The Global Gender Gap Report 2007

Published on WEForum, 173 pages.

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Sweden (1), Norway (2), Finland (3) and Iceland (4) once again top the rankings in the latest Global Gender Gap Report. All countries in the top 20 made progress relative to their scores last year – some more so than others. Latvia (13) and Lithuania (14) made the biggest advances among the top 20, gaining six and seven places respectively, driven by smaller gender gaps in labour force participation and wages. The Report covers a total of 128 countries, representing over 90% of the world’s population … (full text).


The Global Gender Gap Report 2006;

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View interviews of the Report co-authors:

Saadia Zahidi, Associate Director and Head, Women Leaders’ Programme, World Economic Forum, November 2007, 2min 30sec;

Ricardo Hausmann, Director, Centre for International Development, Harvard University, November 2007, 2min 57sec.

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