Spammers use Excel to cloak malware

Published on itWEB, BY STAFF WRITER, 24 July 2007.

Spammers are using Microsoft Excel as the newest packaging for their stock pump-and-dump scams, says Commtouch, a Nasdaq-listed anti-spam technology provider. The finding is based on the company’s analysis of billions of e-mail messages globally.

“Like other types of spam messages, the Excel spam is being sent from zombie computers or bots – typically home PCs that have previously been infected by Trojan malware,” the company says in a media statement. The Excel spam packaging promotes stocks in file attachments with names like “invoice20202.xls”, “stock information-3572.xls”, and “requested report.xls”.

Commtouch CIO Amir Lev says Excel is a natural progression after a recent spate of PDF spam. “We expect other file formats to follow suit. Think of the spam potential in PowerPoint files, or Word documents,” he says.

Global spam traffic: … (full text).

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