NGO’s Protest for Women’s Rights in Albania

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On March 8, the International Women Day, Albanian NGO’s organized one of the biggest protests for women’s rights in history of Albania. The protest, which included major women’s rights organizations, youth and children organizations, took place in the main Boulevard of Tirana, was initiated by the ‘Useful to Albanian Women’ Association, a major women’s rights organization in the country, and was supported by the Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania, Albanian Center for Population and Development, CISP, Center for Legal and Civic Initiatives and many other civil society organizations.

The protest, which started at 10.00 o’clock, had as its main motto ‘Women make history every day’. The aim of the protest was to raise awareness on women’s rights, violence against women, participation of women in politics etc. More than 200 people participated in the protest, which also used two helicopters for the distribution of informing materials throughout Tirana.

The protest started at ‘Mother Theresa’ square and moved slowly towards the
President’s office, Parliament and Prime-minister’s offices (all situated at
‘Deshmoret e Kombit’ Boulevard in Tirana). Meanwhile the organizations which
participated in the protest held several banners calling for action.

The Children’s Human Rights of Albania – CRCA main banner called for the Albanian Parliament and political parties in Albania to increase the participation of women in local elections, by setting up quotas for women.

The Association ‘Useful to Albanian Women’ – UAW used two main banners, but the main one called ‘Women make history every day’, meanwhile other banners were related to violence against women, women’s rights etc. UAW also used two mini-vans to issue calls from loud speakers on women’s rights. Two helicopters called by the organization threw from the sky small flyers of different colours asking for women to be respected by the society, and their status be improved in politics. At the same hour UWA in partnership with other local organizations, organized protests in other cities of Albania such as: Durres, Elbasan, Shkodra etc.

The Albanian Center for Population and Development – ACPD main banner dealt with the issue of women’s rights, sitting a quote from Sen. Hillary Clinton: “Women’s rights are human rights”.

Meanwhile few hours later, the Albanian Youth Parliament organized a second protest, but this time in front of the Albanian Parliament. The motto of this protest was “Shame to be 114 country in the World’, which is based the data issued by Inter-parliamentary Union, that places Albania at 114 place in the world for women participation in politics, with only 7.1 percent women representation at national Parliament.

The Albanian media showed a great interest in the protests. Major national and local televisions and printed papers followed with great interest the protest and took interviews of the participants and organizers.

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