Goodbye, year of new movements: bring on 2012 and Occupy Everything

Published on openDemocracy, by Aaron Peters, January 13, 2012.

As 2012 gets going, it is now broadly recognized that the ‘Network Society’ and its tools has given rise to a new breed of social movements and actors which themselves have created innovative tactics, strategies of protest and mobilizing identities (such as the 99% in the US and the Indignados in Southern Europe). All of this within the context of economic stagnation (at best) within the OECD for the better part of the rest of this decade. 

Recognising this shift, OurKingdom is ending its year-long debate on the Networked Society, which I have had the pleasure of editing, and has begun a new debate on the Occupy Movement … //

Having been conceived of immediately after the wave of student occupations in the United Kingdom during the Winter of 2010 we weren’t quite sure what kind of content was to be included nor what, be it in the UK or globally, was around the corner. As we now know it transpired to be rather a lot.

We believe that the debate did a good job of keeping up with what were, and remain, chaotic and inspiring events, and that it retained a level of insight often missing elsewhere. We are also very happy that we have been able to provide a platform for highly relevant content from elsewhere on the internet such as @piercepenniless @DSG_DSG and @SFTMC.

The following four articles
act as a walk back through 2011, and a prediction for the year ahead. They offer some final points I would like to make with regards to the Networked Society debate in the hope that certain conclusions may be drawn as to what has happened, what we can learn … and maybe, what happens next. (full text).


The thirty-year war: past, present, future, by PAUL ROGERS, January 20, 2012;

Ellen Cantarow, An Environmental Occupy Fracks Corporate America, on TomDispatch, by Ellen Cantarow, January 22, 2012.

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