Thoughts from a tired, but joyous activist

Published on Emergency, by iFaqeer, 15 November 2007.

Folks I need to get some sleep. I have installed Picasa and will get more functional on the Wiki and lists and so on tomorrow. Promise.

Shab Bakhair, as the traditional greeting goes; a good night to all–and may the Subha, the morning, be even brighter. I am not kidding when I say that my pride and joy in all the activism and engagement we are seeing today far, far outweighs my pessimism over where our country and our communities (South Asian, Progressive, Muslim, …) find themselves today. At least for this one moment in time, it is good to be part of something.

I haven’t yet gone to a gathering where I can open up and just scream some naa’ray, but that might change this weekend. I leave you with something that’s a work in progress and an attempt to update the chant of the late 70s when the people borrowed Bhutto’s “Jamhuriyath kay theen nishaan; Talba, Mazdhoor aur Kisan” [Democracy (has its) three symbols; The Students, The Workers and The Peasant] and chanted:
(full text).

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