Lybia : Bulgaria & the others

Press excerpt: … After eight long years in a Libyan prison, Tripoli on Tuesday released five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor convicted on charges of infecting hundreds of children with HIV. The group landed on Tuesday morning in Sofia and were immediately pardoned by Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov. For Libya, the case represented one of the last remaining barriers for its reintegration into the international community … (

My comment: repeatedly we were told that meanwhile the innocence of the six medical members was proofed, the HIV virus was already inside the hospital, before these six persons arrived in Lybia.

What makes me problem is the need of the whole smala (brats) involved in this cabaret to go on with the show, inclusive Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov’s pardon.

Ok, I am a simple person, but IF they are innocent, there is no pardon needed. IF there is pardon needed, it’s for the elit’s show which has to go on: the show that things rule belonging to … rules … event if the whole becomes a farce.

But there is more: remember the Lockerbie airplane crash. Some secret services told Syria being the bad guy in this affair, but the US were in bargainings with them and wanted a soft behavior.

But Lybia just had a bad role in these times. So, if all this is correct, Lybia had to pay for the US’ Syrian interests then.

My simple question I turn in my head this morning: was this whole mess Muammar Gadhafi’s revenge to the western elites, a revenge behind the curtain?

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