Democracy and slow progress

My comment on K.N. Pandita’s geopolitical analysis ‘Nuke deal and understatements‘:

Dear Professor Pandita, You write, India is a continent and goes slowly … but look, Switzerland is a very small place and we also go slowly.

What I see is, more you are democratic, more you are slow, but better the changement is accepted. For us in Switzerland it takes time to debate and convince … it takes years, often decades.

We were the last country in the world to accept on a cantonal level the women’s right to vote … incredibly late the last canton, Appenzell, accepted women’s vote for cantonal questions (they had it already for federal questions).

Their canton was put under pressure: if you do not vote yes to women’s vote on your cantonal level, the federal court will impose the vote, as meanwhile the legislature had changed for the whole Switzerland, and pressures were made by women to force this latest canton.

As they are a really small canton, and therefore still voted by hand rised on the public place (men only), it was not a question of one single vote, but rather of an estimation (how many hands are rised). So, the ‘counters’ head decided: yes, it is accepted. Every body knew this has to be the outcome, in any way, all men NOT wanting women’s vote stayed at home – for protest.

Ten years later nobody again spoke about this – only strangers, when they need a good story.

So, progress is always a slow matter when people’s will is involved … as there exist not ‘THE’ people, but rather groups of interests or ideology. And every nation has a strong part of humans wanting not the smallest change.

There are many Swiss people who should be aware that they ’should step out of their cocoon and keep abreast with the world around’, to tell it in your words.

Look, I guess that people is same in the whole world, only some cultures are different … very different sometimes. But the human remains what it is: a human.

And do not forget that ‘the silent majority’ is able to elect a Hitler, or a Bush. Ok, they are misguided, but this is made belonging to what they are: not able to control their hopes and fears.

To learn people to control (means, be aware, accept and handle) their own hopes and fears is the most important lesson to learn. And here is the big lack: only SECTS are learning some tools, but unfortunately always put together with bad conditioning.

Its like in the mermaid’s tale, you know, the one where the sirene wanted have legs to encouter the prince on the ship, but the bad sorcier, giving her legs, has taken her away the tongue, so she could encounter the prince but not tell him her love.

That’s people’s condition in face of an elite who is (mostly always) betraying them.

We must change the behavior of the elite to the people. We must make them clear that missleading people, it’s the humanity AND the elites who pay the bill at the end. As these plays never work, and then people takes revenge.

And this is also the reason why the highest elite never will loose the economic advantage, if they are not forced.

It seems me that only on the economic level people is still not able to react correctly to swep this money elite away. And this – again – has to do with our not conscious, and therefore not controlled, hopes and fears.


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