History Lesson: Eric Hobsbawm on Gramsci

Watch the 7 videos, published on The Loyal Opposition to Modernity, by SKEPOET, December 14, 2011.


Antonio Gramsci on en.wikipedia and on fr.wilipedia;

Eric Hobsbawm on en.wikipedia, with its works, and External links;

Eric Hobsbawm on Marx, Marxists and changing the world, on REDLINE, 30 December, 2011;

The age of extremes 1914-1991, by Eric Hobsbawm, Jan. 03, 2012;

Eric Hobsbawm on fr. wikipedia, avec ses Recherches et travaux, ses publications, et ses Liens externes;

Eric Hobsbawm on Google Web-search; and on Google News-search;

Recently on BBC:

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