Gallipoli for Dummies

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Published on, by Adam Engel, November 1, 2004.

Hello, Boobus Americanus. It’s been almost two years since we last spoke. You’ve gotten yourself into all sorts of mischief since then. War, environmental meltdown, economic distress. You’re a mess. All because you follow THE MAN, even though THE MAN, in HIS current incarnation, is a coterie of fanatics, Chicken Hawks, religious zealots, liars, dual-loyalists and outright traitors.

The first order of business really should be that $400 Billion of YOUR tax money HE and his Congressional YESMEN are spending on a military that exists not to defend your home, but attack HIS enemies. In this case, all those nukes, at least 5,000 stored away complete with missiles to deliver them, might serve you well. For a couple of billion dollars, keep ‘em oiled and shiny and ready to launch and I guarantee you no one – except those pesky terrorists – would bother to attack you. If you pulled your $400 Billion military out of all the places in the world it shouldn’t be present and stopped giving away military “gift packages” to countries like Israel and Columbia , you might even find that even the terrorists wouldn’t bother you. Then all you’d need is a coast guard and the organized militias they talk about in the Constitution …

… But something happened last week, something extraordinary. An entire platoon said NO. Threatened with imminent extinction because, according to them, the blessed military higher ups were going to send them to battle in old, shoddy vehicles, they refused to be suckers. YOU supported our troops when they bombed Baghdad to bits, and you supported them when they raped prisoners in Abu Gharib. Will you support these troops, who refused to be sent naked to battle? Remember that movie “Gallipoli,” starring Mel “Jesus and me are Mishbucha” Gibson, when Australian troops were fighting a battle that had nothing to do with protecting Australia but everything to do with protecting British interests during WWI? They were out-manned and out-gunned by the Turks – again, what argument could they have possibly had with Turkey ? Ever look at the proximity of the two countries on a map? But because of the arrogance of their British superiors, who knew the situation but would rather Australians die en masse than allow the Empire to be humiliated by mere Turks, sent them into a wall of machine gun fire, and like obedient little Boobus Australiani, they went (except for Mel, who asked himself, “What would Jesus do?” in such a situation and hence, survived to fight more worthwhile battles against drug dealers on the streets of L.A. and British Imperialists in Scotland .

This platoon that said “No” was not composed of lefty academics or pesky, “liberal” journalists. Most of them, from what I’ve read, were “plain folks” from down south where, I’m told, they take the military and their roles in it quite seriously. An entire platoon. Not one “chicken hawk” or a clique of shirkers, but an entire platoon of seventeen soldiers decided to face arrest rather than die needlessly because THE MAN doesn’t support our troops.

I’m not sure what this means, Boobus, but I know it’s something, something big. How can we the people support our troops if the $400+ Billion army can’t – or won’t? Well, as I said, my knowledge of military history boils down to Sherman ’s marauders and the size of Napoleon’s pizzle. But this one, this renegade platoon thing, sure is a thinker.

Why don’t YOU figure it out. (full text, November 01, 2004).

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