The World’s Greatest Grandma

Published on To Be Frank, by blog owner, December 6, 2011.

There was a story read to me as a child, about a grandmother who rides a motorcycle. I was never envious of the little boy in the story, because I knew that he was wrong for thinking his grandma was the coolest grandma in the world. His grandma couldn’t be the coolest grandma in the world because mine was. She has the mouth of a sailor and the dirtiest, funniest, sense of humour … // 

… Keeping in mind, that a white elephant is the luckiest of all, I decorated the elephant. I used leftover magazine cutouts from this project. I chose shades of blue and turquoise and I modge podged them to the top and around the front. Then I painted the remainder of the elephant white. He was perfect. I knew she would love him and she did. I hope there are more similarly priced animals like this at Michael’s as I’d love to decorate other ones to use as tree ornaments.

My visit to grams, was atypical. Some of her magic is veiled by her illness, but I was happy to spend the weekend cleaning and cooking for her. I made her chicken soup, as soup is one of her all time favorite meals, along with chicken cutlets, spinach, and roasted root veggies. I couldn’t tell you how the soup or cutlets tasted, since I still don’t eat meat but as always, she loved everything I made for her, even if she didn’t eat nearly as much as usual. I froze some large portions for her and my grandpa to eat at later dates. I’m sure she appreciated the present & future home-cooked meals even more than the crafted elephant … (full text).


Recycled Wrapping Paper;

Craftiness is  not optional;

Over and Under Whelmed.

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