What does Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve have in common?

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Zeitgeistmovie.com for information and the full source list for this work. Zeitgeist was created as a not for profit expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are. The information in Zeitgeist was established over a year long period.

See a long movie on the following link (1 hour, 56 minutes, 23 seconds):


  • Overture: 0:00-9:34;
  • Part 1: 9:35-35:53;
  • Part 2: 35:54-1:09:16;
  • Part 3: 1:09:17-1:56:23.

Lebanon’s war – Heidi’s thoughts in present timesLebanon’s war – Heidi’s thoughts in present times
The explanation to the above question begins after 1.11′00”. Before you’ll watch the making of our humanity, since a ‘beginning’.


… and specially this publication;

… und speziell noch dieses Buch;

Omar Tarek Chowdhury’s angry text;

Lebanon’s war – Heidi’s thoughts in present times;

Judas Gospel, DaVinci Code and Elites;

The Gospel of Judas;

Integrisme and our Free World.

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