Conservatives suppress democracy: RoboGate, dangerous words and a scarier worldview

Published on, by David P. Ball, February 25, 2012.

Once again, Canadians are up in arms about the latest scandal exposed about our government in Ottawa. This time, there is glaring evidence to suggest election fraud targeting dozens – maybe more – of swing ridings across the country in last year’s election. It could become, as the NDP’s Pat Martin suggested, “the largest electoral fraud in Canadian history” … //  

… If we, as progressives, Leftists and people of conscience, are to confront and stop the Conservatives – and create a more just, sustainable world – we need to move beyond simply expressing shock and outrage every time a cabinet minister utters something offensive, and look at the whole package. And we need to go beyond demanding resignations to spreading a systemic critique in our communities.

Toews hit the nail on the head when he uttered before a Senate safety committee last month that he doesn’t care about statistics, but rather about danger. Exploiting public fears of pedophiles, terrorists, foreigners and radicals – in other words, of constant danger itself – is the conservative movement’s bread-and-butter.

But it also reveals a window into their irrational and illogical worldview, where even in solid majority the government sees the Devil behind every bush – ripping pages from both Christian Evangelical circles and Cold War McCarthyists.

Accurately assessing this ‘danger’ worldview – and why it appeals to voters in the first place during a global financial crisis, alongside increases in overt racist hatred like we are seeing – is crucial to defeating the government’s attempts to suppress democracy. Let’s not mince words – that’s exactly what they’re doing.

But it’s also what every state tends to do – if its citizens are not vigilant and vocal in the face of the real danger of expanded state power, which always goes hand-in-hand with citizen surveillance, anti-immigrant racism and law-and-order ideologies.

We see Toews back-pedaling like crazy over his child pornographer remarks and even hinting at amending some of his leglislation. That only happened because of a monumental public opposition – and we’re not just talking about old-fashioned letter-writing, but a whole range of tactics from protests to internet hacking to whatever else people can creatively come up with.

We don’t need to wait until 2015 to get rid of this government. Nor should electoral reform or cross-party cooperation be our only target, as valuable as those might (or might not) be. With mainstream Canadians questioning the most egregious of Conservative smears and strategies, it’s an opportunity to broaden the conversation.

So let’s all cut the righteous surprise – it’s time to mobilize. (full text).


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