VIDEO: Pentagon Admits More 9/11 Remains Dumped in Landfill

Watch the video, 5.53 min, published on Global Research TV GRTV, by James Corbett, March 1, 2012.

A new report released on Monday by the Pentagon reveals that some of the unidentifiable remains from victims at the Pentagon and Shanksville sites on September 11th were disposed of in a landfill. 

The details come from the findings of a review committee examining operations of the Air Force Mortuaty division at Dover Air Force Base. In the report, it is noted that before 2008, disposal of unidentified remains was delegated of by subcontractors. The guidelines at the time called for the contractors to incinerate the remains and dump the ashes in landfills.

Find out more in this week’s edition of GRTV Behind The Headlines: TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: The Corbett Report//

… In the wake of the latest revelations regarding the dumping of 9/11 victim remains in landfills, the Pentagon is being forced to justify their conduct and guidelines and pressure is mounting for those in charge of this desecration to lose their job.

So far, no one has lost their job or even been reprimanded for the frequent and flagrant violation of protocols and crime scene requirements regarding the disposal of 9/11 evidence.

At this time, there is still no word from the FBI or New York city officials how they were able to discover nearly intact passports from the World Trade Center site on the day of 9/11 but have yet to account for nearly 1,000 human bodies. (Full text).


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