A Biased Investigation

Linked with Jürgen Cain Külbel – Germany.

Published on Global Research.org, by Silvia Cattori, September 2006.

Judicial Colonialism, The Assassination of Rafik Hariri, A Biased Investigation, Interview of Jürgen Cain Külbel.

Silvia Cattori: Did you reach the conclusion that Syria was not behind Hariri’s assassination, as Mr Bush asserted?

Jürgen Cain Külbel: Bush’s cohorts knew exactly what they started when they let their Fuehrer in Washington say – over the still warm corpse of Hariri – which the string-pullers of the crime sat in Damascus. The echo came instantly and was Druze’s and anti-Syrian Lebanese. The song that the first commissioner, the Irishman Peter Fitzgerald, then started in March 2005, about the sloppiness of the Lebanese authorities safeguarding the crime scene and the crime examination, was calculated and of an arrogant colonial style. The entire world knew that the Lebanese police, their secret services, lack -compared with our standards- specialized experts, technical equipment, forensic examination methods; as well as the logistics, they also lacked the criminal tactical know-how of how to handle such colossal capital crimes. How could they?

Those responsible on the Potomac and in the intelligence services, which had cooked up the assassination of Hariri, precisely calculated that if the Lebanese led the first investigation, that in such a case it was one hundred per cent certain that such carelessness would happen. By the way, those kinds of mistakes and sloppiness are no rarity in criminal police investigations worldwide. And in this particular case, the assassination of Hariri, the “mistakes and sloppiness” where supposed to be used as a pretext to direct initial suspicions towards a Lebanese-Syrian conspiracy.

The fiction was first fed by the Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk, who drew an incorrect picture even before the publication of the Fitzgerald report in the British daily The Independent, affirming that the investigators were convinced that proof has been covered up “in the highest ranks” of the secret services, and that the UN report will be “devastating”. Fisk didn’t mention any sources, but nevertheless he predicted that U.S. president George W. Bush would soon declare that “Syrian and perhaps Lebanese officers of the army secret service” have been involved in the murder. At that time, the White House denied it, which however should be seen as hypocrisy. (full long text).

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