Trade & CSR

Linked with ABC of the main instruments of CSR, and with Social Responsibility SR.

Trade and the need to apply international Corporate Social Responsibility CSR standards,
SOMO Discussion paper 2, by Joris Oldenziel & Myriam Vander Stichele, SOMO, November 2005.

Published on Corporate (scroll down to Nov.05).

Globalisation and trade liberalisation has led to a growth in the power and influence of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs). As a result of trade agreements in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and regional or bilateral trade and investment treaties, the rights of MNEs to trade and invest worldwide are increasingly being secured at an international level. On the other hand the development of an international framework for the responsibilities of MNEs regarding human rights, workers’ rights and the environment is still weak. In particular, an international enforcement mechanism to ensure standards for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for MNEs in worldwide trade is lacking … (full text 8 pdf-pages).

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