A statement on the Group WorldCitizen

Found this statement in a forum:

From: John
To: YahooGroup WorldCitizen

I think this statement expresses the viewpoint of many of us. He wrote (answering Sabzali):

Hi Sabzali,

The military-industrial complex is behind it yes, yet it’s also those who are mislead into carrying out what they want which is war. War itself causes terror and war makes lots of money for some, who then spent money on warfare which makes more money! People are being used!

We can have ideals and can view ourselves as World Citizens but until we get rid of the corruption in ‘high’ places and until more people can see that they are being misled, the world will remain at war.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. – Jimi Hendrix.

Of course, one answer is for everyone to simply refuse to take part in the war machine but most people are brainwashed so they cannot see through it.

From childhood we are taught to compete against each other and to think of ourselves first. Then people are made afraid because of ‘the terrorist threat’ and people take authority as the truth (despite all the lies!), rather than having truth as the authority!

People can’t think because they have been made afraid. Like lemmings, they go off to war which makes more money and gives more power to the ‘elite’ – who orchestrate the damn wars in the first place! This is now be plainly seen, thanks to Bush & Co.

It’s about greed, it’s about money, it’s about the military-industrial complex, corporations and big business. Then who is behind the UN? On the surface the UN seems like a good idea but the UN is very corrupt.

Then comes the question, do we actually need government? The word ‘government’ comes from ‘govern’ which means to control and ‘ment’ means the mind, so government = mind control. This isn’t just a play on words. They are there to control us and the way this is done is mainly through the propaganda of the media and of course the police.

Then think of the words ‘collateral damage.’ Have you ever wondered why ‘collateral damage’ is used, instead of saying that people were killed? Collateral is something which represents or is in the place of money. We are the means of making more money, we are the ‘collateral’ – hence the term, ‘collateral damage’ is used when people are killed in wars.

Each country has its own government and we are given the impression that we need government to keep us from doing harm to the ‘collateral’ in that country – that’s us, which they can use, to make more money. Then of course there’s something which makes lots of money and that’s war – and there’s even more money that can be made if oil (or other resources) can be got as ’spoils’ of war.

It is not in our true nature to seriously harm or kill others but after being conditioned to think in terms of ‘us and them,’ a person can join the forces and be further trained to kill people who they don’t even know! So do we need government? The truth is that it is mainly because from childhood we have been conditioned where our concepts, thoughts and feelings are manipulated that most people feel they need govern-ment and laws to keep them in check. Like the war thing, the whole thing is a con and I myself feel I do not need laws as a deterrent nor do I need any government to tell me right from wrong but sadly, some people do.


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