Cuba leads the way for kids

UNICEF confirms that Cuba is the only Latin American country without child malnutrition – Published on english, Sept. 24, 2011.

The latest report from the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF entitled Progress for Children, a Report on Nutrition, has determined that currently there exists in the world 146 million children under five with chronic malnutrition. According to the report, 28% of these children are from Africa, the Middle East 17%, 15% Asian, 7% in Latin America and the Caribbean, Central Europe 5% and 27% of other developing countries. 

Cuba, however, has no such problems, the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean that banned child malnutrition, thanks to the government’s efforts to improve nutrition, especially those most vulnerable. Moreover, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization FA) has also recognized Cuba as a nation with more advances in Latin America in the fight against malnutrition … //

… Therefore, the United Nations Organisation UNO puts Cuba in the vanguard of fulfillment of this item of human development.

And all this is despite 50 years of the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States. (From Rebellion). Translated from the Portuguese version by Lisa Karpova. (full text).


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