Human Rights and the War on Terror

Linked with Martin Scheinin – Finland.

Report from Panel Discussion at American University Law School by HI Intern Nesma Bensalem, May 07 2007, published on Handycap International, by Nesma Bensalem.

Panelists Elisa Massimino (Director of Human Rights First), Manfred Nowak (UN Special Rapporteur on Torture) and Martin Scheinin ( UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Terrorism) held a conference at the American University College of Law to discuss issues such as torture and terrorism related to human rights and war.

Terrorism has multiple definitions and until all countries can agree on one, there will always be excuses for the weapons and acts they use to fight terrorism. Nowadays there’s still not a real prohibition of torture and unfortunately we can see that it’s starting to get more and more accepted as a normal tool by soldiers. Countries including the United States use the excuse of using torture as a weapon to fight against terrorism. With such drastic measures that are actually punishable by the death sentence in the United States if torture results in death, is it really the right way to fight terrorism? Doesn’t it on the contrary allow violence to grow? (full text).

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