Dari, the language of Rumi

Published on Dari Blog, by Sayed Naqibullah, March 9, 2012.

In 13th centaury a Muslim Afghan Poet who spoke Dari as his first language wrote and spoke words that speak to the hearts of not only the Dari or Persian speaking people but to the hearts of millions around the world.  If you are a learner of Dari language, you are learning and speaking the language of Rumi, one of world’s best poets.  Mawlana Jalaludin Balkhi who is known to the western world as Rumi is a 13th century Afghan Muslim poet. He was born in present day Balkh province of Afghanistan.  Rumi spoke Dari as his native language. Rumi is famous for his great mystical poetry; his major poetry works are called Masnawe Ma’nawe, and Dewan e Kabeer which are originally written in Dari/Persian and have been translated to many languages of the world.  

The invitation to loving and being in peace are expressed in the best possible way in his poetry. The poetry of Mawlana does not recognize any borders and is universal, it has something to offer to people from anywhere in the world.  In 2007 Mawlana was named as the most popular poet in America .Professor Majid Naini one of the famous scholars of Rumi very beautifully describes Rumi’s words and vision, “Rumi’s visions, words, and life teach us how to reach inner peace and happiness so we can finally stop the continual stream of hostility and hatred and achieve true global peace and harmony” … (full text, and video, poem, lessons in dari resp. transliteration).

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