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Published on TANGO, Tanzania’s Association of NGO’s:

The year 2007 is the midway point for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which seek to halve the number of people living in abject poverty by 2015.

Despite overall progress on these commitments being slow and patchy. the Kampeni ya Ondoa Umaskini Tanzania [GCAP/MDGs Coalition in Tanzania] will for the two weeks leading to 7 July 2007 engage in a series of actions aimed at assessing the progress made so far in terms of implementing the MDGs in Tanzania.

Although it is an open secret that there have been hurdles in the implementation the of MDGs in Tanzania, the Ondoa Umaskini Coalition would like to get the veiws of all stakeholders regarding the implementation of MGDs. This will be done way of an open forum public forum.

This is against the belief that seven years is enough time to reverse this situation, however this will require concerted and united efforts by the Tanzanian civil society in exerting pressure on the Tanzanian and the rich nations to live up to their pledge.

In this respect the Ondoa Umaskini nchini Tanzania Campaign planned a series of events to be undertaken in the month lending to July 7 2007. The aim of these events is to remind the global political leaders that we have not forgotten the promises made in 2000. While our global partners in the GCAP Coalition will be implementing the Beirut Declaration which call upon governments to take deliberate steps aimed at eradicating or lessen poverty, by way of, “Live Earth Concerts”, to be held in seven major cities.

Tanzania will also undertake a series of events which will take place in all the major poverty stricken areas of Tanzania. The events will range from plays, songs and public debate that will give peoples views on the implementation effects of MDGS on the lives of Tanzanians.

The coalition coordinators have also planned to run a series of media spots on both print and electronic media to get the NGO & Development Watch. (full text).

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