Chad’s children

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Published on, 06 November 2007.

French journalist Marc Garmirian speaks of Chad kidnap scandal: French Armenian journalist Marc Garmirian, who is one of the Europeans freed after being arrested for alleged child kidnapping, has explained that idealism clouded the judgement of the Zoe’s Ark charity workers involved in the scandal.

Marc Garmirian was with Zoe’s Ark charity in Chad when the workers were arrested 11 days ago but he was set free on Sunday and returned to France with the other French people who had also been released.

President Nicolas Sarkozy accompanied them all on their journey from Chad.

Marc Garmirian speaking of the charity workers said: “What struck me was their state of mind, their conviction; they were sure they were doing good and had a mission to carry out” …

… The children from Chad were due to be adopted in France. Although Marc Garmirian said he thought the charity workers had shown a “tragic amateurishness” in their behaviour, he did not believe them to be involved in child abduction.

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