NHRC recommends rights education from school to PG level

Published on The Hindu, New Delhi, July. 6 (PTI).

Aiming at creating rights-sensitive Gen Next, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) today recommended human rights education as a main subject at all levels from primary to post-graduate.

The recommendations on Human Rights Model Curriculum for Universities and Module for Teachers Training in School Education were unveiled by Union Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh today at a function here to pave the way for their implementation.

Sharing the NHRC’s observation that human rights culture should be imbibed by the young minds, Singh said “it is important that the seeds of sensitivity are sown at an early stage which would go a long way in ensuring civilised society.”

UGC Chairman S K Thorat said the Commission would ensure that the recommendations are implemented and emphasised that merely making the children aware of the rights was not sufficient.

“Human rights education should be in such a manner that it empowers the students to take position and action every time there is a violation of rights,” Thorat said. (full text).

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