We are living in the Twilight Zone

Published on Intrepid Report, by Bev Conover, September 21, 2011.

With all that is going on around, above and below us, it conjures up visions of evils past and evils current. What life must have been like when people were subjugated to the diktats of the church in Rome upon fear of being declared heretics, tortured and put to death. Today, millions are still subjugated to the diktats of churches, temples and mosques. The intrigues of the Borgias and Medicis, limited to their wits and up close murderous encounters with their enemies, were pikers in comparison with the tools the US and the West have at their disposal today. Popes and kings were assassinated, which isn’t much different from today, except it’s more like to be a head of state as kings are in shorter supply and there is suspicion that Pope John Paul I didn’t die a natural death … // 

… The propaganda works so well that people send their sons and daughters off to fight wars without end for the benefit of the corporations and banksters. Yet, they and their soldier sons and daughters insist they are fighting for our freedoms by murdering people who never did anything to us and destroying their countries in the process. They, to the tune of the politicians and corporate media, call their sons and daughters “heroes.”

America’s institutions and all who inhabit them are totally corrupt. The corporations and banksters are calling the shots. Our elections are stolen. On one side, we have religious lunatics currying favor with the corporations and banksters in the hope one of them will be chosen supreme leader and get to occupy the White House for four or eight years. On the other side, we have the last cycle’s choice, Barack Obama, who hopes he has fulfilled enough of the corporations’ and banksters’ mandates to live in the White House for four more years.

We don’t know what is real anymore. Were the “color revolutions” real. Is the Arab Spring real? Is the current protest on Wall Street or the Days of Rage real? Or were they and are they all manipulations of the powers that be for the profit of the corporations and banksters? Nothing seems to be what it appears to be.

Meanwhile, the sun comes up and the flowers bloom and everything seems so normal—just the usual grousing and grumbling, but it will be dealt with in short order if it gets too loud. The people sleeping in cars, on the sidewalks, in the parks, under overpasses or in refrigerator boxes, if they are so lucky, are invisible. This is America, dammit—the best, the greatest and richest country on earth—three cheers for American exceptionalism!

Wait! The full extent of the horror is yet to hit. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. (full text).

(Bev Conover is the editor and publisher of Intrepid Report. Email her).

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