Rehabilitation”, Human Rights Watch, pdf, 43 pages.

Darfur Bleeds : Recent Cross-Border Violence in Chad, Human Rights Watch, pdf, 17 pages.

United-Kingdom, Human rights : a broken promise, Amnesty International, pdf, 81 pages.

Secret Detention and transport of detainees suspected of terrorist acts, Council of Europe, pdf, 44 pages.

Globalization, Human Rights and Democracy, The Cato Institute, pdf, 5 pages.

From the United States Government Accountability Office GAO: Electronic Government – Agencies Face Challenges in Implementing New Federal Employee Identification Standard, pdf, 60 pages.

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