UNAMI issues its 11th report on the situation of human rights in Iraq

Published on UNIRAQ.org, (click on title of October 11, 2007).

Baghdad, 11 October 2007 – The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) issued its eleventh report on the human rights situation in the country covering the period 1 April to 30 June 2007. The report recognizes the challenges confronting the Government of Iraq in the face of ongoing violence and an ever-deepening humanitarian crisis …

… The eleventh Quarterly Human Rights report states that civilians continue to be targeted by armed groups through suicide bombings, abductions and extrajudicial executions by perpetrators who make no distinctions between civilians and combatants. The report warns that such systematic or widespread attacks against a civilian population are tantamount to crimes against humanity and violate the laws of war, and their perpetrators are subject to prosecution …

… The report also emphasizes UNAMI’s concern regarding prolonged detention and the absence of timely processing of detainees’ cases through the judicial system. The overwhelming majority of detainees interviewed by UNAMI spoke of extended delays in their initial referral to a judicial official of up to two months in many cases and lack of information on what would happen next, or where and when they would be transferred and how long they would be held. As a matter of urgency, the Government of Iraq and the judicial authorities need to take all necessary measures to address these concerns, concludes the report.

(full text), click on title of October 11, 2007.

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