Female genital mutilation rife in Egypt despite ban

Published on BBCnewsnight, February 15, 2012.

In 2008 Egypt outlawed the practice of female genital mutilation, but as Newsnight’s Sue Lloyd-Roberts reports in an article which contains graphic detail and which some readers may find disturbing, the ban has had little effect and the practice is still rife … (full long text).  


  • The most recent figures suggest 90% of Egyptian women have suffered FGM;
  • Some women say they won’t have their daughters purified when the social worker is around. They humour her until she leaves and once she is gone they come and ideo: me to circumcise their girls – Village midwife Om Mohammed
  • Dr Randa Fakhr El Din has warned that more girls are dying since the ban
  • If we tell a police officer in the local station, we will be reporting to an officer who believes in it and is probably doing it to his own daughters
  • Raising the issue is a problem. Even talking about sexual relations within marriage is not tolerated by members of our congregation – Reverend Yacoub Eyad of the Assemblies of God Church
  • Nivine Rasmi tries to persuade rural families not to do FGM
  • Sheikh Ashraf insists that FGM is ordained by Islam
  • and at the end of the text: Sue Lloyd-Roberts Newsnight film in full – only viewable in the UK

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