Bradley Manning: Who Are The Real Traitors?

Published on Global, by Devon DB, December 23, 2011.

It was recently reported that Bradley Manning is now on trial for allegedly releasing US military documents to Wikileaks, Many civilians and government officials are condemning Manning’s actions on the grounds that the leaks damaged national security. However, one should ask who the real traitors are to this country … //  

… It is quite interesting to note that the same politicians in Congress who are calling Manning a traitor to his country have had a major hand in the destruction of the United States by backing two wars, massive bailouts of financial “institutions,” allowed for the country’s industrial base to be dismantled and sent overseas, and essentially selling their country of the highest bidder. Not only in doing this have they tarnished the name and reputation of America but they have also racked up $15 trillion debt of which they insist that social programs are to blame rather than the wars and bailouts. They have betrayed their country by not protecting it from robber barons. These same politicians have also betrayed the country by acting as if the Constitution were a fictional document. By passing legislation such as the Patriot Act, they have turned their back on their country and the American people.

These politicians are the real traitors to the country. In betraying the country they have damned present and future generations of Americans. (full text).

(Devon DB is 19 years old and studies political science at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is a contributor to Global Research and The Progressive Playbook. More articles by Devon DB).

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